19 Best Cooking Utensil Sets Of 2022

When it is time to get a new set of utensils, most people will get confused and overwhelmed about the selection which to choose from, therefore it may seem really difficult to choose any set.

There are tens of categories, materials, styles, and using purposes for a utensil set so the first thing is to think about where you will be using your set. After that, it will be relatively easy to answer this question.

However, if you still have choosing difficulties, then our Top List may help you to choose because we have made a list and gathered the best utensil set from each category below!

Above you can examine all our categories quickly and if you need more information about a specific one, we have reviewed the set below so you can take a closer look at the one that interests you! Let’s dig in deeper!

1. Best Stainless Steel: Maphyton 11pc Stainless Steel Utensil Set

This set is truly worthy of all you stainless steel lovers. With a great selection and awesome reviews, this set has been approved by the public.

This set has 11 utensils that will take care of every food preparing need and thanks to the material you can easily wash them in a dishwasher. When comparing to many other stainless steel sets that arent comfortable to hold, this set has put thought to the chef, and because of that these utensils have super pleasant curved handles to hold on to.

This set is also constructed of high-quality steel so they won’t wear out in no time, and the environment has been in the mind of designers because this set has been made in eco-friendly ways.

This Maphytons set will be the perfect choice for you if you love great overall stainless steel utensils.

2. Best Wooden: Zulay Kitchen 6pc Wooden Utensil Set

If you are a fan of wooden utensils then you will need to check this set-out! This set is made from teak wood and includes a salad spoon, salad fork, serving spoon, skimmer, spatula, and a turner, therefore your cooking needs will be mostly covered!

When comparing this set to other utensils there are few perks to take into notice.

For example, these utensils will not scratch your cookware at all, won’t get hot in the middle of cooking, and are just super comfortable to use thanks to the professional sanding and finish. This set is also a great potential gift idea thanks to the amazing packaging it comes with, and the simple elegance and style that these utensils certainly are.

Keep in mind that wooden utensils need to be hand-washed that they will last for years to come.

3. Best Silicone: Oannao 14pc Silicone Utensil Set

This set is the perfect choice for you silicone lovers out there. Silicone is an amazing choice if you want to make sure that your food will be hygienic and clean, because food won’t get stuck on silicone, unlike poor quality wooden utensils. In addition to that, silicone won’t harm your treasured cookware so you can scrape and mix in peace.

This silicone set has all the utensils you could need and a practical storing bucket as well.

The best part about this set is that the utensils have wooden handles to improve cooking performance, and unlike full silicone utensils, they might bend when mixing a thick dough or something similar. These utensils are also beautiful and will fit into any kitchen.

Remember that because of the wooden handles, you will need to hand wash these if you want this utensil set to serve you a long time!

4. Best Nylon: Rachel Ray’s 6pc Utensil Set

If you haven’t still heard of Rachel Ray’s cooking supplies and nylon utensils then it is about time because this is pure quality at its best.

Rachel Ray is famous for her’s unique collection and the color choices she offers and believe us, there are a lot of them. This utensil set isn’t just beautiful and unique, it also comes with a Solid Spoon, Slotted Spoon, Ladle, 2 different sized Turners, and a Balloon Whisk.

Nylon offers great benefits such as sanitary and easy to clean abilities, safe mixing and string with no damaging chance, and the best comfort and useability utensils have to offer.

With Rachel Ray’s thousands of positive ridiculously great reviews, this set can’t be a bad investment.

5. Best Bamboo: Mr.Dakai 5pc Bamboo Utensil Set

These utensils aren’t for eating even if you’re a panda, because this kind of quality is best saved for preparing the food.

In addition to the large variety of perks that bamboo offers like a comfortable cooking experience, beautiful design, and safe usage with all kinds of cookware, these utensils are 100% organic and won’t leach any chemicals or other unhealthy substances, and they are also eco-friendly because well, its bamboo!

The great thing about this bamboo utensil set is that no matter how hot the food is that you’re cooking it won’t melt and will hold the quality for a long time. The handles are surprisingly long as well so the cooking experience will be less messy and hot.

Bamboo however requires hand washing so if you remember to do that, these utensils will keep your company for years to come.

6. Best Copper: Rosel Gold 5Pc Copper Utensil Set

Copper isn’t something you run into every day at least when talking about utensils, yet there are some perks to copper that might get you to lean towards it, let’s take a look!

This particular set of utensils is made from stainless steel that is covered in copper which gives them unprecedented rose golden coloring and style, supremely beautiful.

Of course, there are more required from utensils than looks. These utensils are durable yet lightweight so everybody can operate these utensils without problems, and thanks to the smart design of the handles, they are comfortable to hold on to. This set is also equipped with hanging holes at the end of each utensil for easy storage.

Unlike other stainless steel utensils, these need to be hand-washed because of the copper covering so they will last beautiful long to the future.

If you are looking for a gift idea for a family member, friend, or another important person, this set will fit into that purpose perfectly!

7. Best Gunmetal: Country Kitchen’s 4pc Gunmetal Utensil Set

Another unusual material that is available in utensils, gunmetal stainless steel! This set has a beautiful modern dark metal coloring and a silicone handle for better grip and more pleasant holding.

This set will get you through all the basic food preparing tasks in the kitchen with a spoon, slotted spoon, spatula, and a slotted turner. Flipping pancakes and omelets haven’t ever been easier!

We recommend this set to you if you are looking for something out of the ordinary that is durable, functional, and comfortable to use, yet stylish and modern fit for important service occasions.

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Remember to hand wash these utensils in order to keep the amazing looks and functionality in order.

8. Best Budget: Oannao 9pc Silicone Utensil Set

This set was a real surprise for us as well because with this price you definitely wouldn’t expect a utensil set of this high quality! This one of the best-sellers so this set is truly worth its price-quality ratio, and beyond!

This set has 9 unique colored utensils that will get you through most tasks in the kitchen and the baking will be more fun with this bright rainbow set!

These utensils can handle a temperature of 450°F (230°C) so when frying and mixing you won’t need to worry too much about it melting, although don’t leave one in a burning hot stew with the mentality that it won’t ever melt.

This set is a perfect choice for those who want utensils that are easy to clean, corrosion and crack resistant, sanitary, comfortable, and fun to use with a budget in mind. This set will live up to the expectations and way more!

9. Best For Beginners: OXO Good Grips 4pc Nylon Utensil Set

OXO brand is highly recognizable in cooking supplies and utensils and they have a beginner-friendly brant and they aim to make life a little simple and easier without lowering the quality. That is why we love to recommend OXO for beginners!

This set has incredible reviews as OXO’s products usually do, and it is super affordable as well. You will easily manage all basic cooking needs with these utensils and the set comes with a spoon, slotted spoon, spaghetti server, and a wide square turner.

Compared to other turners that might be slim and narrow, this turner is the best for super easy flipping thanks to its wide and long design not forgetting the holes that give easier usage as well.

The handles are also well crafted and they give the user exceptional cooking pleasure, and they are also dishwasher safe! Talking about the perfect beginner set or what?

10. Best For Commercial Kitchen: Overmont Professional 6pc Griddle Utensil Set

When considering restaurant supplies and utensils to a commercial kitchen, there comes a quality border that needs to be crossed in order to even be considered to the supply family.

This set crosses the border with ease, let’s see what is great about this set!

We all know that there are so much many tasks to handle in a restaurant kitchen than a cozy home kitchen, this set will see you through all of it because the set is included with various turners such as 2 different size Hamburger Turners, Solid Long Griddle Spatula, Long Perforated Spatula, Slant Edge Grill Scraper, and a Griddle Scraper Chopper.

With these turners, you can do pretty much anything.

The utensils are constructed from stainless steel and heatproof ABS handles that are durable to hold on which is definitely required in a busy kitchen.

The best thing about these spatulas is that they don’t have the usual wooden handles that will crack, absorb moisture, shouldn’t be dishwashed, and arent just commercial quality.

The fronts are also honed precisely to the degree that gives the best edge for getting under patties, omelets, steaks, and any other dishes imaginable.

We recommend this set to every commercial-grade restaurant that is looking for proper turners that will last a lifetime. Oh, this set is unbelievably affordable as well!

11. Best Ultra Quality: All-Clad Stainless Steel 6pc Silver Utensil Set

Looking for super durable utensils that will last decades and will handle all the main tasks in the kitchen, but won’t settle just for anything and want them to be insanely beautiful that will make all visitors green from envy? Look no further because All-Clad gots you covered!

This set comes with a 4-ounce ladle, 13-inch solid spoon, 13-inch slotted spoon, 13-inch turner, 13-inch fork, and a Kitchen tool caddy, all made from ultra-durable stainless steel that will handle anything.

Looks and style are stunning on this set there is no question in there. The steel has been honed so well that it gives a mirror-like vibe in the utensils which will boost the existing quality even more.

This set is highly recommended for all that enjoys quality cooking with beautiful stainless steel utensils.

12. Best Versatile: Home Hero Stainless Steel 29pc Kitchen Utensil Set

Are you about to stock your whole kitchen in one sitting and you just love stainless steel?

In that case, you need to familiarize yourself more with this Home Hero’s utensil set!

This unbelievable well-stocked set haves it all. From every cooking situation to measuring, pizza cutting, opening a bottle of wine, and even grating and cheese, opening cans and scooping up a nice ball of ice cream.

The best thing about this set is that when you are doing a lot in a kitchen there will usually be much cleaning to do, however, with this set you can simply toss everything in a dishwasher and voilà, fast and efficient.

All the utensils have a rounded handle that will enhance the user’s comfort and the spatulas corners are rounded as well in order to minimize the scratching odds when using them with your cookware.

This set is ideal for anyone who wants all the kitchen utensils for various tasks, and for those who just hate to hand wash it all!

13. Best Nonstick: Anolon Suregrip 6pc Nonstick Utensil Set

This set is specifically designed to work with nonstick cookware and when mixing that with nylon utensils, the performance is top-notch.

The designers and craftsmen have been working together with the purpose of achieving a great set with amazing useability that is comfortable and beautiful at the same time, and this is the product that came out, and it’s safe to say they nailed it.

The spatulas on this set are super thin and can get under anything especially when cooking with nonstick cookware. All of the handles of the utensils are made from silicone to ensure a sturdy and comfortable grip and at the end of each handle, there is a loop for easy hanging.

This set is worthy for anyone who loves nonstick cookware and wants’s to take cooking to next level when using nylon utensils with it.

14. Best Rated: Kaluns 24pc Sylon&Stainless Steel Cooking Utensil Set

Do you enjoy reading reviews and get assured about other people’s experiences? If so you should take a look at this utensil set.

With the mixture of comprehensive selection and affordable prices, it is no wonder that this set performs super well in the market. One of the reasons for that may be the combination of Nylon and Stainless Steel that make a great match in utensils.

The rounded stainless steel handles will give extra comfort and durability to mixing and flipping when the nylon ends will make sure that cookware will not be scratched and the food won’t get contaminated by anything. You can also wash them in a dishwasher which is a great benefit in itself.

You can do nearly anything with this set and no kitchen chore will be left unattended.

We highly recommend this set to pretty much anybody that is interested in cooking.

15. Best Gift Idea: Joseph Joseph Nylon 6pc Rainbow Carousel Utensil Set

Is someone you care about moving to a new home, getting married, having a birthday or anything special? Special occasions need special gifts and this utensil set fills that need.

Joseph Joseph is a quality brand that offers many solutions to many problems, and this utensil set is looking for its match in beauty and efficiency.

These utensils are made from Nylon and it is designed to keeping them simple. With the carousel utensil holder, you can smoothly rotate it for easy selection and storing.

The handles are ultra-comfortable and beautiful, and they are also weighted for that top quality feel! The Rainbow color option isn’t the only one available either, there are 3 more color options as well!

This set is a perfect idea or for yourself. The important thing is that the user will use these utensils because this kind of set is such a waste if kept in the back of the drawer.

16. Best For Grilling: Alpha Grillers Heavy Duty 4pc Stainless Steel BBQ Tool Set

This set is the dream of every hardcore griller and BBQ lover and you will notice shortly why.

Everyone is tired of the short, and crappy grilling tools that will result in your hand being well-done if used for any longer. Luckily Alpha Grillers will take care of that one and for all with their extra-long, thick, and solid stainless steel tools!

When grilling with these tools you can finally be at a safe distance, and at the back of the handle there is a silicone grip for that last perk needed to be called real quality.

The coolest part about this set? Look closely at the picture and specifically the spatula and you will notice a bottle opener in the middle! Imagine that when grilling you can crack a cold one while at it without needing to search that little bottle opener that is always missing. Grilling tools come with hanging rings as well so they can forever be at close range.

This set is truly fitted for any grill master, BBQ lover and would make a perfect gift as well.

17. Best For Baking: Portofino 6pc Wood&Silicone Baking Utensil Set

Not every utensil set has the means to perform well in baking, therefore we searched the best baking tools and found this set that all bakers will love.

The core of these utensils are made from 100% teakwood and the ends are made from silicone that all bakers adore. The cool thing about these utensils is that you can pull the heads and grips apart and place them in the dishwasher, however, the wooden cores need to be hand-washed so the quality will remain.

Thanks to the food-grade silicone parts of these utensils, they are actually heat resistant up to 480°F (250°C) which is usually a little bit lower. The silicone is also BPA-Free and won’t leach any harmful odors and chemicals to your dishes.

This baking set will perform well in the kitchen, for that, we have no doubt!

18. Best For Traveling: Bomki Stainless Steel 13pc Outdoor Cooking&Grilling Utensil Set

For traveling and outdoors a normal set won’t just cut it and you need to get creative. Luckily Bomki will show the way and offer a great solution for campers and travelers.

This set is exceptionally well equipped and it comes with a Cutting Board, Grilling Gloves, Microfiber Cloth, all utensils needed for food preparing and even Salt and Pepper shakers or whatever you want to store in them. They are also stored in a bag that you can carry in a bag, or store conveniently somewhere else.

Utensils are made from stainless steel and they are corrosion resistant and BPA-free so your equipment will last for years and they are healthy to use.

This set comes also in black and brown so there are other nature-friendly colors to choose from.

19. Best Looks: Joseph Joseph 6pc Stainless Steel Carousel Kitchen Utensil Set

Another set from the amazing Joshep Joshep that surprises every time with the absolute beauty and thoughtful design.

This set is worthy for any kitchen no matter what kind and the combination of Silicone and Stainless Steel works so well with this set, let’s learn more about it.

These utensils are made from 18/10 Stainless Steel which has a great reputation of being somewhat heavy and well-balanced. It is also famous for the elegant and glorious shimmer!

These utensils have a great feel when using them and the cherry on top of the cake comes from the silicone handles that are designed to fit the hand and giving the grip needed in difficult cooking tasks.

This set also includes a nonslip rotating carousel for easy utensil selection and safekeeping.

We recommend this set for anyone who enjoys elegant and glorious restaurant supplies or needs the perfect gift idea for a treasured family member, spouse, or friend.


This is our top list of the best utensil set for various purposes and preferences, and we hope that this helped you at least getting a little closer to choosing what kind of set would be the best in your situation, home, or restaurant.

Feel free to comment if you found your desired set from this list or would like a top one from another category that we might have missed. With that being said, happy cooking moments!

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