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Are you looking for a new stainless steel countertop for your restaurant’s kitchen? Here you’ll find one that will get the job done. If you still haven’t heard of Gridmann‘s Countertops then it is past due. This countertop has many benefits that you will learn shortly! First, let’s see why stainless steel is the best option for countertops!

Why Stainless Steel?

There are many reasons why stainless steel is not only the best material to use in a commercial kitchen, but also the most common and has the best price-quality ratio out there. Let’s see all the amazing benefits that a stainless steel countertop offers.


Stainless steel countertops are super hygienic because of their non-porous material, which means liquids, ingredients, and any other kinds of materials can’t penetrate and be absorbed into the table at all. Therefore bacteria can’t survive in there and it is super sanitary.

Easy To Clean

Thanks to Stainless Steels material is repellent against any substance so it is ridiculously easy to clean and maintain, even oil and other hard-to-clean ingredients will be cleaned with ease. Usually, stainless countertops don’t have any cracks or gaps on them so no kind of ingredient or dough can be stuck in the middle and become molding and festering.

Strong And Durable

When working in a kitchen one thing is certain, that your equipment and supplies will become dented and broken at some point. Luckily countertops will probably last the longest if it’s made from stainless steel. When taking something super hot from the oven you can place tin plates and other supplies onto the counter without a second thought.


After reading all the good perks about stainless steel working tables you would think that there is no way that these countertops are affordable, but they totally are! Stainless steel equipment and supplies usually are really affordable, so it is the perfect material to be used in your restaurant supplies.

Now when the why is clear about the best stainless steel countertop let’s move on to the best part.

How About The Usage

This particular countertop haves many advantages that you can benefit from in your life and workplace. Firstly this heavy-duty table is made from 18-gauge stainless steel, which means that it is designed specifically to fit in a kitchen and other commercial places perfectly and will last decades if not even a whole lifetime.

You probably are also thinking that if it is approved by NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and yes it is! It is really important to have NFS-approved equipment in your restaurant because they are inside regulations and health standards that shouldn’t be ignored.

When pressed against a wall this countertop will benefit from the backsplash that will stop ingredients falling from behind and make cleaning a lot easier. When you don’t need daily clean behind the tables and from tight spots, it will really improve ergonomics that is truly a problem in the restaurant business. You can also adjust the height of the shelf which is really nice especially if there are different sized staff members in the restaurant. If you have some large kitchen supplies that wouldn’t otherwise fit onto the self you can easily make it happen with this countertop.

And the best part is that the legs come with adjustable parts in the bottom, so if you have an uneven floor the problem is solved in an instance! Especially if you have older operating premises, they usually have uneven floors at least in some areas, so you wouldn’t need to worry about that. Another amazing perk is that they have rounded corners so when hurrying in a busy evening and accidentally hitting a corner, you won’t be as hurt when comparing to a pointy cornered countertop that could make some real harm if you have enough speed.

This table isn’t only for kitchens. You can use it anywhere in your restaurant because stainless steel has a really professional and neat look. It could be used in the bar side, behind the counter, or even just as an extra table if your space is running low.

Usually, restaurant countertops can get really expensive and hard to assemble which would need a professional installation. However this stainless steel countertop is extremely affordable and they fit perfectly together, so all the kitchen countertops could easily be filled with this mode, which would cross that on the list once and for all. In addition, it comes with all the assembling hardware needed to get this up and functional in no time.


With certainty, we recommend this affordable, beautiful, and decades-lasting commercial kitchen countertop that will make your working environment more safe, easy, and enjoyable.

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If you are looking for different sizes and models you can see others fitted for your needs here. If you have a story to tell about stainless steel countertops we would love to hear them in the comment section!

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