Are Expensive Chef Knives Worth It: Fast Guide Revealed

As an experienced restaurant chef, I know a thing or two about proper chef knives and what does one looks like. There are various materials, brands, construction styles, and types of kitchen knives that all affect the price. The question is more expensive knives worth it will naturally surface and it is reasonable to ask this question because nobody wants to overspend on a product, whereas understanding a low-quality product is bad as well.

In this article, I will walk you through different aspects that affect the knife’s price, the ones chefs prefer, and some other things considering knives. But first, we need to understand are expensive chef knives really worth it?

In short, expensive chef knives are worth it as long as you find a use for the extra perks they offer. A passionate home cook might be satisfied in a mid-priced knife, whereas a professional chef wants the real deal. However, you shouldn’t purchase mass-produced low-priced knives for quality reasons.

There are so many knives out there that it can feel a little overwhelming from time to time. You can get a mass-produced knife for less than $10 and at the other end of the line, you can find handcrafted +$500 knives that are made with great care.

Before you can understand whether you should invest in a more expensive knife, we need to see what are features will crank up the cost of a chef’s knife so you can truly decide if it is worth to you.

Why are chef knives so expensive

Before determining which kind of knife to invest in, we need to examine the different areas of a knife individually so we can understand where the price is forming from.


Perhaps the most determining factor of a knife is the knife’s material. There are multiple types of steel, ceramic, titanium, and more to choose from which each one has its pros and cons.

Some steels will be easier to sharpen but will be worn out more easily and the other ones are nearly impossible to sharpen but will hold the edge way better than the next. The same principles apply to rust resistance, durability, sharpness, and other features.


The second aspect that will greatly determine the price as well as the crafting and construction method. Some materials are easier to construct than others, and some knives are made just as mass production knives which won’t offer good perks but they are a great choice for people who just don’t cook much.

There are also expensive knives that are constructed to last and be sharp as a razor blade, which will add up to the price. Handcrafting by a professional blacksmith just can’t be priced the same as an industrial piece of steel honed to look like a knife and crafted into a handle.


The third major factor for the knifes price is the brand. There are some great brands out there such as Dalstrong, Katsu, and Wüsthof that are widely recognized in the chef community and they will price accordingly because everyone knows that they provide reliable quality products that are made from the finest materials!

However there are some brands that ask way too big price for their products whereas there are also brands that offer great price-quality value due to their not so recognizable brand but high-quality products. So keep an careful eye for the brand as well.

Putting this alltogether, expensive chef’s knifes are totally worth it because it is a long time investment where you will probably save money in the long term. Using care when choosing the right knife for you will be important and if done correctly, it will be a wise investment.

Do chefs use expensive knives

Depending on the restaurant and chef it will vary greatly. Usually, chefs use the knives that the restaurant provide, therefore they will be ok quality but not super expensive. More high-end restaurants usually provide more expensive knives and a chef might even use their own knife that might be really expensive.

I personally always used my own beloved knife for pretty much anything and it is somewhat expensive but some chefs are just coming in and doing their job without further thinking and they don’t usually care at all which knife they are using. Therefore chef’s don’t usually use expensive knives on the job, unless working in a high-end restaurant or bringing their own. However, usually you can find at least one expensive knife at the chef’s home (Is Your Kitchen Knife Magnetic?)!

What knives should every chef have

There are so many brands and materials out there but the one thing that is common in all of them is the knife types and there are certain ones that a chef should always have. These three knives are a chef’s knife, a serrated knife, and a paring knife.

With these 3 knives, a chef can operate nearly every ingredient and they are also the most commonly used as well.

Why do chefs have their own knives

Chefs use their own knives at work because it means a lot to them and the chef has specifically chosen that one because of the movement, balance, sharpness, and other features. A chef’s knife is a professional working tool that is selected with care.

Also, if the restaurant they work in doesn’t provide proper knives it is more than understandable when they bring their own, however, if the restaurant offers great knives then many chefs don’t use their own even if they could.

What brand of knives do professional chefs prefer

There are many brands that chefs adore above others however there are a couple that stands out from the crowd. This will also greatly vary between chefs, but I have listed some of the best below!


Investing in an expensive chef’s knife can be really wise and smart decision, however, it does present some risks if the buyer doesn’t be careful with the feature and price, and they might overpay from it.

To chefs a knife is a really important and personal decision and i certainly understand it personally and I always choose my knifes with extreme care because i will be stuck with them for years to come.

I hope that this article gave you value, and you can now make a more informed decision whether you need an expensive chef’s knife or a more modest model that might work for you.

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