50 Kitchen Gadgets Everyone Needs: Find Your Favorite!

The modern days that we live in have made it possible to get a gadget or a helping device for nearly any task you can think of. With these gadgets, you can greatly increase your speed, efficiency, ease of preparing, and even make it more joyful.

Once you get familiar with these gadgets and start using them, there is no going back to the time without them. Without further due let’s get to the list of amazing gadgets!


1. Garlick Press Crusher

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With this amazing gadget, you can simply peel multiple garlic gloves when rolling and lightly pressing them when inside the green mat.

After peeling you can slice, mince, and crush your garlic gloves easier than ever with the Stainless Steel Garlick Press!

2. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper – 4 Blades

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If you work in a small busy kitchen or live in a hectic household then this vegetable chopper might be the answer to freeing some extra time.

With this chopper you can julienne, slice, and dice all kinds of ingredients without making a huge mess to the floor and table, everything will fall right into the container.

No wonder this is one of the best-selling home gadgets on the market!

3. Snap N Strain Strainer

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The days of huge strainers that take too big a chunk of your storage space have gone. This strainer isn’t only extremely small and compact sized, you can simply clip it to any kind of pot or kettle and strain the food without hot water dripping to your finger or half of the food falling down to the drain with the excess water.

4. Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker

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Craving for breakfast sandwiches but simply don’t have enough energy and time? You have now!

This sandwich maker has made it effortless to prepare the best breakfasts that you can even grab with you when time is short. Fast&Easy as it should be.

5. Silicone Utensil Rest With Drip Pad

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When cooking mess is guaranteed, however, with the utensil rest it is easy to keep those little splatters out of your countertops and keep your cooking utensils organized.

Silicone is the best material for that purpose because it is heat-resistant, sanitary, and you can wash it in the dishwasher. Not forgetting the casual and beautiful looks.

6. Digital Food Scale – Stainless Steel

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Trying out new recipes, baking something, or starting a diet? A food scale is essential for all the above things and much more.

This stainless steel kitchen scale is not only affordable and easy to use but an extremely beautiful fit for all kitchen designs.

7. Lemon & Lime Squeezer

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Tired of the traditional push and turn lemon grinder that will take forever to extract the juice from a lemon? You should try this Citrus Press!

Simply cut a lemon in half, make a few cuts to it, and press to get every ounce of lemon juice to maximize the lemonade and minimize the waste.

8. Electric Jar Opener

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The eternal problem of jar opening has finally been solved! With this automatic jar opener, you won’t need to worry about it anymore.

Perfect product for people who suffer from arthritis, seniors, and people who just can’t get the jars open.

Super easy to use with only 2a pcs of AA-batteries and one push of a button!

9. Reusable Straws – Stainless Steel

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These stylish reusable straws will be the ultimate choice for a smoothie, drink, and cup of hot chocolate.

This straw set comes with 12-straws with 4 different kinds and 2 cleaning brushes! Narrow holes will ensure that the drinking experience will be pleasant and mess-free!

10. Digital Oven/Grilling Thermometer

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This easy-to-use thermometer lets you monitor the temperature of the meat when the oven is closed and you can see precisely when your food is ready!

It also haves a timer and even better you can select the desired temperature and it will notify you when the temperature is reached.

11. Electric Can Opener

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Serves the same purpose that the jar opener above, but with cans! In addition to the difficulties of a can opening, they can be dangerous to open because of the razor-sharp metal edges.

This gadget will make it easy and safe to open all cans that come in your path.

12. 8-in-1 Kitchen Tool Set

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Far behind are the days when every gadget needed to buy separately and increasing the costs drastically, this kitchen tool has solved that problem.

This gadget comes with a funnel, juicer, grater, egg cracker, shredder, can opener, egg separator, and measuring cup. Everything is included inside of the wine bottle-shaped container!

13. Stainless Steel Finger Guard

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This one size fingerguard is the perfect choice when cutting and slicing. Cover your fingers from deep cuts in the kitchen.

These quality stainless steel guards are dishwasher safe and the perfect gift for a person who cooks a lot and whom fingers you care about!

14. Premium Apple Corer

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The fastest way to core apples, pears, bell peppers, and more! With the super convenient and comfortable handle, you can do the task within seconds.

The best part is that the core will come off so easy when simply pressing the release handle. You can do all this with only one hand!

15. Stainless Steel Butter Spreader

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We all know the struggle when trying to spread the butter that has come straight from the fridge to a smooth piece of bread that will just be torn to pieces.

How To Save Money On Groceries
How To Save Money On Groceries

You won’t need to worry about that anymore when using the butter spreader knife! It will run the butter through small holes which will make it possible to spread it without ruining the bread.

16. Ois Sprayer For Cooking

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Level up your cooking game with this easy to use oil mister for salads, cooking, baking, and much more.

With this gadget, you can make your work in the kitchen so much more efficient and convenient, and the fine oil will be sprayed evenly so you will be using less oil with more flavor! Therefore food will be more healthy from now on.

17. Stainless Steel Watermelon Cutter

Some of you might have seen the insanely viral videos about this device and the videos are popular for a reason. This slicer works so well and has revolutionized the watermelon cutting to the next level.

Using this gadget has made it beyond easy, simply place it on top of a watermelon and start rolling. The result of this ”hard labor” is evenly cut cubes of juicy watermelon!

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18. Baker’s Dusting Wand

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Every baker knows the difference between a good sprinkler and a bad one, and how the results will look in the end. This sprinkling gadget has really good reviews in the market and it’s no wonder.

Open the lid, pour sugar in, start swinging and it will evenly and precisely sprinkle the sugar on top of the baked goods. A great choice for fine dining restaurants as well that require more exact results.

19. Automatic Utensil Stirrer

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This gadget is a must-have if you love baking and cooking but dread the long stirring periods that will need you to be present for a too long time.

This stirrer has 3-speed choices to choose from and it requires 4 pieces of AA batteries. It is also equipped with led lights to indicate speed. Remove the led lights and the stirrers are dishwasher safe!

20. Food Grade Herb Scissors

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This gadget is really useful both in-home and in a restaurant kitchen. Greatly increase the efficiency of her cutting without reducing the fine quality of the outcome!

These scissors are equipped with 5 blades so the cutting power is increased 400%! Comes with a herb shear set for easy cleaning!

21. Ratchet Grinder

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This highly powerful spice grinder has made grinding faster and more enjoyable. Simply turning the handle back and forth, the ceramic grinder will effortlessly crush the spices and sprinkle them evenly for your meal.

This easy to fill gadget will definitely save money in the long term!

22. Deiss Pro Handheld Grater

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When you want to grate lemon crust, chocolate, coconut, cheese, or other ingredients to fine and small bits, this gadget is the way to go!

Much more convenient than the big box grater that is hard to clean, this grater will also take a lot less storage space.

Constructed with a long usage time in mind, this grater will last decades!

23. Collapsible Silicone Funnel Set

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This set with 4 different sized silicone funnels wonät only brighten up the kitchen, they will also last a lifetime when cared for properly. Thanks to the silicone material, they are dishwasher-safe and heat resistant up to 480°F (250°C).

These are also super convenient to store whether you want to hang them from the hanging holes, or collide them to an unbelievably small size and store them in the drawer.

24. Kitchen Knife Sharpener

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This absolutely great knife sharpener is equipped with many perks in addition to the sharpener such as a scissor slot and a whetstone!

Professional grade knife sharpeners usually don’t come this cheap and powerful. Only a few pulls will sharpen the knife and will give it a razor-sharp edge.

25. Refillable Butane Torch

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This convenient culinary torch will make flaming easy and safe! The included safety lock will ensure that it won’t burn when it isn’t needed and the wide base will keep it up at all times.

An amazing feature about this torch is that when tuning the know you can set it to constant burn and you can even control the temperature for the best possible outcome.

26. No-Spill Ice Cube Tray

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If there is something that everybody knows it is the struggle to get an ice cube tray to a freezer without soaking the floor. Luckily there is a solution to that problem!

This ice cube tray comes with a seal-tight lid so you can even give it a little shake without the water coming out. And the best part is that with this smart design you can even stack them on top of another!

27. Herb Stripping Tool

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Herb handling made super easy and efficient with this gadget!

With the 9 holes and blade, you can strip herbs right from the stem, cut them to desired pieces, or almost anything that involves herb prepping.

This will definitely save time and it won’t take nearly any space and it will last for years to come.

28. Fruit Slicer With Corer Cutter

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Healthy snacks haven’t ever been easier to prepare! With this slicer, you can make 12 healthy pieces of juiciness from apples, pears, oranges, dragonfruits, and more!

One push is required to slice even pieces and cutting the excess corer out, fast & simple.

29. Infrared Thermometer Gun

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Taking a temperature from food hasn’t ever been faster and easier. You can measure anything that haves a temperature between -58℉ to 716℉(-50℃ to 380℃), therefore this thermometer gives a lot of room to work with!

The most incredible feature about this is that the response time is around half a second!

30. Pie Bird

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These birds aren’t just cute and unique, they also serve a great purpose. When placing this bird in the middle of a pie before baking will prevent cracked crust and drip overs so your pies will look better and there won’t be messes to clean in the oven.

During baking, steam escapes from the bird’s mouth so the pie can rest at ease and bake evenly to give a beautiful outcome.

31. Onion Goggles

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These goggles will come most if you find yourself often crying in the kitchen… Because of the onions of course. The goggles are sealed with comfortable foam so no irritating vapors can reach your eyes.

These goggles are great for grilling, campfire cooking, and helping you to work when other steam, vapors, and smokes are around.

32. Vacuum Sealer Machine

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Vacuum sealers are super useful and will keep food 5x longer fresh than when storing it regularly.

A vacuum sealer will take the air out from the bags and canisters designed to work with it and when there’s no air, the food will last a lot longer. It will work with wine stoppers as well!

33. Waffle Maker

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The waffle maker will brighten up any morning. Imagine the golden waffles crunching when taking the first bite, truly priceless.

This waffle maker has a couple of amazing features such as the rotating body that will ensure you get the most evenly cooked waffles out there, and a nonstick surface so you can get them to your plate with ease.

34. Egg Separator

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Separating egg yolk hasn’t ever been easier with the Solader Egg Separator. There are so many pros with this separator when compared to the others.

With the spring design, this gadget will let the egg yolk through in seconds, and thanks to the silicone handle and hook in the end, you can place it firmly on top of a bowl and continue using it without hands.

It is also sanitary, dishwasher safe and with the stainless steel body, it will last for decades!

35. Cold Brew Ice Coffee Maker

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Coffee, an universally loved drink that is priced so high because of such a demand. Well, there is finally a solution!

This iced coffee maker is equipped with an airtight lid, a nonslip rubber base, and a stainless steel container. Simply pour ground coffee into the container, fill it with air temperature water, place it in the fridge and let it sit for 12-18hours and your iced coffee is ready to be enjoyed! It can also make tea with the same principles. Oh, it will be fresh for up to 2 weeks! That’s nuts!

36. Manual Coffee Grinder

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The perfect tool for freshly ground coffee. This gadget is super easy to use, just place the coffee inside and start grinding. Equipped with 18 settings on how you like the coffee to be ground, so you can make exactly the kind of coffee that you enjoy.

The manual grinding process will give your day nostalgic vibes that will give you a head start for the day! Perfect match for the above Cold Coffee Maker.

37. Burr Coffee Grinder

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If you would prefer an electric conical coffee grinder that will grind your coffee fast, easy, and professionally it might be worth considering.

With more than 15 settings and one push turn on this coffee grinder will grind the freshest coffee available with ease and style.

38. Nonstick Egg Ring

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If you want to make perfectly round breakfast eggs or pancakes, these molds will serve your purpose.

The nonstick coating, comfortable non-heating handle, and durable stainless steel construction will ensure a worry-free experience that you will likely form a habit from. Goes into the dishwasher so no hand washing needed!

39. Rapid Egg Cooker

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Have you ever dreamed of an egg cooker that will cook the eggs perfectly every single time, that the crust would be easy to peel, and it won’t be overcooked or undercooked for your preference? Well, dream no longer because you’re looking at it!

This cooker will handle all the above things and it fits 6 eggs at the same time so you will get more servings than one. Egg boiling in perfection.

40. Bamboo Corner Shelf

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Do you have limited space in your kitchen or want to display your quality plates for the pleasure of yourself and others? If so this will do the trick.

This stylish shelf is made from bamboo and it will elevate the outlook of your kitchen with the traditional wooden style and is practical for easy reach.

41. Salad Spinner

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Do you know the feeling of making a huge bowl of salad that is great the first time you eat it but the second it is just a wet mess? You can say goodbye to those memories when using the salad spinner.

After washing your ingredients, simply place them into the bowl and spin the excess water out and your salad will be fresh for the next time as well!

42. Bear Claws – Meat Shredders

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Bear claws or more formally called meat shredders will make pulled pork preparing effortless! Grab these fully stainless steel claws and start shredding and before you know it the meat is ready to go for your purposes.

Perfect gift for the BBQ master that likes to impress others with cooking skills, bear claws will exceed all expectations!

43. Electric Wine Opener

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Are wine bottles not your best friend even if wine is? Well don’t quit before you find a solution and you won’t need to look further.

This electric wine cork opener will open your bottle in 6 seconds and can open 30 bottles in a single charge! No more wine spills all over you and your home. Oh, this cork opener is just breathtaking as well.

44. Pizza Stone

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Have you ever wondered why pizza won’t just reach the quality of a real pizza restaurant at home? What are they doing differently? Well, a pizza stone isn’t the same as a pizza oven but you will get close! Using a pizza stone your pizza will get a texture similar to restaurant pizza!

45. Avocado Slicer

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Avocados have grown insanely popular over the years and something needed to be done to ease the preparing of an avocado, so the avocado slicer has been made.

This convenient little gadget will let you slice the avocado, then the pitter in the middle will effortlessly remove the pit, and lastly, the fan blade will cut the avocado into 7 equal pieces! Fast and easy!

46. Countertop Food Processor

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With this processor, you can do practically anything. You can make your own salsa, guacamole, dips, sauces, salads, and anything that requires processing food to tiny bits.

The processor is equipped with 2 parts and the one is turnable which will do different jobs. You can shred, slice, chop, mix and purée with this handy gadget.

47. Mug Warmer

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Mugwarmers isn’t the most common gadget on this list but it is extremely useful! With 3 different temperature settings, these products will keep your coffee, cocoa, and tea hot a lot longer. With the wooden design, this warmer truly will fit anywhere and it is the perfect potential gift idea for hot beverage lovers.

48. Automatic Soap Dispenser

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An automatic soap dispenser is a great choice for a kitchen because there will be times your hands will be super dirty and you wouldn’t want to touch anything, and in the matter of hygiene, this will keep everything cleaner.

49. Artisan Countertop Mixer

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If you are looking for a do it all gadget, this will totally take the cake. With more than 15 attachment options, dozens of color choices, and unbelievable reviews you can practically do anything.

Whether you want to bake bread or cookies, mix dry ingredients together, make desserts, and liquids the recipe world is yours when working with this countertop mixer.

50. Air Fryer

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Lasst gadget on our list but certainly not the least. It is no longer that air fryers became a huge trend and it is not without reason.

With large capacity and unheard cooking times, you will get the finest batch of fries, chicken, roasted vegetables, or any other thing that you would do in the oven.

Not forgetting the 6 one-touch settings which you can use for air fry, roast, broil, bake, reheat, and dehydrated, there isn’t much you can’t do with this air fryer.


With that being said that concludes our list with 50 useful kitchen gadgets that will save either time, money, or make things more enjoyable for you.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you found something more useful than ever expected, if you own already another and how it is performing, or found something from this list that would serve a great purpose in your life.

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