Best 3 Quiet Hand Dryers For Commercial Bathroom

Food and restaurant overall look aren’t the only variables where a customer can see in what quality the restaurant really is, there are the small things that if the restaurant’s get those right, the quality will shine everywhere. The little details are the best showcase of your deep and real performance.

Well, what are these little details that can improve the quality and operation of a restaurant?

For example lighting, good tables and chairs, ice in the beverages, and so on. There are also others and one of them is a hand dryer! Powerful but quiet is the best combination here and we have reviewed our top picks from different price ranges that will get the job well done in any commercial bathroom. In addition to all the perks that these hand dryers offer, they will also save considerable amounts of water and hand paper in the long run!

1. Best Affordable Hand Dryer: AIKE Compact Hand Dryer

This hand dryer is the most popular one and the most affordable as well, and it’s no wonder why! This dryer is equipped with multiple benefits such as automatic heating which will dry the hands in no time, specifically 10-15seconds and the hands are completely dry.

This dryer has also automatic overtime & overload protection so it just won’t blow air indefinitely, and will never malfunction due to overloading! This dryer is also quiet and produces 67db of noise which is equal to a sound of laughter, so it’s safe to say it is not loud.

This set comes in 3 colors so there’s plenty to choose from, and it is made from ABS Polycarbonate so the lifespan of this hand dryer is really long!

This set is fit for both commercial bathrooms and homes. In addition to that, this set comes with a 2-year warranty and a lifetime of technical support, so it is safe to say that this hand dryer will be worth every penny!

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2. Best Price-Quality Ratio Hand-Dryer: VALENS Electric Hand Dryer With HEPA Filter

This set will wow anybody that is in the market for hand dryers. This set offers a lot more than just the stylish brushed stainless steel design fit for the nicest hotels, and the users seem to agree because this dryer has incredible ratings.

What’s so good about this hand dryer anyways? Well for starters this dryer has a 1800w motor that is extremely powerful, and precisely after 8 seconds of drying the hands will be completely dry, that is only possible because this dryer blows air out at the speed of 224 mph which is just unprecedented in other hand dryers!

This product is equipped with an infrared sensor that will activate the drying process touch-free and will turn off almost immediately after the person has left in order to save energy.

HEPA-filter cleans out 99.9% of the air particles leaving your hands and the inside of the dryer in a clean and sanitary condition.

After these perks you would think that there can’t be more to this dryer, well there is!

With the hot&cold switch, you can choose the temperature of the blown air in a second, and despite the unbelievable air blowing power, this dryer produces only 70-72 decibels of volume which is perfectly fitted for a place of business.

We highly recommend this product for any place that requires a powerful hand dryer with an extremely fast drying time, and a construction that will last for years to come. This hand dryer will definitely make you money over time.

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3. Best Premium Hand Dryer: AIKE AK2030 Premium Commercial Jet Air Dryer

The hand drying process won’t get much sanitary than with the Aike’s AK2030 Model. This hand dryer has a 3-step filtering process that will kill the germs and impurities!

Let’s see the steps!

Step 1 contains a sponge-filtering where the air is blown first through, step 2 has the HEPA filter that removes 99.9% of the particles in the air, and finally step 3 that isn’t found in most dryers, we have the UV Lamp sterilization that will kill the last germs and the hands are as clean as they come!

The dryer is also equipped with a powerful 1850 motor that blows out the air 92mph which will dry the hands in 7-10 seconds! 92mph might not be that much but when combining that to the aesthetic and smart design of the dryer and to the fact that the air will come in a lengthy strip from both sides of the hands, you can see how efficient that is.

Smart design beats power in this case as well.

That isn’t all because you can also select between two air blowing speeds and between hot and cold air which will give you extra space to work with and will not take anything out of the question.

In addition to all of this, the dryer is designed in such a way that it fits any environment and will even give the restroom a flattering boost in overall beauty. That being said we recommend this dryer for those who want the last hygienic perks and performing advantages hand dryers have to offer.

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If your working environment doesn’t have a quality hand dryer in the bathroom yet, it is time to transition to the future for many reasons, for example, hygiene, making things fast&easy, and expenses. Hand dryers will easily pay your investment back when comparing the costs to never-ending paper tower stacks and orders.

We would appreciate your thoughts in the comment section, so feel free to speak up about hand dryers and we will answer in no time. Remember to wash your hands and be safe.

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I’m the owner of JRS. While I love writing about food, I also enjoy peaceful and relaxed cookouts at home.

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