Commercial Grill Operating Expenses Revealed & Money Saving Tips

When working in a commercial restaurant there are many flowing costs and expenses that need to be reduced and one of the most asked equipment is definitely the grill and the operating expenses that it produces.

In most restaurants, a grill is a necessity so it is good to remember that even if the grill haves operating costs, it will pay you back multiple times over.

There are a few factors that will determine how much it costs to operate a commercial grill. These include the size of the establishment, number of people served daily, and menu items offered. Hour of gas grill usage is averaged around $1.20 whether electric grill average is only around $0.30.

Gas Grill

When considering whether to get gas or an electric grill, you should know that gas grills will cost you more in the long run, but that isn’t without perks. Many chefs still like to use gas grills because well, they have more feeling to them.

Gas grills are a great option as well when choosing the right one for a really busy restaurant because the heating time, even temperatures, and easy ignition are superior to electric ones. This will result in a much lower preparation waiting time that can increase sales and satisfaction. In addition to that gas grills usually has more space to cook in because there aren’t built-in electric burners in the body.

Electric Grill

When deciding that an electric grill is the one for your business, you have made a great choice when it comes to running expenses, however, there are pros & cons that you need to be aware of before making the final decision.

Electric grills are commonly found in big restaurants because well, there are too many complications with gas grills when we really are talking high customer volumes.

Electric grills are also lesser harmful when it comes to fire safety because there can’t be any gas leaks which is great as its own. Also, it’s good to remember that electric grills are just super easy to use which is important to most restaurants, however, the heating time is a bit higher and the top temperature will achieve its peak much sooner. Let’s take a full look of the pros & cons.


The size of a restaurant is the most determining factor of how much the running costs of a grill will be because the more people eat, the more grilling you need to do. When running a large restaurant imagine ordering multiple propane tanks regularly, and the hassle and stress what it would bring if you would forget or mess up the order. That’s why big restaurants prefer electric ones, no hassle, no stress, and lower costs.

The grill’s size will also impact the running costs of gas and electricity, however, the cost comparisons are nothing when compared to the size of a restaurant.


Usage is a great variable as well when determining the grills operating costs. The differences between a steak-focused restaurant in the busiest street of the city and a raw vegan food restaurant on the edge of the town are astronomical, to say the least.

Also when the grill is on non-stop there are big differences between gas and electric grills as well, so when you are in the market for a new grill, take a notepad and write your needs and wants down before making quick purchases.

Maintenance Expenses

When comparing gas and electric grills together the other one stands out in maintenance cost. Do you know which it is? Well, it’s gas grills.

Electric grills don’t need as much maintenance and if they do, it is usually something small and easy to fix. However, when talking about gas grills there are many inspections and replacement parts such as propane regulators, hoses, and ignitors, to take into consideration.

Commercial grill maintenance expenses can be reduced by taking good care of the grill and following some simple tips. If you follow these tips, your grilling equipment will last a lot longer and you’ll save money in the long run.

1. Clean your grill regularly. A clean grill is a happy grill!

2. Monitor metal surfaces regularly for rust or corrosion

3. Do not leave burned ingredients on the surface

4. Keep a versatile tool kit to make quick repairs

5. Have an emergency kit with replacement parts

Money-Saving Tips

As promised, we included some great money-saving tips below that you can use in your business that can save you precious recourses so you can direct them somewhere more needed. Let’s see these tips as they were yesterday!

Buy Energy Efficient Equipment

There are plenty of ways to save money on your electric bill. One way is by using energy-efficient equipment in the workplace or restaurant. The perks can be spotted immediately and also overtime!

Energy efficiency will have a positive effect on both your electricity bills and the environment and the bigger the restaurant, the bigger the savings! Take notice that energy-efficient equipment maybe a little more expensive when bought, but it will be worth it because a typical commercial grill can last for decades.

Propane Control

The thing with the gas grill is that propane doesn’t need to be at full volume all the time. After the initial high heating, you can significantly lower the propane release, therefore you will save more propane. Again, if in a bigger kitchen this is extremely recommended because the savings can be substantial.

More Vegetables

This works actually very well in most cases however you can’t just overnight add more vegetables to the dishes and serve less meat. This can be done when the menu changes and the best part is that if cooking for a buffet or for a larger crowd instead of plates, you can try this out tomorrow.

Word of caution tho, don’t go too crazy on this because everybody knows the feeling of a disappointing meal so this isn’t a tip for lower quality, not at all.

Take Care Of Equipment

The most obvious tip on this list but nonetheless the most important. Taking care of your equipment and using common sense with usage, you will get many years more working time with your appliances which will eventually save thousands of dollars.

You might have additional questions at this point and there are probably endless amounts when talking about commercial grills., However, there are a couple of questions that are above others and you can find answers to them quickly below.

Should You Get A Gas Or Electric Grill?

For those of us that love to grill, having the right type of grill is incredibly important. You can get a gas or electric grill depending on your needs and wants. Both have their benefits, but you should get the one that will best fill your grilling needs, therefore you should once again review the pros & cons pictures above and think about your running costs, needs and wants, after that the answer should be found easily.

What Are The Operating Expenses For A Restaurant?

You may have heard about the costs of rent, utilities, food, and labor. But there are other factors that also affect the overall cost every month. For example, marketing is necessary to attract customers and keep them coming as well. Depending on how much profit you want to make each month, you should get your personal answer from there. To give you a general opinion, running a professional restaurant will usually cost tens of thousands of dollars every single month, usually even more!

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