Can I Bring A Sharpening Stone On A Plane: Avoid Horrible Mistakes

Every chef that has taken their bags and went on a journey has probably once thought about what cooking supplies can they take on a plane and one of the most commonly asked think is a sharpening stone. Alongside a proper chef’s knife, a sharpening stone is an extremely valuable tool so that you can keep the knives sharp at all times even when on a journey.

In this article, I will educate you on whether you can take a sharpening stone on a plane or not. I will also teach whether you can bring additional cooking supplies to a plane, what happens if the Transportation Security Administration finds a prohibited item, and some additional facts about sharpening stones. But before we get into that, we need to understand can you take a sharpening stone on a plane.

Transportation Security Administration says that it is okay to transports rocks both in luggage and carry on, therefore it is allowed to bring a sharpening stone on a plane as well. TSA might inspect the sharpening stone so simply explain the meaning of it and you are approved for passage.

If you have a need to bring a sharpening stone, it is perfectly okay to do so. However, let’s talk about knives and see can you take them on a plane or not.

Can you bring a knife on a plane

In short, knives are prohibited items on a plane so you can’t take a knife on your carry-on. However, knives are allowed to check in to your luggage, therefore you can bring your knife to your travels.

And besides, what would be the reason that you must have a knife in your carry-on? You can further examine what other sharp items are or aren’t allowed to bring on carry-on bags from here.

What happens if TSA finds a prohibited item

If the TSA finds a prohibited item in your possession, they will dispose of it based on the Government Services Administration’s instructions. In addition, it can result in TSA criminal enforcement or civil enforcement actions. Therefore be sure to double-check your baggage before going to the airport.

Can you bring a knife sharpener on a plane

Yes, bringing a knife sharpener on a plane is allowed. However, the TSA people may ask about it so on the safe side if would place it on the luggage if you are bringing some.

Can I use olive oil on a sharpening stone

Generally, you shouldn’t use any other oil including olive oil to sharpen your knife besides oils that have been approved for sharpening stones. In addition, oil should only be used with oil stones so be sure to check the stone’s instructions on lubricants.

Do sharpening stones wear out

Yes, sharpening stones do wear out over time. However, there are differences between water, oil, and diamond stones where a diamond stone is the most durable. The next most durable is an oil stone so water stones will wear out the fastest. Nevertheless, all the stones are durable and it will take time before the stone is worn out.


Brining a sharpening stone to a plane won’t result in any problems so rest easy knowing that your knives will be sharp even when you are on your journeys. In addition, there was a lot to learn about sharpening stones and things that you can take to a plane, therefore I hope that you know more now than before this article.

Omar Abdalla

I’m the owner of JRS. While I love writing about food, I also enjoy peaceful and relaxed cookouts at home.

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