How Much Does Food Trucks Weigh: The Real Reason Revealed

One of the asked questions about food trucks with beginners is how much do food trucks weigh? Well, there are many factors that affect the answer to that question and in this post, we are going to go through these variables so you can get the answer you are looking for!

Well, what effects on the weight of food trucks? It really comes down to three things that are what kind of a food truck do you have, what equipment you have inside of the food truck, and the menu which will determine the two other factors. The average weight of a food truck is around 14.000lbs (6350kgs).

Let’s go through in-depth the factors that will determine your food truck’s weight.

Food Truck

There are many different options to choose from in the food truck & trailer market. The most used one and the one that is the subject of this article is a Motorized Food Truck whose average weight was the 14.000lbs (6350kgs), then there are many more as well such as Towed Trailers can weigh anywhere between 1500lbs (680kg) to 8000lbs (3600kg). Take notice that the weights can differ from that as well depending on what is inside.

Then there are also Fast Food Carts that can weigh between 300lbs (135kg) – 500lbs (220kg) and quite rare ones but existing are Busses that have turned to restaurants on wheels and can weigh +20.000lbs (9000kg) but they aren’t the everyday sight in the town.


Food truck’s equipment will greatly increase or decrease the total weight of a food truck. Imagine all the grills, ranges, ventilation systems, restaurant supplies, and the list goes on and on. This will change the weight of a food truck by thousands of pounds!


The heart of every food truck is the menu and it will determine what kind of food truck you will need and what equipment to include. After the menu is clear you can easily calculate the weight of the food truck by adding everything from the food truck to the current equipment and don’t forget to add the future equipment that you would want to include. Food, beverages, and other variables should also take into consideration when summing up the total weight.

Why It’s Important To Know Food Truck’s Weight?

There are a couple of important reasons why it is extremely important to know the weight of a food truck and the number one reason is for towing! If your food truck is a giant one with full equipment and more it could be really really difficult to get that towed if the need be. And trust me, you don’t want to overlook this matter because when the time comes and it usually does, it would be catastrophic if you have a too heavy food truck and no proper pull equipment.

There are also different regulations and laws in this matter and you should check your countries and areas rules so you could be well prepared. This isn’t a major project and you could get it done really fast.


As stated there are many factors that need to notice before answering the question and it is a tricky one to answer in general because it really depends on what you had in mind and the weights vary with tens of thousands of pounds. You should calculate the estimated amount as you are starting your food truck so you can know exactly how much it will weigh and the precautions to take to ensure that it won’t be too heavy.

We hope that this post helped you in some way to get the answer you need and by calculating the weight of a food truck, all the equipment that you have, and the future ones you will get the answer you were looking for!

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