Best Sheet Pan Racks For Commercial Use (#6 Will Blow Your Mind)

I love how I can get so excited about the smallest things! Like bun pan racks. There are so many different sizes, shapes, and designs out there, and if you’re feeling a little confused by them all, don’t worry. That’s why I’ve written this article to help.

Sheet pan racks are needed in every kitchen type whether you are a café, fine dining restaurant, or a large catering restaurant, you will need one for efficiency and convenience reasons.

What Is A Sheet Pan Rack

Sheet pan racks are a valuable tool that you can add to your kitchen arsenal which makes food preparation much easier. They will help you to organize and store A LOT of food in a very convenient way, and they’ll make the process flow smoother. Of course, there are some things that you need to know before deciding on the one that would serve your needs the best. Let’s see more details about sheet pan racks:

Why Should You Get An Sheet Pan Rack

The reason why everybody in the restaurant business should have bun pan racks is that they make working much easier and with the right rack, you can even cook up your food. There are tons of racks available on the market and you should think about what kind of kitchen do you have and the volume of food prepared.

How Much Does Sheet Pan Racks Cost?

Depending on the material quality, construction, brand, and size the prices may vary a lot. However, the average sheet pan rack cost is somewhere between $150-$400.

How Many Pans Can One Hold?

From most kitchens, you can find bun pan racks that hold the usual 10-20 sheet pans but there are many more sized racks so the volume doesn’t stop there. You can find ones that can hold more than 35 sheet pans as well so the options are pretty good!

Where You Should Place The Rack In The Kitchen?

There are many places to chose from where to store sheet pan racks but the best locations are near the oven or the workstation for maximizing convenience. Most racks are built in such a way that they can be placed in the oven, so that is an extremely good place to keep them as well. It really doesn’t matter because most of them come with wheels.

How To Clean A Sheet Pan Rack

The best way to clean your bun pan rack is by hand washing it with soap and water or soaking it overnight in soapy water. Also using a stainless steel cleaner will be a smart choice from time to time.

So now that the basic information about sheet pan racks are clear, we are ready to recommend our top pics to include in every kitchen from small to big, from affordable to ultra-quality, and everything between, let’s see the racks!

Best 10 Sheet Pan Rack: Gridmann 10 Sheet Bun Pan Rack

This unbelievable affordable heavy-duty sheet pan rack is constructed from 16 gauge steel which is a great choice for a pan rack! You can load pans from both sides of the rack and it will hold 10 full-sized 18″ x 26″ sheet pans so this product is just amazing for medium storage.

Two of the fully turning wheels come with locks so a movement of a foot ensures that it will hold its position and won’t roll away when you aren’t looking.

We recommend this product if you need a mediocre sized sheet pan rack with a lightweight and easy-to-move construction!

Best 20 Sheet Pan Rack: Gridmann 20 Sheet Bun Pan Rack

20 sheet pan racks are probably the most commonly sized racks in restaurants for a good reason. These racks will fit right into the oven so you can effortlessly bake and cook your food without any need to load and unload the pans constantly.

With 360° turning wheels, you can easily move this rack from place to place that will ensure super easy operation in your kitchen, also rest easy because 2 of the wheels are included with locks so this rack won’t move on its own and drop all your hard work in a matter of seconds. Oh, you can load this rack from both sides as well!

This rack will hold up to 20 18″ X 26″ sheet pans which is more than enough in most cases!

The best thing about this rack is the really affordable price, even it is a really high quality where Gridmann is well known for.

Best High Volume Sheet Pan Rack: Channel 39 Pan Sheet Pan Rack

If you won’t just settle for the usual sheet pan storage space but need a hardcore product that will take care of enormous needs then check out this absolutely huge 39 pan rack!

Made in the USA with NSF approval this rack screams for commercial kitchens. Constructed from such high-quality aluminum that it is backed up with a lifetime warranty against rust, so you don’t need to worry it falling apart any time soon.

The slides have also a great lip load feature which will directly impact the ease of loading and unloading your many pans. Also equipped with nonmarking wheels this rack won’t leave any marks on your clean floor when you drag it around with you. This rack also goes perfectly for walk-in fridges and freezers so you won’t need to constantly load and unload the pans.

Best Countertop Sheet Pan Rack: Channel 7 Sheet Countertop Rack

Are you just sick of figuring out the space for all of your pans, don’t worry I know the feeling and I’m thinking that this countertop sheet pan rack could solve your space problems!

If your kitchen is too small for a floor rack, or you just want some convenient easy-to-use countertop storage then this high-quality aluminum rack will serve your needs. This rack is also made in the USA and it has an NSF approval, therefore it is specifically made for professional kitchen usage.

This rack holds up to 7 half-sized sheet pans with a 3-inch space between the slides so you will have an easy time placing pans into the rack. And the best part is this rack comes

fully assembled!

Best Wall Mounted Sheet Pan Rack: Channel 5 Pan Side Load Wall Mount Rack

Do you ever get the feeling that there are endless amounts of storage solutions out there? Well, this Chanel 5 pan wall mount rack might be what you need. This convenient storage solution is especially great for those who have limited space in their commercial kitchens.

USA construction and NSF approval make it a top indicator of its ability to fit any kind of commercial kitchen.

This rack is perfect for most of your kitchen needs. It has a nice half-size pan size, and there’s enough room between the slides to fit 13-inch x 18 inches pans comfortably.

Best Versatile Sheet Pan Rack: Channel Undercounter Prep Table Double Sheet Pan Rack

This heavy-duty USA-made extremely versatile sheet pan rack haves a lot of great perks that not many others have. For starters, if you have a small kitchen this will give you invaluable assist because it works as a tabletop as well, and it fits under the countertop!

Second, it holds up to 14 sheet pans so it isn’t from the smallest end either!

The heavy-duty aluminum construction ensures that this product doesn’t wear out after the first 10 years, but keeps working for decades. Oh, this rack comes with a lifetime warranty against rust so that as its own indicates the real quality of it.

You should know that the space between the slides is 3” so you can store most of your favorite dishes in this rack.

Final Thoughts

These sheet pan racks will take care of everyone’s needs for that we have no doubts and we sincerely hope that you found real value from this article, and got help on seeing all the kinds of sheet pan racks. Cook safe and remember to lock those wheels!

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