How Many Cloves of Garlic? (Multiple Data Tables)

Garlic bulbs in a stainless steel bowl

Garlic is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular vegetables, although it’s often categorized as a spice. Either way, it’s at the top of our food preferences, and it’s highly appreciated in many cultures around the globe. It’s important to know what amount of garlic cloves transform into what measurement so you can follow recipes and cook with perfection.

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How Many Garlic Cloves on a Teaspoon?

First things first. Let’s start with small measurements and work our way up to larger amounts. That said, a teaspoon is a widely used measurement when it comes to cooking, so how many fresh garlic cloves equals one teaspoon of garlic?

In general, one fresh garlic clove equals one teaspoon of mincer garlic. In reality, garlic clove sizes vary, so one clove can be less than a teaspoon or more than two.

When measuring something and determining amounts, we need to stick with the averages, or it would be too difficult to give numbers to live by, making life easier and more enjoyable.

Besides, garlic is a great ingredient, so it doesen’t hurt if it goes a little overboard. In contrast, you’ll taste garlic even if there’s a little bit, so a tiny amount less than the recipe says won’t hurt either. It goes both ways.

Now, look at the table below to see how many garlic cloves are needed for a different amount of teaspoon measures.

Amount of Garlic ClovesTeaspoons of Garlic
Instructions on how many fresh garlic cloves equal teaspoons of minced garlic

As you can see, one garlic clove equals one teaspoon of minced garlic. The same pattern repeats itself, whether that’s five garlic cloves and five teaspoons or a million garlic cloves and a million teaspoons.

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How Many Garlic Cloves on a Tablespoon?

Next up from a teaspoon is a tablespoon. A good rule of thumb to remember is that one tablespoon equals three teaspoons. So, if you have three teaspoons of something, it equals one tablespoon. Considering the subject of garlic, how many cloves are on a tablespoon?

On average, there are three garlic cloves on a tablespoon. However, depending on the size of garlic bulbs and cloves more or less may be needed.

If you’re cooking for one or two people, then measuring with teaspoons is the way to go. However, if you cook for many people who love garlic, measuring cloves by the tablespoon is more reasonable.

In fact, I don’t even measure garlic myself if I’m cooking for myself casually. I take a ton of garlic, mince it, and add it to the pan! It’s so good.

Anyways, look below at how many garlic cloves equals how many tablespoons of minced garlic.

Amount of Garlic ClovesTablespoons of Garlic
41 1/3
51 2/3
72 1/3
82 2/3
103 1/3
Instructions on how many fresh garlic cloves equal tablespoons of minced garlic

So, one garlic clove equals 1/3 tablespoon of minced garlic, two cloves are 2/3, and 3 cloves are one tablespoon worth. Then, the pattern repeats itself. For example, four cloves are 1 1/3 tablespoons worth, five cloves are 1 2/3, and six cloves are 2 tablespoons of minced garlic.

On average, a tablespoon gets filled with minced garlic every three fresh garlic cloves.

How Much Garlic Powder Equals a Garlic Clove?

Fresh ingredients always take up more space than dried, and that’s the case for garlic. Understanding how many fresh garlic cloves are needed for different measures is important. Before that, though, it’s wise to understand what amount of garlic powder we can get from a single fresh garlic clove?

Generally, one garlic clove equals 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder. If the garlic clove is bigger, it can be 1/3 or even 1/2 teaspoon. On average, you’ll need four garlic cloves to have one teaspoon of garlic powder.

A tiny amount of garlic powder requires a large sum of garlic cloves. Now, let’s move from tiny amounts on single garlic cloves to actual measurements. For this, refer to the table below.

Amount of Garlic PowderFresh Garlic Cloves Needed
1/4 cup48
1/2 cup96
5 cups960
10 cups1920
Instructions of how many fresh garlic cloves equals different measurements of garlic powder

As I said above, the actual amount of garlic powder gained from a fresh clove can vary if the cloves are bigger. However, the average is that one clove equals 1/4 teaspoon, so the numbers on the table come from the average. Keep that in mind if you have a big bulb of garlic.

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How Many Garlic Cloves in a Cup?

A cup is equivalent to 16 tablespoons, so if you have a larger need for garlic cloves, it’s wiser to measure them as cups, not tablespoons. So, how many fresh garlic cloves are in a cup?

On average, 48 fresh garlic cloves are needed to fill a cup. Given that one garlic clove is needed for one teaspoon of minced garlic, and there are 48 teaspoons in a cup, it’s logical that 48 garlic cloves equal one cup.

Again, the total amount may vary depending on the garlic clove sizes. 48 regular medium-sized garlic cloves will be very close to a measure of the cup, and as the amount is quite much, you don’t need to worry about missing it with a few cloves in either direction.

How Many Garlic Cloves in a Pound?

One fresh peeled garlic glove on a scale weighing 5grams (0,02oz)
One fresh peeled garlic clove on a scale weighing 5grams (0,02oz)

Moving significantly up from cups, a pound or 453 grams is a heavyweight to measure garlic cloves in. Yet, this may be needed in some instances or just for fun! Be that as it may, how many garlic cloves are in a pound?

An average fresh peeled garlic clove weighs five grams or 0,176oz; therefore, there are 90 garlic cloves in a pound.

If one garlic clove weighs five grams, there are exactly 90 garlic cloves in 450 grams. If you want to be precise, there are 90.5 garlic cloves because a pound is 453 grams.

If you look at the picture above, you can see that I weighed a medium-sized garlic clove that had been peeled, and it weighed exactly five grams.

How Many Garlic Cloves in a Kg?

Moving from the United States to Europe and from pounds to kilograms. A kilogram is approximately 2,2 pounds, so if you need even more garlic cloves and like to measure the European way, you should know how many garlic cloves are in a kilogram?

On average, there are 200 fresh peeled garlic cloves in a kilogram, assuming that the average weight of the clove is 5 grams.

A peeled medium-sized garlic clove weighs anywhere between 4 to 7 grams. There can be even lighter or heavier cloves, but the average usually falls near the five-gram area.

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