8 Best Commercial Kitchen Safety Mats: Ultimate Buying Guide

Working in a commercial kitchen can and will be hard work and standing hours at the time will get to you there is no doubt. However, standing is healthy and I would recommend it to everyone but there will be things that need to be taken into consideration.

A pair of great workshoes and ergonomic equipment setups will aid in the matter but there are more that needs to be done, especially when working in a kitchen.

A quality anti-fatigue mat will provide comfort and safety through the kitchen and in most cases are an invaluable investment for the working environment.

First, let’s take a look at what are anti-fatigue safety mats to help you understand everything you need to know before considering one for your kitchen.

What Are Anti Fatigue Kitchen Mats For

Anti-fatigue mats are for preventing dangerous situations in wet places that will occur in commercial kitchens. These mats are a great safety improvement that will minimize the risk of falling and slipping.

Kitchen mats also provide a more ergonomic place to stand on, this will greatly vary between the models because other mats are made more towards safety, and others for comfort.

Do Anti Fatigue Mats Actually Work

Anti-fatigue mats do certainly work. Most mats have holes on them that will prevent the liquids from spreading and the rubber structure will reduce the slipping effect. In addition, they are super easy to clean. They will also provide an excellent anti-fatigue effect so standing in the same place for hours will be much more ergonomic and comfortable.

Are Anti Fatigue Mats Worth It

Anti-fatigue mats are worth it if you are working in a commercial kitchen or some other work environment where standing is a big part of the day and where you really need to watch your step so you don’t slip. However, you should do proper research on which kind of mat do you invest in because if it’s super lightweight that will only increase the slipping risk.

Are Floor Mats Required In Restaurant Kitchens

No, restaurants don’t have any obligation to include floor mats into their floors by any law of department. However, due to the usual restaurant floor conditions, many restaurants do want to include them because of the many perks they offer.

Floor mats are really valuable especially in the busy time of the day when for example a bottle of oil drops and you just can’t start a full cleaning process at the time, therefore floor mats will provide extra safety.

How Thick Should An Anti-Fatigue Mat Be

This does depend on the style of the floor mat. If the mat is designed for a more slip-resistant way than comfort, then 3/8 – 4/8 inches will be a good thickness. On the other hand, if you are looking for a mat with comfort in mind then you should at least consider one with at least 3/4 inch thickness. A great rule of thumb that the mat should be 3/8″ – 1″ thick.

What Are Kitchen Safety Mats Made Of

Kitchen safety mats are usually made from rubber however there are many variations and mixes that kitchen safety mats are made of. For example, usual materials are in addition to rubber are Nitrile Rubber and Vinyl.

Rubber is the most usual material to be used in a restaurant’s kitchen, rubber mats are more designed to the non-slip style whether vinyl mats are meant for more comfortable usage.

Nitrile Rubber on the other hand is meant for both so that’s why those mats are my personal favorite for commercial kitchens.

How Do I Choose Anti Fatigue Mat

From below you will find 5 factors that you should absolutely consider before purchasing an anti-fatigue mat for your restaurant.


The first thing to consider is what are you using the mat for? Are you getting one for safety reasons or do you need one for standing comfort below your countertop? If you need a slip-resistant mat then look for one made from Rubber, however, if you want more standing comfort then definitely look more into the Vinyl side of mats. If you need a mat for both uses then Nitrile Rubber is the way to go.


Now that the material is clear, you should see what else you need from the mat. Do you need holes on it to prevent liquids from spreading and for easy cleanups, or do you need more of a spiky surface that your shoes get clean when walking over?

You should also check the bottom of vinyl mats that they will be secure on the floor and won’t slip easily.


The size is important to look at as well. Make sure to measure the space before buying so you know that it will fit or that if it will be enough. You can also trim the mat for your needs for cutting it but you should be absolutely sure that you want to cut it for the size because there’s no going back.


You should be sure that the mat is at least 3/8 inc thick but going up from that the choice is yours whether you want a thicker mat or not. But the 3/8 inches should be the minimum so it isn’t too light weighted and move too easily. If you’re looking for a mat for pain relief, then you should look for mats that are closer to 1-inch in thickness or at least 3/4 inches.


The price will be a great determiner on which mat do you land on. However, be sure that you don’t over on underspend because in both cases, you would get disappointed.

Now that the factors are clear and where you should keep attention let’s see our top recommendations for commercial kitchen floor mats!

Best Overall Floor Mat: Wizgree Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Floor Mat

If you’re on the market for a great floor mat with an unbelievable price-quality ratio, then this will be worth every penny. This mat is made from high-grade eco-friendly rubber so it is extremely durable and will last a long time.

The dimensions on this mat are 36″ x 60″ (91cm x 152cm) and it weighs 15lbs (7kg) so it will cover up a nice amount of floor while staying firmly on put. This anti-fatigue mat is 0.4″ thick so it is designed for non-slip use more than standing comfort, however, it will be much better than a plain floor.

Well-designed holes on this mat will also ensure super easy cleaning and even if the mat is wet, you will have great balance on it.

We highly recommend this anti-fatigue floor mat to any kitchen that is looking for a fine mat at a really affordable price.

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Best Floor Mat For Easy Cleaning: Consolidated Anti-Fatigue Kitchen Mat With Holes

This mat is ideal for a kitchen that is sick of those hard-to-clean mats that won’t just get clean and attracts grease like nothing before. Thanks to the 100% rubber construction this mat will be ideal for any commercial kitchen.

Dimensions on this mat are 36″x60″ (3’x5′) size, 1/2″ thick, therefore this mat is great for any space that is in the walking area. The half-inch thickness also provides comfort for the feet so standing won’t be as fatiguing as before.

The best part about this mat is that it is completely grease-resistant so the safety has been certainly maximized, and the thin hole design makes cleaning even easier than before.

We recommend this product to any kitchen that is looking for easy to clean, reliable, and safe non-slippery anti-fatigue mat.

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Best Floor Mat For Heavy Use: M+A Matting Ergonomic Industrial-Grade Anti Fatigue Mat

I’m really excited about this mat that’s for sure and soon you will be as well! This mat is made from ultra-quality industrial-grade nitrile rubber and has the perks to show for it.

This anti-fatigue mat is 23″ x 32″(58cm x 82cm) so it isn’t as large as the previous ones but the purpose is different. This mat will be the ultimate fit under a countertop, behind the bar, or any place where workers will be standing a lot of their time.

How To Save Money On Groceries
How To Save Money On Groceries

Thanks to the 7/8″ thickness this mat will take care of ergonomics and comfort for the whole day, and due to the careful construction, this mat isn’t glued together but is molded, therefore it won’t start to crack or curl over time.

Certified by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI) this mat is truly superior in terms of safety and durability when it comes to nitrile rubber floor mats.

That’s not nearly all, this mat is also grease, oil, and chemical resistant alongside welding safe so you can use this mat in electrical facilities as well!

We highly recommend this product for a kitchen that needs the perfect mat for ergonomics, safety, and years of use.

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Best Floor Mat For Standing: Durable Corporation Vinyl Heavy Duty Anti Fatigue Mat 7/8″

If you need a comfortable floor mat for ergonomic purposes for a specific workplace at an affordable price, this mat practically screams your name! Fine vinyl construction with a diamond tread surface makes sure that the person who is standing on top of this mat will be at as much comfort as possible.

The dimensions on this mat are 24″ x 36″ so it certainly doesn’t fill the whole floor but again, that’s not the purpose. This size will be ideal for one person’s workplace where a lot of time is spent. 7/8″ thickness is the best to look for if you are suffering from foot and back pain, this mat will at least ease the struggles noticeably.

The foam backing will make this mat resistant to nearly all oils, alkyds, and acids so it will last a long time. In addition, this mat’s cleaning requirements are non-existence so occasional sweeping will be more than enough.

The best factor on this mat in addition to the affordable price is the beveled edges so walking and setting the footing position on this mat is safer than ever.

We highly recommend this mat for those who are looking for easier workdays around the same environment where heavy standing is done!

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Best Versatile Floor Mat: ComfortFlow Commercial Anti-Fatigue Mat

If you can’t decide between a non-slip rubber mat or an ergonomic vinyl one, you don’t have to! This diverse nitrile rubber design will make sure that your footing is secured while you can stand as comfortably as possible.

This mat measures 23″ x 34″(58cm x 86cm) which is great for a medium-sized workplace and the great thing about these mats is that they are designed to placed together so if you need more flooring, getting more mats won’t be an issue. This mat is 3/8 inches so on its own I wouldn’t say it’s a proper anti-fatigue mat for ergonomics, however, this mat is equipped with nitrile foam on the surface which will incredibly make an amazing hybrid!

Another great feature is the BI-level surface that will scrape dirt and grime off your shoes and as we all know, kitchen shoes tend to be filthy! And as the dirt goes off you won’t need to worry about a dirty mat because you can simply rinse it with water, and the liquids and dirt will flow effortlessly from the holes!

Finished with the appreciated National Floor Safety Insitute’s approval, this anti-fatigue mat is worth every penny!

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Best Floor Mat For Clean Floors: Rhino Mats Recycled Heavy-Duty Rubber Mat

Are you tired of the constant dirt marks from your working shoes, you and me both! Luckily Rhino Mats to the rescue with a solution! The mat is constructed from heavy-duty rubber so durability as its own is a sure thing. This mat is also really heavy which makes sure that even in a rush this mat won’t slide off your feet!

Measured at 32″ x 39″(81cm x 99cm) this mat covers a decent amount of floor and cleans everyone’s shoes with the brushing action so all the excess dirt, grime, and moisture clean off before stepping onto the clean floor. The thickness on this mat is set at 5/8inches so it will be comfortable to stand on as well.

This mat is also extremely slip-resistant so if you’re looking for something in that category, you should examine this mat further! Also, the beveled borders make it even safer to move on the mat!

The great thing about this product is that it’s made from 100% recycled rubber so nature will be thanking the owner of this mat!

We recommend this heavy-duty rubber mat for kitchens that are looking for a sturdy and safe mat and are sick of the constant dirt from the shoes.

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Best Floor Mat For Big Spaces: Myoyay Anti-Fatigue Drainage Floor Mat 83″x 36″ (210cm x 90cm)

If you’re on the market for a big mat with sturdy and durable construction turn your eyes to this direction! Constructed from 100% rubber gives some great perks alongside the mat!

This mat is truly a big one! Set at 36″ x 83″ (210cm x 90cm) it will cover a large portion of the floor and the great thing is that you can connect even more of these large mats so if you need to cover up a huge portion of the floor, it is possible! On the other hand, if you don’t need as big a mat like this, you can easily cut it into smaller pieces.

Also featuring a non-slip surface, large drainage holes, and easy rinsing feature makes this map one of its kind.

We highly recommend this mat if your needs are bigger than usual and a small mat won’t just cut it. When compared the size of this mat to the price, it’s also safe to say it is a steal of a deal.

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Most Distinctive Floor Mat: New Star Foodservice Anti-Fatigue Rubber Floor Mat

Are you tired of the forever black anti-fatigue mats and want a more distinctive look to your kitchen? Your wishes are granted when you familiarize yourself with this New Star’s mat!

This mat is made from commercial-grade rubber so it will last a long time even in heavy use.

The size of this mat isn’t the smallest either, with the 36″ x 60″(91cm x 152cm) you can fill a decent portion of your floor with this non-slip anti-fatigue mat.

The best thing about this mat is that it’s fully grease/oil resistant so you won’t need to worry about falling dangerously even if you drop a small amount of oil on it.

We recommend this mat to a kitchen that wants to stand out of the crowd without tossing the amazing perks of anti-fatigue mats out of the window.

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This concludes our article about anti-fatigue mats for commercial use and I sincerely hope that you got new information and great value from this post.

Anti-fatigue mats certainly provide ergonomics, safety, and comfort to any workplace and should be seriously considered for equipment collection.

If you have a story to tell from safety mats or other opinions that you would like to share, feel free to do so in the comment section below, and let’s give it a talk!

Stay safe and stand comfortably!

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