Best Under Counter Ice Maker For Commercial Use

Is your Bar, Restaurant, Food Truck, or other food business missing an Ice Maker? If that’s your case then you should familiarize yourself with the Best Ice Maker on the market!

This ice maker is adored within the food industry and there’s a reason. So you’re probably curious what are the pros of this Ice Maker? Let’s review!

There are a couple of necessities that a busy bar or a restaurant requires from an ice maker. The most important aspects are that it can make and hold a lot of ice, and it can do it efficiently. Euhomys ice maker can do just that.


This ice maker is far from slow! This machine can make 100lbs(45kg) of ice in 24 hours, so you will never have to worry about ice running out. It will hold around 33lbs(14kg) of ice at a time and will replenish quickly.

With this price, you usually won’t get an adjustable ice thickness option but you do with this one! You can easily choose the thickness of your quality ice by simply pressing the + and – buttons on the LCD panel.

The best part is that it comes with automatic overflow prevention so it won’t just produce cubes after cubes and make your floor a soaked puddle. Truly a worry-free ice maker.

Lastly, if there’s one thing that is annoying in most of the ice makers it is that sometimes they can make such a noise that you would just want to throw it out as far as you can. Luckily this ice maker is as quiet as they come thanks to the powerful compressor that won’t need its full capacity, therefore it won’t sound like an engine.

Fit For Commercial Use

When choosing the right ice maker for you, there is usually a box where the ice maker has placed for example that this is just a commercial ice maker or just an ice maker for home use, however, we don’t have that categorizing with this product.

This ice maker can be included everywhere whether that is your home, commercial restaurant, or an outdoor bar, this ice maker will keep you covered.

This ice maker is also tested, approved, and certified by ETL for commercial use, so this product is loved by the highest professionals as well.

Multi Functioning Control Panel (LCD)

The quality just won’t stop only for efficiency and certifications, this ice maker is equipped with a modern LCD technology control panel. Designed with ease of use and crystal clear features in mind, this panel is just super simple to use.

An amazing feature that isn’t found easily on other ice makers is that you can set a timer when the ice maker starts producing cubes, therefore you will have ready-to-go ice at all times!


Everything is streamlined so you won’t need to get technical with anything, simply plug the ice maker into necessary outlets and it ready to go. Be sure to hook up the drain line as well or the ice will be floating in cold water.


Cleaning is made really simple for this ice maker. Euhomy recommends that the ice maker is cleaned regularly depending on the use, usually 2-5 times a year.

When you wish to clean the ice maker, simply press the ”timer” button for 5 seconds and it will go into cleaning mode. Also, the ice maker is equipped with a copper-nickel ice tray that won’t rust or corrosion, therefore you won’t ever need to worry about hygiene or complaints in that matter.

Other Perks

Euhomy’s ice maker is also equipped with additional fine adjustments. With the adjustable feet, you can ensure that the ice maker fits under your counter.

Also if you have an uneven floor, you can fix that problem within minutes!

With the older models of ice makers, you would need to bend over in some way to get your ice, that problem is avoided thanks to the curved flip cover. Super easy!

Final Thoughts

That being said, you can probably see why this is the best-selling ice maker on the market and why it is so worshipped by the food industry.

Unbelievable but true this ice maker isn’t ruined with price, on the contrary, it is extremely affordable and competitive when looking at similar ones. You will certainly find this useful and helpful if you need a powerful ice maker to boost up your business.

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