8 Best Commercial Stainless Steel Sinks Of 2022

Everyone that works in a commercial kitchen knows that the sink is probably the most used equipment of them all, therefore it is essential to have one that fits you and your pull-down faucet without forgetting good quality.

With all the regulations, different types, models, sizes, and materials it can get a little overwhelming to think about how to choose a proper sink for your needs. That’s why in this post we are going to go through different types of sinks and recommend the best ones from each category to help you make a more informed decision.

There are many kinds of sinks and we have made a quick access list below to help you see what would be the best one for you. Below that list, you will find full reviews of the sinks!

As you might notice all of the sinks are stainless steel and there is a good reason. Nearly all restaurants, kitchens, and other commercial businesses place stainless steel above all because they will last a long time thanks to the durability, they are sanitary because it doesn’t attract bacteria, and it is rust and corrosion resistant as well!

Without further due let’s start reviewing all the sinks individually so you can take a closer look at the one of your choosing.

Best One Compartment Sink: Durasteel 1 Compartment Sink

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This sink is in its own class when comparing to other small sinks. The superior durability and NSF approval are a great sign that this truly is fit for any commercial-grade kitchen and restaurant.

Thanks to the smart design and construction the corners inside the sinks are honed and rounded so you will have a really easy time wiping it clean. All restaurant workers know how annoying it is that you can’t really get the last scraps of dirt out of there if the corners aren’t rounded. In addition to that, it comes with adjustable feet that will ensure that if you have a little uneven floor, the sink will be sturdy as a mountain when adjusted properly.

It is also equipped with a tall splash cover in the back so the wall won’t get messy from filthy water. Also if in the future you decide to install a faucet to it this sink doesn’t reject that option because it comes with an add-on compatible with an 8¨ faucet.

We recommend this 1 compartment sink to any commercial business that needs a small sink that will last for decades and will adjust to new surroundings.

Best Two Compartment Sink: KoolMore 2 Compartment Sink

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KoolMore is famous for its high-quality stainless steel and sinks. This sink is constructed from 304 type 18 gauge stainless steel which will make sure that this sink will last an extremely long time and that no rust or corrosion will appear!

This sink also haves rounded corners for super easy cleanup and adjustable bullet feet that will make sure this sink can operate on a crooked floor. A friend of mine once bought a great sink that didn’t have adjustable feet and he needed to return it because his floor was too uneven…

The best thing about this sink is that even if it isn’t the biggest sink available like 3 or even 4 compartment sinks, this one haves 2 drainboards and 2 drains so two workers can be at the sink same time, therefore it has the options for double efficiency! However, if there is no need for 2 drainboards in your restaurant the same model offers models with one and you can choose which side.

If you’re in the market for 2 compartment sinks, this KoolMore’s sink will certainly be to your satisfaction!

Best Three Compartment Sink: KoolMore 3 Compartment Sink

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Another great one from KoolMore. With the 3 compartments and 2 drainboards, there aren’t a lot of things this sink can’t handle! Constructed from the 304 type 18 gauge stainless steel this sink will be at your service for decades without any rust & corrosion and the cherry on the cake is the NSF approval for any commercial use!

Rounded corners and adjustable feet will ensure that this sink will adapt to any kitchen, even if the floor is uneven. That might really be a lifesaver when compared to a sink that doesn’t have them. Also with the tall splash cover, the cleaning will be a lot easier once again because we all know how hard it is to clean stuck old dirt from a wall!

The reviews speak of themselves so if you are looking for the perfect 3 compartment sink for your business, your investment will be more than save with this KoolMore’s sink!

Best Underbar Sink: Durasteel 3 Underbar Sink

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When looking for an underbar sink you need to be extra careful because if only looked at the pictures, nearly all the sinks look the same height and size. This sink has a height of 30inches(76cm) and if that is too low height for your needs Durasteel offers a replacement leg that will raise the height up to 36inches(91cm).

This sink is also really durable thanks to the 304 type 18 gauge stainless steel and it is corrosion and rust-resistant as well. It’s especially important that a sink in the bar has great hygiene and durability perks!

Other perks will make the worker’s life a lot easier such as rounded corners inside the sink for easy wiping and adjustable height for uneven floor.

The perks don’t end there! This sink comes with a wall-mount faucet as well and the multi-configuration on the drainboard the plates and glasses won’t slide off and break as easily as they would without multi-configuration.

If you’re looking for a great underbar sink with long usage life and adjustable perks this will be a sure choice!

Best Handwash Sink: KoolMore Hand Sink With Faucet

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With this really affordable price, it isn’t usual to get this many great and appreciated perks and reviews as this one haves. First of all, it is constructed from 20 Gauge 304 stainless steel that is specifically designed to last in commercial and professional environments with high usage. It is also approved by the NSF that means it truly is a quality product with great sanitary and hygiene attributes!

Equipped with a gooseneck faucet and easy-to-use turn-able water knobs and a tall splash guard to protect the wall behind from dirt and messes. Round corners inside the sink and brushed stainless steel surface will make sure that you won’t lose your hair when cleaning this sink!

This sink is also easy to install with the provided mounting wall clip and the beauty and pure looks aren’t harming either!

We recommend this KoolMore’s handwashing sink if you need a high-quality sink that will fit into tight spaces and is really effortless to clean!

Best Mop Sink: Mustee Durastone Mop Sink

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This sink is constructed from dura stone structural fiberglass that will make sure this product doesn’t break in the first years of use.

This sink is the perfect addition for a restaurant or any other professional maintenance area floor and it comes with a removable strainer for easy cleaning! It is designed to work with a 3” drain/pipe and it is lightweight but sturdy!

We recommend this floor sink for any restaurant that is looking for one with casual looks, easy to clean, and durable features.

Best Utility Sink: AlightUp Freestanding Utility Sink

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This utility sink will be a great addition to the maintenance and overall equipment of really any commercial area thanks to the well-thought design. This sink has a splash cover to prevent messes from the wall behind and sturdy legs to keep it steady even when in rough use. It is also rust and corrosion resistant and because of that it will last a long, long time!

A really big capacity of 9gallon(34l) will be a great help when placing a lot of dishes, laundry, or anything into it.

The beautiful and simple looks of this sink make it able to include it anywhere a sink is needed, however, take notice that it doesn’t have rounded edges so if there are children that can run we advise to take a look for another sink for the children’s safety.

Best Stainless Steel Sink For Home: Kraus Kitchen Sink

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If you haven’t ever heard of Kraus then it is a long time due because of its incredible reputation, reviews, and appreciation it is one of the greatest home sink manufacturers out there.

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This particular sink is a high-quality product and it is no wonder because the body of the sink is constructed from T304 16-gauge stainless steel that is virtually indestructible, at least in a normal home usage.

This product has all the treats such as satin finish with scratch&stain resistance, rounded corners for safety and easy cleaning, engineer precision design for complete water drainage, and an extraordinary feature of sound dampening rubber pads that will make this sink a ninja quiet in its category.

We highly recommend this incredible sink for anyone that want’s to up the sink quality at home.


We hope that this comprehensive list of different commercial sinks for different needs and spaces helped you get an insight into what kinds of sinks are available and the best ones representing each category.

If you have one of these sinks absolutely feel free to leave a comment for others to see and read about your experiences with it. We wish you happy dishwashing!

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