Best 11 Plastic Cutting Boards For Restaurants: Full Buying Guide

After you have chosen a proper set of kitchen knives, the next logical thing to look at is the cutting boards. You will need one that stays put when cutting, lasts for years, and is sanitary enough for commercial cooking so that leaves us with plastic cutting boards.

Plastic cutting boards are favored by professional chefs and for a good reason, unlike wooden cutting boards, these will serve their purpose with ease even in heavy-duty use and cleaning.

In this article, you will get to take a sneak peek at our top plastic cutting board pics and see which one we prefer when the purposes are different. But first, let’s take a closer look at why you should choose a plastic cutting board and how to choose one for your specific needs.

Why Plastic Cutting Board

There are many reasons why plastic cutting boards are far more superior than any other when considering one for commercial spaces, let’s take a closer look at those aspects.


Plastic cutting boards are super durable and will last for years. However it is a restaurant supply but when the years have treated it bad and it starts to have deep cloves, you can simply hone it back to perfection. They will also handle heat quite well so you won’t need to worry about it melting in most cases. The best part is that even when they are durable, plastic cutting boards aren’t hard so cutting with a sharp knife, the blade will be sharp the next time as well.

Easy to Clean

This is one of the most important pros of plastic cutting boards, especially when working in a commercial kitchen. Chefs and other restaurant workers don’t have time to hand wash all the cutting boards constantly so it’s a real timesaver that they are dishwasher safe.


Plastic cutting boards are way more sanitary than wood for example. Hygiene walks hand to hand with the ability to go through the dishwasher as well so they will be purified from germs and bacteria. They won’t sink the thick meat juices either so that’s one less thing to worry about.

Color Coding

I love color coding! Seriously, when cutting veggies, fish, poultry, meats, and everything in-between it’s hard to keep in line and clean the cutting boards in every instance. However, color coding just saves so much time because you can have a couple on the countertop and have multiple different ingredients side by side. Imagine cutting fresh vegetables in the middle of that bloody meat juice, not so good especially for vegetarians so really keep that in mind.


When the perks are mentioned you would think that plastic cutting boards cost a fortune, luckily that’s not the case! A large professional cutting board approved by the NSF cost approximately $20-$30 so think about that how much it’s daily when spreading that across 3 years. It’s nothing compared to high-quality wooden cutting boards that are easily + $100 and even beyond. Investing in plastic cutting boards will save a lot of money in the long run!

As we can see there are so many perks with plastic cutting boards that no other material can’t even compete with it. Now let’s take a look at what you need to consider before purchasing one of your own so you can be sure that it is the right fit for your needs.

How To Choose Plastic Cutting Board


There are many aspects to consider before choosing your cutting board but one of the most important is size. Imagine where do you need it and how many ingredients do you need to cut on it. If you work in a large commercial kitchen, then the bigger the better in most cases. However, if you need only a side cutting board for cutting chili and thymes, then a smaller one would be more than enough. Also, a smaller kitchen won’t need the extra-large cutting board because space is usually limited as it is.


Well, plastic cutting boards don’t cost that much as we previously went through, however, there are considerable differences when comparing medium-sized cutting boards to a color-coded full commercial set which brings us to the next aspect to think about.

Single or Set

This is an easy aspect to look at but nonetheless a really important one. Do you need a single cutting board or a full set? Nothing much more to it.

Plastic Type

Now, the thing that usually gets looked past but it is important to understand the main plastic types. Generally, the best plastic-type is made from polyethylene or polypropylene, especially when compared to acrylic plastic that can do more damage to your knife’s blades.

Now that you know the ”why” and ”how”, let’s move on to our recommended plastic cutting boards.

Below you can see our quick select list however you can find our full reviews below! By the way, you should see our post about When To Replace Plastic Cutting Boards so you will be certain that it’s your time to get new ones.

  1. Best Overall: Thirteen Chef’s Commercial Plastic Cutting Board
  2. Best Budget: Farberware Plastic Cutting Board
  3. Best Extra Large: Thirteen Chef’s NFS Plastic Cutting Board
  4. Best Set: Thirteen Chef’s 6 Piece Cutting Board Set
  5. Best Versatile: Tender Cottage Double-Sided Cutting Board
  6. Best Set With Holder & Knives: Joseph Joseph 4x Plastic Cutting Board Set With Holder & Knives
  7. Best Cutting Board Replacement: Thirteen Chef’s Cutting Board Replacement
  8. Best Cutting Board Mat: BabyBest Flexible 4x Cutting Mat Set
  9. Best Set For Home Use: Tribal Cooking 3 Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set
  10. Best Looks: Haomacro 3x Plastic Cutting Board Set
  11. Best Disposable Cutting Boards: Crown 25x Disposable Plastic Cutting Board Set

If you want to see our opinions on these cutting boards, keep scrolling and see why we adore them so much and what are the reasons that they earned their way on our top picks.

Best Overall: Thirteen Chef’s Commercial Plastic Cutting Board

There is a good reason that this cutting board get’s to be our best overall pick from them all!

This cutting board is made from the highest polypropylene density so it will really last for many years and unlike cutting boards made from consumer plastic, this board won’t warp and bend over time!

High-quality polypropylene makes it possible that even in ultra-heavy use and constant dishwashing in high heats, this board will hold its ground and be in good condition long to the future.

Also, this cutting board is approved by the NFS (national sanitation foundation) which means that it is the ultimate quality in terms of health and safety. This cutting board is also BPA-free that is commonly used in plastic products.

This cutting board is sized at 18-inch x 12-inch so it has a decent size and if the commonly used white doesn’t please your eyes, there are 4 other colors to choose from, including black!

We highly recommend this plastic cutting board for any kitchen regardless of size, professional or home use.

Best Budget: Farberware Plastic Cutting Board

When we were planning this list we certainly didn’t expect as good of a product from this low cost but here it is nevertheless.

This unbelievably affordable cutting board is made from BPA-free polypropylene plastic so it will endure even heavy use, dishwashing and it will resist knife gouges. It isn’t the biggest cutting board in the world, the size on this one is 11-inch x 14-inch so it will handle medium-sized tasks well!

The best thing about this cutting board is that both sides of the cutting board are for cutting and it even comes with a handle so you can hang it from where ever!

We highly recommend this plastic cutting board if you are on a budget or are looking for one with a smaller size. By the way, this model comes in 3 sizes!

Best Extra Large: Thirteen Chef’s NFS Plastic Cutting Board

Now if you are looking for a cutting board for big tasks in a huge kitchen, or simply one that won’t be crowded with ingredients all the time, you should focus your eyes in this direction.

This BPA-free NSF-approved cutting board is the highest-quality as they come. High-density polyethylene assures durability and long life years so you will be stuck with this cutting board for quite some time.

Take notice that this cutting board won’t fit into most dishwashers at home so if you are a passionate home cook, you might want to re-think or wash this by hand. This cutting board is big with the dimension of 30-inch x 18-inch.

The best thing about this cutting board is that it weighs 8pounds so it is sturdy on the countertop and the micro-textured surface aids in cutting safety and if you’re cutting something with liquid, it won’t run off the board as easily as before.

We highly recommend this cutting board to someone that needs a big one and is suck to making room for new ingredients. I personally think that the bigger the board, the better!

How To Save Money On Groceries x
How To Save Money On Groceries

Best Set: Thirteen Chef’s 6 Piece Cutting Board Set

If I were looking for new cutting boards for my kitchen, there are no doubt that this set would take the cake.

First of all, this cutting board set is equipped with 6 color-coded boards so you can ensure that hygiene is taken care of from now on. Also, the size on these boards is great with 24-inch x 18-inch so you can enjoy uninterrupted cutting. However, if you are looking for smaller boards this same model comes in 2 smaller sizes.

These plastic boards are made from High-Density Polypropylene and approved by NSF so they are as good and durable as plastic cutting boards can get.

Other features such as dishwasher safety, high heat tolerance, warp resistance, and beautiful light coloring will make sure that your investment is safer than ever when considering cutting boards at least.

We recommend this set for anyone that are looking for commercial cuttingboards and want to be saved from cross contamination!

Best Versatile: Tender Cottage Double-Sided Cutting Board

If you are looking for a cutting board with highly unusual perks and extremely beautiful look this is the one.

This double-sided cutting board is great if you have to cut different ingredients that would result in cross-contamination and you don’t have the time or the will to constantly wash the board. With the wheatgrass side, you can cut ingredients that produce liquids and the cool part about it is that it comes with grooves to protect your countertops from the mess.

Another highly unusual perk is the absolutely beautiful stainless steel side. You can use this side for cutting or even better, classy serving! It comes with a convenient handle so you can carry it with ease or even conveniently hang it.

We highly recommend this cutting board for someone that requires cutting, serving, easy storage opportunities, and beautiful looks.

Best Set With Holder & Knives: Joseph Joseph 4x Plastic Cutting Board Set With Holder & Knives

If you are all in one kind of a person then you will love this product from the famous Joseph Joseph.

This one isn’t the everyday cutting board but much, much more. This set is equipped with 4 color-coded cutting boards with easy to remove handles. In addition, the cutting boards are made from high-quality, knife-friendly plastic and the corners are equipped with nonslip feet so you can forget about wet towels under the boards. And if there could be anything else, the edges are sloped so it will prevent messes while at it.

Also, the board holder itself is made from stylishly designed plastic so all of the included items will last for years! The craziest part about this set is that you can choose from 10 different styles that you can combine together, however not all the choices come with knives. Nonetheless, you should definitely check them out!

If you can believe it after everything mentioned above, this set comes with 4 knives that are Chef’s Knife, All-Purpose Knife, Paring Knife, and Fish Knife. The handles on the knives are color-coded as well.

If you are looking for a complex set with everything to wish for, this one doesn’t need further introduction.

Best Cutting Board Replacement: Thirteen Chef’s Cutting Board Replacement

If you need a replacement cutting board that is more lengthy than any other then you should take a closer look at this one. This board will work perfectly in cafes or under the counter when you need to prepare paninis, sandwiches, or virtually anything required.

This board is made from high-density polyethylene, therefore it will last for years without any warping. This board is also NSF certified so it’s the ultimate quality in terms of safety and health.

This board has a smooth surface with a little texture on it so it will have a great grip adding safety even more.

The best part about this plastic cutting board is that it is designed to be screwed down to a metal countertop so it won’t budge from its place! You can see all the compatible models it is specifically designed for from the link. Oh, this board comes in 9 different size choices!

We highly recommend this replacement cutting board if you need something that has great length and a lot of room to work with sideways.

Best Cutting Board Mat: BabyBest Flexible 4x Cutting Mat Set

If you need cutting bard mats that are extremely lightweight, easy to store, and quite flexible then this set will make do.

These easy-to-handle cutting board mats are the perfect choice for lighter cutting and the color-coding makes it easy to maintain hygiene at all times.

The mats are made from BPA-free, non-porous plastic and they are dishwasher safe as well so you can effortlessly get them cleaned. The shape and flexibility will make it super easy to place them even in a crowded dishwasher.

The best thing about these mats is that after you are done cutting, simply roll up the mat and throw the ingredients were ever intended without one piece spilling and dropping! Super convenient. They are also easy to store and will fit even the thinnest place so if you have some storage problems, consider them solved at least what comes to cutting board storing.

We highly recommend this plastic cutting mat set if you want all the pros from high-quality cutting boards without the weight and storage options and with some additional perks such as flexibility.

Best Set For Home Use: Tribal Cooking 3 Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set

Are you a humble, passionate, yet quality demanding home cook? If so then this set is designed just for you.

This set is included with 3 similar cutting boards, the size varies between them obviously so you will have a lot of room within your home. The boards are made from TPR plastic that is extremely durable, dense, and heat resistant so you will have no problems washing them in the hottest setting on your dishwasher, resulting in a hygienic outcome.

The nonslip handle and body will ensure that you will be safe when cutting if you know how to use a knife of course and the deep juice grooves will prevent annoying messes from your countertops.

The great thing about these boards is that they won’t harm your knife’s blade and the BPA-free and non-porous abilities won’t hurt either.

We highly recommend this set for any home and it’s ideal as a housewarming present as well.

Best Looks: Haomacro 3x Plastic Cutting Board Set

This beautiful cutting board set resembles a clear and star filled night sky but that’s not certainly everything.

These plastic cutting boards are made from Eco-friendly BPA-free plastic so when you are cutting your veggies you can rest easy that environmental factors have been taken into consideration in production. Also, the smooth surface helps prevent knife damage and offers a more sturdy cutting experience.

The beauty is in the details, right? At least in this set! These boards come with deep grooves on the sides to prevent unnecessary messes and hanging holes for easy storage. This set includes 3 different sized boards so you won’t need to rely on only one from no on.

If you are searching for a beautiful and dark cutting board set for yourself or as a gift, we couldn’t recommend a more stylish set for those purposes.

Best Disposable Cutting Boards: Crown 25x Disposable Plastic Cutting Board Set

Have you ever heard of disposable cutting boards? You have now! This incredible invention will be the savior of camping trips, outdoor cooking, or van adventures among other things.

The first question that might come to mind is are these recyclable? They certainly are and as a bonus, it isn’t made from low-quality materials either, therefore by no means you have to throw the board away after using it and you can wash it for later use as well. These boards are super easy to carry as well.

This pack includes 25 disposable cutting boards and you can use them for anything such as meats, fish, and veggies! The board is also extremely flexible and they practically weigh nothing so it isn’t a hard burden to carry around.

If you are going for an adventure, hiking, outdoor cookouts, or just want to try something new out, this pack of reusable cutting boards is truly an experience to take advantage of.


I certainly hope that you got more familiar with plastic cutting boards after reading this article, and perhaps got a new favorite cutting board to add to your wishlist.

The world of restaurant supplies is one of great interest, at least for me and I highly recommend always learn a little bit of the next item before making an purchase.

As a parting gift, place a wet cloth under your cutting board before cutting so it will stay in place and you don’t accidentally cut your fingers!

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