Best 3 Commercial Mixers From All Sizes

Commercial mixers are one of the most useful and important pieces of equipment in a professional kitchen. With many options and different recipe choices to benefit from a mixer, it is truly must-need equipment. You can use a mixer from the most basic things like whipping your cream to making bread dough, desserts, and anything that requires a good mix.

We are here to help to choose the perfect mixer for your needs, because it may be overwhelming and difficult to choose from every option out there.

What Kinds Of Mixers Are There

There are many kinds of different mixers and we will review the best from each category that is a hand mixer, countertop or a stand mixer, and floor mixer. The mixers vary by size and the most common ones are the hand and countertop mixers. Not every kitchen needs a floor mixer however, that depends solely on the size and customer numbers of a restaurant.

How To Choose The Right Mixer For You

You will easily find out this by reflecting on what you will be mixing? Will you need to prepare pudding for 300 people or do you need to whip a couple of egg whites now and then. With this information, you can easily choose between the 3 sized mixers. Let’s see the best ones on the market from each category!

Best Hand Mixer

This Commercial Grade Hand Mixer is made specifically for professional use and it shows in the quality. With an extremely powerful 400W pure copper motor this is one of the most powerful hand mixers on the market. This mixer isn’t just the ordinary plug and plays mixer. With many other outstanding perks and qualities, this outperforms other hand mixers.

With the 9 speed options, you can start with a slow speed to minimize the mess and splatter and work your way up to unbelievable spinning power that will mix your ingredients in no time.

This mixer also has a digital screen and a timer so you can mix everything precisely how the recipe says when setting the right time and mixing speed. This mixer comes with 1 storage base, 2 egg whisks, 2dough hooks, 2 flat beaters, 1 oil brush, and 1 egg separator so you will be fully covered when using this mixer.

The best part about this mixer is that it has built-in overheating&overloading protection. After 5 minutes it will automatically stop working to give the mixer more life-years by preventing the motor from overheating. However, you don’t need to do anything but to start it again and everything will be up and running in no time.

This mixer is designed specifically for professionals, therefore it is super comfortable and ergonomic to use.

With confidence, we recommend this unbelievable good hand mixer for every restaurant and kitchen. Also, it isn’t ruined with the price either!

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Best Stand Mixer

KitchenAid’s Countertop Mixer is the absolute best choice if you are looking for an amazing stand mixer and here’s why.

With 25pounds of weight, this sturdy and durable mixer won’t even budge from the countertop and the 1.3 horsepower motor ensures that you can make everything you need in the kitchen! With that kind of power, it is easy to think that the noise would be equal, however, it is a surprisingly quiet machine.

With 10 different speed options, this mixer will easily handle every step of the batch and it will handle even the thickest doughs and materials. You can make 8+ pounds (3.5kg) of dough in one sitting so it’s the perfect choice for a bakery as well.

Respected and well-known KitchenAid brand is NSF certified so you will know that the product is truly made specifically for commercial and professional use.

The best part of the mixer is that it will come with 3 stainless steel attachments: power knead spiral dough hook, flat beater, and stainless steel wire whip. These attachments are top quality and are dishwasher friendly, so you won’t need to worry about doughy dishwashing sessions!

In conclusion, we recommend this unbelievable and affordable mixer with certainty and pride!

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Best Floor Mixer

This heavy-duty floor mixer will make you anything. With 374 pounds (170kgs) weight it will be sturdy and durable in the kitchen, and with the 2 horsepower motor, you can make huge batches of dough and anything else without a problem. A 30-quart stainless steel bowl will ensure that large amounts of food can be done in one sitting which will save a considerable amount of time!

This mixer comes with 3-speed options and 3 different attachments: flat beater, spiral dough hook, and wire whip. The flat beater is mainly used for thick mixes such as meats, a spiral dough hook is mainly used for, you guessed it, dough! And the wire whip is used for eggs, whip creams, and some desserts. All the parts are quality stainless steel and ready for dishwashing.

All things considered, you can’t go wrong with this floor mixer with great reviews and a great price!

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These are the best commercial mixers of all sizes with unbelievable perks and professional looks. If you have other preferences and experiences about restaurant-grade mixers, come and share them in the comment section!

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