Top 9 Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer Reviews

So you have a fry-filled menu and need to buy a deep fryer, but don’t know which one to get. With all the different kinds of deep fryers out there, it can be hard to figure out what is best for your restaurant. Don’t worry! We’ve done the research for you and listed three of the top countertop deep fryers available on the market today so that you can make an informed purchase decision, whether your whole menu revolves around fried food or just a few dishes.

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Soon that we get to the reviews, a smart thing first is to recap what is the purpose of your deep fryer. Underspending or overspending on an appliance will always leave you thinking about the other one. Let’s go through the usage purpose first.

How To Choose A Deep Fryer

So I have cut this part into 6 pieces so it’s easier to digest and you can see all the parts that matter when choosing a deep fryer. The easiest way to choose the right fryer for you is to write all the must-haves to a piece of paper and then deduct the ones that don’t fit the description. Let’s get started!

Your Customer Volume & Deep Fryer Capacity

The number of customers you serve will greatly impact the fryer capacity that you need. If you serve a lot of people then you will need a bigger fryer and it goes the other way around so you don’t need a huge one if you don’t have so large a customer base.

Restaurant & Deep Fryer Size

This is a tricky one with standing deep fryers but luckily our post is all about countertop deep fryers, however, you still need to check that you will have enough space for the appliance of your liking. In case that you don’t have one, you will need to prioritize and see what are the really important aspects of your restaurant.

Fryer Quality

The fryer quality will be determined by the construction, materials, and parts used and that usually goes alongside cost. However, all fryers that are selected in this list have a great price-quality ratio but others are more long-lasting and have high-quality parts than others. You should write down what kind of fryer you must have and go further the list from there, after needs you should focus on want’s and it’s totally fine to want high-quality products, we all do.

Fryer Power

Fryer power should be an indicator as well about what kind of deep fryer do you land on. The number of watts on a deep fryer should be at least 1500W to ensure consistent and high enough temperatures at all times.

Ease Of Use

Ease of use is also one big thing to consider when choosing a deep fryer. Do you require easy draining? Do you want to clean the deep fryer with minimal effort? How about the heating times? All this should be written down so you can easily spot the one that you need.


The price is an obvious factor in most cases that determines at least the style of the future deep fryer. Sometimes you just need to budget but don’t worry we have taken that highly into consideration on this list and every single fryer has a really good price-quality ratio.

Best Overall Deep Fryer: 12L Adcraft NSF Approved Countertop Deep Fryer

This deep fryer is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel and is specifically designed for professional use. This incredibly powerful fryer is approved by the NSF so it truly is top-quality.

It features two 6liter(6.3quart) pots so which makes a total of 12l(12.7qt) capacity which is ideal for a countertop fryer. Each pot will cook 25lbs(11.5kg) of for per hour so that is quite a firepower this fryer has.

You can easily change the oil temperatures between 120°F to 375°F and each pot haves an individual thermostat so you can cook quick and crunchy with the other and thicker foods with the other. Other great features are the side handles, inside markings for oil, protective wire grate, and carefully grounded cords for maximum life expectancy.

The best part about this fryer is the two individual faucets for each pot so you can easily effortlessly change the oil without hassle.

This appliance is also included with one year of warranty on parts and labor. We highly recommend this deep fryer as the main countertop deep fryer to any commercial kitchen.

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Best Budget Deep Fryer: 12L Colibrox 5000W Electric Deep Fryer

This deep fryer is a great choice if you’re on a budget. It is constructed from stainless steel and it has amazing customer reviews as well.

This fryer is equipped with 2x6L oil pots which each one has its own plug-ins so you need two outlets for full usage. You can individually change each pot’s temperature between 140℉ – 392℉ so there’s a lot of room to work with.

It also features easy to clean removable tanks, compact sizing, and a detachable handle from the fryer basket for easy cleanups. Lids are also included for both of the pots to minimize the oil splashing.

We recommend this product for commercial kitchens that aren’t revolving around fried foods but want’s to do some light-duty frying.

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Best Ultra-Quality Deep Fryer: Vollrath 40710 Electric Split-Pot Deep Fryer

If you need a commercial deep fryer that will last you decades and give consistent high temperatures, then you should definitely consider Vollrant 40710 Model. This deep fryer is constructed from high-quality stainless steel and it has been ETL approved which means that it has been qualified for safe commercial use.

It features two 7.3L(7.7qt) oil tanks with safety interlocked drainage valves for super easy oil changes. This fryer makes it possible to sort different kinds of foods easily within the same pots because it comes with 4 frying baskets. Steel wire frying baskets are equipped with cool-touch handles that are easy to wipe from oil splashes.

This fryer is extremely powerful with 2,630 – 3,500 Watts per oil well ensures high-quality frying at all times, you can also change the temperatures up to 375 degrees so you can make virtually any meal with this fryer.

The best part of this appliance before the quality build is the automatic thermal shutoff for maximum safety. This means that when the fryers sensors detect dangerous amounts of temperatures, it will automatically shut off preventing potential firest, etc.

Vollrath offers a free 1 year of warranty for parts & labor so malfunctions are covered. We highly recommend this deep fryer for any professional kitchen that requires a heavy-duty build with multiple frying racks and maximum safety.

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Best High Volume Deep Fryer: 2x8L Hakka Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer

If you’re on the market for high-volume countertop deep fryers then you should familiarize yourself with this Hakka’s Countertop Deep Fryer. This fryer’s Stainless steel construction ensures that this product won’t break any time soon and the coloring is just pleasing to the eye.

With 2 8L(8.5qt) tanks you can prepare large quantities at the time which is a must-have quality in larger kitchens. Individual thermostats and removable oil wells ensure easy and versatile use and the attachable lids shouldn’t be forgotten because they offer safety and increased cleanliness from hot oil splashes.

This fryer features incredible power with balanced and efficient heating elements that will make sure that the cooking times are cut down without bargaining for quality. Frying with this appliance is really safe as well because it has built-in over-temperature safety cut out, however, this doesn’t mean that you should leave this fry on its own.

We highly recommend this fryer for a commercial kitchen that needs to cook big volumes without forgetting safety but doesn’t want to overspend on a deep fryer.

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Best Small Deep Fryer: 6L Giantex 2500w Commercial Countertop Deep Fryer

On the other hand, if you are looking for a tiny frier for small needs, this Giantex Commercial Countertop Fryer will aid you with your endeavors. Constructed from stainless steel and safety in mind, therefore the corners are rounded to minimize scratches or other injuries.

With the cute 6L(6.3qt) oil tank you will have a really simple time cooking anything in small quantities. Equipped with a limit switch, anti-scaling handle, and removable design will ensure that usage and cleaning is super easy.

Easy to use turnable thermostat will let you select a temperature between 40°F-392°F so nothing is limited in the means of cooking. This fryer also comes with a lid and non-slip feet to ensure maximum safety.

We recommend this deep fryer for a kitchen that wants to do small quantity frying here and there with a budget on mind, however without skimping from the quality outcome.

How To Save Money On Groceries x
How To Save Money On Groceries

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Best Flexible Deep Fryer: 12L WantJoin 2500W Countertop Deep Fryer

Looking for a versatile countertop deep fryer with some unusually useful perks? Well, look no more because WantJoing has made it happen! This extremely durably constructed deep fryer is made from stainless steel whit a non-stick enamel-coated lining.

What’s so good about this deep fryer you ask? Well, first it haves two 6L(6.3qt) oil tanks with 2800W heating elements on both of them, which will ensure constant high temperatures and quality outcomes. You can adjust different temperatures to each tank with the easy turn of a knob, the temperature options are set between 125°F – 392°F. You can also set an alarm for up to 30 minutes with this deep fryer!

Thanks to the non-stick coating mentioned before and removable oil tanks and heating elements the cleaning and oil changes have been made really simple. The frying basket is equipped with a hook so you can drain the food without any mess, and the stainless steel wires have been thickened to ensure that they won’t get broken over time.

If that wasn’t enough there are more! This fryer doesn’t produce smoke. You heard that correctly, thanks to the filtering lids it will effectively filter +90% of the produced smoke which will make this deep fryer healthier and more pleasant to use than ever before. And don’t worry, you can still see the foods through the glass windows on the lids.

We highly recommend this product to any commercial place of business that requires a deep fryer for medium-usage with incredible perks and an unbelievable price-quality ratio.

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Best Easy To Use Deep Fryer: 5.7 L KWS 1750W Countertop Deep Fryer

I know, I’m sick of all the hard to use and complicated deep fryers, luckily KWS gets us covered in this matter. This deep fryer is constructed from heavy-duty stainless steel with a 304 type frying basket which has a famous reputation for being highly heat and corrosion-resistant.

This fryer is featured with 5.7L(6qt) oil tank with a 1750W heating element beneath it that ensures quality heating through the day. This fryer includes a built-in drain valve for super easy oil changes and cleaning process.

With one push power button and simple construction, you can change the temperature simply by turning the thermostat. Temperature choices are between 122 – 374℉ so it will perform well on all foods.

Let’s talk about safety. This deep fryer has a built-in overheating turn-off system that will automatically shut off when the temperatures reach 464℉.

The appliance comes with a simple and durable lid to shield you and near areas from hot oil splashes, and the fryer itself has a basked hanger for easy excess oil drainage.

Deep frying simply won’t get easier than this and if you are looking for that, this deep fryer takes care of the quality part of things as well. We highly recommend this product!

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Best Outdoor Deep Fryer: 15L Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Gas Deep Fryer

Sick of frying inside all the time? You and me buddy, check out this high-quality gas deep fryer that you can take with you for some outside frying. Sturdy stainless steel construction ensures that this fryer doesn’t move out of its place even when a gust of wind hits it hard.

This gas fryer is built in the way that the heat from the propane flows through the rear tube of the fryer rolling the oil when it travels through. In addition, the v bottom design ensures that the oil in the bottom stays a bit cooler than on the surface, keeping the oil cleaner much longer.

Featured with a 15l(15.8qt) oil tank with 2 stainless steel fry baskets ensures versatile cooking with enough for everyone. From the temperature gauge, it’s really easy to follow when to give more propane and when to turn it down.

This fryer is also equipped with a stainless steel braided hose for the propane tank, fry baskets have cool-touch handles and with the drain valve, you can effortlessly drain the old oil without any need to carry anything.

We highly recommend this product for anyone that needs a top-notch gas fryer with the possibility to take it outside. This deep fryer also haves unbelievable reviews with +1000 reviewers and a 4.8-star average rating so it truly is worth every penny.

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Best Home Use Deep Fryer: 3.8L Cuisinart Stainless Steel Deep Fryer

Are you a passionate home cook that is looking for some crispiness for everyday life? We proudly recommend this Cuisinart’s countertop deep fryer for that purpose. This deep fryer is constructed from stainless steel and the price quality is just something you wouldn’t believe.

Equipped with a 3.8L(4qt) oil tank which is the perfect size for decent home use. The power is set at 1800W so consistent heat even for longer periods of time isn’t a problem.

With this Cuisinart’s deep fryer you won’t need to worry about dishwashing because the lid, oil tank, and frying basked can be tossed right in there. The frying basket is also equipped with a cool-touch handle that is easy to wipe off of oil splashes.

This product comes with one year of warranty so any problems will be taken care of. We highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to take the deep frying part of their life with efficiency, style, and safety. You should definitely check the video below if you aren’t familiar with deep-frying yet.

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How Much Oil Does A Commercial Deep Fryer Take

To find the answer on how much oil does a commercial deep fryer take will vary a lot depending on the size of the deep fryer and foods you’re about to cook, although the common rule is to never fill it more than two-thirds of the max fill line.

How Often Should I Change Oil In A Commercial Deep Fryer

In summary, commercial deep fryer oils should be changed twice every week. This will vary on how much do you use it so sometimes once will be more than enough.

You should keep an eye on the quality of oil and you will notice if the oil needs to be changed, you can spot the signs from the dark color of oil, burning smell, unusually high smoking, or the fact that the foods take longer to cook.

How Long Should A Commercial Deep Fryer Last

There certainly is a lot of factors that determine everyone’s specific deep fryer life span but as a rule of thumb, the parts are built for decades, more specifically a well-cared commercial deep fryer can last up to 10-15 years. Below you can see a list of all the things that affect the lasting of a commercial deep fryer.

1. Quality Of The Deep Fryer

The obvious factor that affects the life years of deep fryers and all other appliances is the quality. Usually, more expensive models are made with more care and from better parts, which will give a more lasting build.

2. Brand Of The Deep Fryer

The brand has also something to do with the quality as well. While other brands are more focused on affordability at the cost of quality and the other way around, there are also brands that do quality items with affordable prices and terrible products with high prices so a little research will always do good before making a buying decision.

3.Type Of The Deep Fryer

Now, there are 3 types of deep fryers that are electric, propane, and the latest model in the air fryer. Propane fryers last the longest because they don’t use electricity which is more vulnerable to damages and malfunctions than well, a propane tank. However, an electric fryer lasts way longer than an air fryer that lasts anywhere between 1-3 years depending on many factors. Yet air fryers aren’t for commercial use so that is the reason why.

4. Deep Fryer Cleaning

How you clean your deep fryer has a drastic effect on how long does it lasts. If well taken care of and cleaned properly every time it will certainly last +10 years from the cleaning side at least. However, if you change the oils every two weeks and are sloppy even then, the heating elements will certainly get broken much faster.

There is always the element of bad luck which isn’t traceable to any mistreatment or anything, sometimes just things happen and there’s nothing to do about it.

How To Clean Commercial Deep Fryers

In short, commercial deep fryers are cleaned with a ”boi out” method. First, drain out the old cooled oil to a disposal container. After that, it’s filled with water and boiled for around ≈ 30 minutes with a deep fryer cleaner. Lastly, the chemical water is drained and the interior of the deep fryer is wiped clean, and fresh deep-frying oil is added to its place.

Well, that’s simply said, you should definitely check out our quick deep fryer fixing guide with full Instructions Of The Boil-Out Method included.

What Are The Best Deep Frying Oils

There are three main oils that are popular among professional kitchens that are canola, peanut, and vegetable deep-frying oils. Let’s see what are they all about.

As we can see the perks are quite similar, however, I wouldn’t personally use peanut oil for two reasons. First, Peanut Oil is double the price when compared to the others and an even bigger reason is that you can’t serve foods that are fried with peanut oil because of allergens and peanut allergens are usually the worst and most dangerous kind. I would go with Canola Oil or Vegetable Oil.


We hope that this post helped you to at least get an idea of what kind of deep fryer would be the best option for your needs. Also, I hope that you learned something new considering deep frying and how to preserve them a bit longer.

Leave a comment below if you enjoyed this post, would like to see similar top lists in the future, or if you have a story of your own to share. Keep frying!

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