Gridmann Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Shelf

Shelves are a great way of increasing storage room in a kitchen, and they are a great help even when no more room is needed. You can place all the usually used supplies near you so you won’t need to run across the kitchen to get them. Shelves are a lifesaver in a smaller kitchen when storage space is running short and everything seems to pile up everywhere. Luckily stainless steel is quite affordable and you wouldn’t have to worry about choosing a specific shelf if you would be on a budget. Gridmann is a well-respected and widely known quality stainless steel restaurant supply store, that has an amazing shelf below

Gridmann NSF Stainless Steel Kitchen Wall Shelf


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This Gridmann’s stainless steel shelf is above the rest out there. Specifically designed for commercial kitchens and restaurants you just can’t go wrong if you are looking for extra space in your kitchen.

How about the usage? This beautiful, clean, and professional-looking shelf is made from 18 gauge 430 stainless steel which is the perfect choice for a shelf. 18 gauge steel is heavy and durable enough to support even heavyweight supplies, but not so thick that a wall couldn’t support it. This shelf is truly constructed to last a lifetime, and in regular and normal use, it will.

When considering commercial kitchen supplies and equipment it is always a good idea to double-check if the product is NSF certified and this shelf most certainly is. NSF haves strict standards and regulations about public health protection that every restaurant must follow. And even if you didn’t have to follow them it is always important to be as sanitary and hygienic as possible especially when working with ingredients and food.

The shelf is made for maximum space-saving that gives room for organizing your restaurant supplies so that you can keep on track and nothing is just thrown in a pile, which would make everything messy and hard to find. This shelf is also included with a backsplash for extra support and for that nothing can fall behind it. The front of the shelf is designed to be user-friendly and safe with no sharp and dangerous corners. The two wall support brackets below the shelf ensure that it will be well supported and stable at all times

And the best part is that usually, a quality stainless steel shelf would cost a lot more but this one truly is affordable and in the same a truly quality product as well. Perfect shelf to fill your kitchen with and get that extra space needed! The shelf itself is really fast and easy to assemble and all the required mounting parts come in the package as well, so one thing less to worry about.

This shelf model comes with other sizes as well which is really worthy of consideration as well. These shelves go great together and with different sizes pieces, you can accurately get the amount that is perfect just for your needs.


Overall if you are looking for a reliable, sturdy, and professional-looking shelf at an affordable price, you really can’t go wrong with this Gridmanns Stainless Steele shelf. You can place them in the cooking area for ease of access, you can add more space through the entire kitchen or just to improve your kitchen and give it more options.

If you have a story to tell about commercial kitchen shelves, feel free to tell your tale in the comment section!

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