10 Best Commercial Espresso Machines

When considering the right commercial espresso machine for your business, it is best to familiarize yourself with the right one extremely carefully before making that decision. We have put together our top list of the help you choose which would be the best one for your restaurant, coffee shop, food truck, or even home.
Below you can find a selection for the best makes for each category listed for quick access.

The makers vary greatly and it needs to take into consideration if you need a maker for occasional coffees or do you need a powerful one for constant preparation for example a coffee house. Without further due let’s get to our list!

Best For Coffee Shop: La Pavoni Bar-T 2

This espresso machine isn't some low-quality one that will last a year or two if you're lucky, this will last decades with the right treatment and is equipped with the latest technology to be the ultimate choice for a quality commercial coffee shop.

First of all this espresso machine have a direct outlet to the water supply so you will never need to worry about filling it, which will increase productivity, lower stress and give up some time to focus on other matters. It is also included with 2 steam wands. This maker is also equipped with electronic dosing with a digital control pad that offers 4 cup sizes, an instant stop button, and more!

The best thing about this machine is that it has thermal stability that will ensure quality and reputation giving coffee every time! No need to deal with complaining customers about bitter or diluted coffee. It operates with 220volt current and you can prepare +600 drinks per day so it will definitely be of worth to any coffee house.
We recommend this espresso machine to any coffee house that wants a great coffee reputation and a stable maker that will last for years!

Best Budget: La Spaziale S1 Mini Vivaldi 2

If you need a well functioning and reliable espresso machine but you can't afford one that costs thousands and thousands of dollars we have a great alternative to recommend for those needs!
With many amazing perks included the best ones are definitely dual boilers, digital temperature control, and adjustable offset that will ensure quality coffee every time with the temperature of your choosing with fast and powerful production speed.

Most coffee shop workers know the struggle when you need to fill the espresso maker with water and the reservoir is in the most annoying place. Not anyone because La Speziale's coffee makers have the water reservoirs located under the steam wand and you can simply pull it for filling. Fast & Easy!

This machine makes one espresso every 3 minutes and runs with a 110volt current. It also is small-sized so you can place it nearly on all countertops and finally, a great bonus that isn't found in most espresso makers is that it comes with a 7-day timer. You can set turning off and on times well advance!
We recommend this espresso maker with certainty if you are on a budget but still need a powerful commercial espresso maker with all the treats!

Best For Home Use: Francis Francis X 7.1 iper

This is the perfect choice for all you espresso enthusiasts at home that love easy-to-use capsule espresso with the utmost quality and taste!

This espresso maker has extremely accurate temperature control for both coffee and steam and optimal brewing pressure which will ensure quality coffee every time. Additionally equipped with a professional steam arm that you can make that thick and tasty finish to your coffees.

The cleaning process is also thought well with this one and because of that, there is a contact-free brewing process between the machine and the capsules.

Finally, the design of this espresso maker is just pure and beautiful and it certainly isn't the usual capsule espresso maker. You should also take a look at the capsule selection!

We sincerely believe that this is the best espresso capsule maker for home use for anyone that loves real quality espresso and the ease of capsules but doesn't want the usual bulky and unstylish maker.

Best Lever Espresso Maker: Elektra S1C Microcasa Lever

If you won't settle for just the most ordinary-looking lever espresso makers, this will be to your liking and it will be the first thing everyone sees when they walk into the same space as this unbelievable stylish maker.

Beauty certainly isn't all this maker offers, it comes with a spring piston lever operation which means that when you pull the lever down and release it, it will allow the hot water to pass the coffee resulting in an even and consistent brewing process.

I love espresso makers so much and even more in enjoy making them the old way with the lever and pressure gauge that will show when it is the best time to make the espresso. This makes it included with the pressure gauge that gives it retro vibes.

Oh and this maker also haves a steam arm as well so you can really make that quality coffee from start to finish with retro and a little time-consuming way. That is the idea of lever makers and if you love them as much as I do, this is the ultimate choice for you!

Take notice that this isn't the espresso maker you should get for a busy coffee house, it is more of a premium homemaker or one for a quiet coffee shop where this kind of maker would be fitting!

Best Single Serve: Jura A1

The world of Jura coffee makers is one filled with high technology, amazing features, and top/notch reputation and reviews! Let\s see what the A1 model has to offer.

Jura is famous for its two patented brewing technologies (PEP) and (IPBAS).(PEP) stands for Pulse Extraction Process which means that it reduces extraction time when forcing the hot water through the coffee fast without making the coffee diluted at all. In fact, the coffee is extremely aromatic and high quality when brewed this way.(IPBAS) stands for Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System which is a pre brewing process that will ensure the quality and precise flavor and intensity.

These two processes work extremely well together giving Jura the reputation that it holds, a fantastic one!
This one-cup espresso machine is easy to set up and even easier to use! With a couple of pushes of a button, you can choose 3 cup sizes and 2 different strengths giving the customers lots of options. It is also equipped with a 37oz (1050g) coffee reservoir so you can make a lot of coffee before a refill is needed, given that one cup only needs 6-10g of coffee.

We definitely recommend this espresso maker for anyone that is looking for a single-serve maker that is fast, powerful, easy to use, and makes top-quality coffee!

Best Semi-Automatic: Rancilio Silvia V6

This semi/automatic espresso machine has some great perks and a ton of satisfied customers and great reviews.
With the beautiful body and easy-to-use functions, this maker is great for any home or a small coffee shop.
With the 3 buttons, you can brew your coffee, pour hot water, and start steaming the milk for a latte or cappuccino. Semi/automatics are a great choice that loves the retro way of tamping the coffee and locking the portafilter, yet loves the automatic features of pressing a button for brewing.

Rancilio Silvia is really respected and adored brand due to the focus on quality and more quality.
This maker is equipped with a brass boiler that is resistant to rust and corrosion and endures well the extreme heating and cooling cycles that coffee makers must go through.This will make sure that this espresso maker will last for many years.

The perks don't end here by far! It comes with a heavy-duty pump that will make it an even more durable, big 67oz(2l) water tank, a stainless steel drip tray, and much more!

This coffee maker is ideal for all who desire a semi/automatic espresso maker for luxurious home use or a quiet coffee house that doesn\t need to produce dozens and dozens of espressos every hour.

Best Affordable Super-Automatic: Jura E8 White

The Jura E8 Super/Automatic espresso maker is just a beast of a machine! With one push of a button you can make a huge variety of special coffees like espresso and cappuccino of course, and more complex ones like latte macchiato. You can even make 2 coffees, espressos and ristrettos at the same time!

The Pulse Extraction Process that is exclusive to Jura’s makers will make sure that the extraction process is faster than any other model and that the aroma is the ultimate quality.

With Clearyl water filters, this machine will use only the purest and freshest water giving the coffee an even better taste and quality. Making a bad cup of coffee of any kind is just impossible with this coffee maker! 64oz(1.9l) water reservoir and a 10oz coffee bean reservoir will keep the coffee flowing for a moderate amount of time.

With many other perks such as energy save mode, built/in timer, 8 coffee strength levels, and 2 cup size options you will have a lot of room to work with and make life a little bit easier.

This espresso maker is for all that wants a high-quality automatic-espresso maker with super easy usage and fast brewing time.

Best Have It All: Jura Giga 6

This monster of an espresso maker will make a lot more than just espresso with perks rounded together from all Jura models with a hint of new ones to make this Frankenstein of a machine.

How To Save Money On Groceries
How To Save Money On Groceries

Let's start with the 28 specialty coffees available with a single push of a button, 10 coffee strength levels to choose from, 3 brewing temperatures, swiss constructed built, and ceramic grinders that will on their own make this one of the best and versatile machines on the market.

The perks don't end there not by a long shot! You can brew 2 specialty coffees at the same time thanks to the dual spouts and you can even make an americano with a single push of a button that is only possible with the latest technology.

Equipped with TWO 10oz bean hoppers with aroma seal, a huge 88oz(2.6) removable water tank will make sure that you can make dozens of coffees without any refill needs.

With many more perks to take notice on this one is of course equipped with a high-quality water filter, intelligent pre/heating technology, auto/shutoff, and professional construction and looks will make rival coffee houses green from envy.

This coffee maker is the ultimate choice if you are looking for the most versatile maker with super easy usage, insanely fast production time, and commercial durability that will make it last for a long, long time!

Best For High Volume: La Pavoni Bar-T 3

This maker is for those who need to produce top-quality espressos, fast. Like really fast! Let's start with the fact that when this is part of your coffee house there isn't a need to refill a water tank thanks to the direct access to the waterline and with the 3 portafilters and 2 steam wands you can make +800 espressos alone with this machine! It runs with a 220volt current and it is approved by the NSF!

La Pavoni Bar-T 3 is also equipped with a copper boiler that ensures even heating, an anti vacuum valve that won't let liquids flow back to the steam, and a beautiful construction straight from Milan, Italy.

This espresso machine is made for you if you don't run the ordinary medium-sized coffee house and need actual firepower to perfect your production time!

Best Looks: Open Box Elektra Micro Casa Semiautomatic

If you are in the market for an espresso machine that produces aromatic and quality shots but has to look unique and beautiful, this is the one in that category!

The looks and design on this machine are nearly indescribable with the breathtaking copper and brass coloring, the majestic golden eagle on top, and all the little details that will make any espresso enthusiast jumping through the roof! Let's talk about the capabilities next!

This machine comes with switches for power, boiler fill, and brewing, therefore it is easy to use and automatic pressure and temperature management will leave you with worry-free operating. The great detail about this maker is the pressure meter in the left upper corner so you can see the perfect time to make your shot!

Also equipped with a professional milk steamer and an easy to pour 68oz(2l) water reservoir will be more than enough for this machine's needs.

We recommend this semi-automatic espresso machine to everyone that is looking for a unique and superior beauty holding maker that will also produce quality shots every single time!

Final Words

We sincerely hope that our comprehensive top list helped you at least in some way and you got an insight about different kinds of espresso machines and what they are capable of.

1st In Coffee really is the #1 choice when considering where to order thanks to their 30day satisfaction guarantee, free US mainland shipping to over $50 orders, lowest price guarantee, and a warranty (time depends on the product).
Feel free to comment below if you chose some of the above espresso machines or already own one and how it is performing. Happy coffee moments!

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