How To Change Starting Point On DoorDash? (3 Easy Steps)

Moved to a new city? We understand that it gets challenging to manage deliveries when you move to a new place. Here’s a trick – you can still dash things you need by changing the starting point. 

In just three steps, we will guide you towards changing the starting point effortlessly on your device (Android/iPhone). 

Let’s begin!

How To Change Starting Point On Doordash?

To receive orders irrespective of the location, all you need to do is alter starting points. These points enable dashers to plan their starting areas. 

Step 1: Download & install the app

The primary step is to download the Dasher app and install it on your phone. If you already have the app on your mobile, skip this step. 

As a novice, you need to understand that the Dasher app contains a list of orders and a map of your region. 

Step 2: Enable Dash Now

Once you install the DoorDash app, you need to log in to change the starting point. 

The app’s home page gives the option to “Dash Now.” Ensure that you enable this option. You will also see a popup checking if you would like to take up new orders to confirm that you have done it right. 

Once you agree to it, you will start receiving orders. 

Step 3: Choose the starting point 

If you see that the Dash Now is disabled, you can still enable it by following an alternate method. 

  • You can zoom in and identify starting points within your vicinity using the map. 
  • The rule of thumb is to consider the busiest route (which can be spotted with a red patch). 
  • Select Dash Now. 

Alternatively, you can also select a location to be your starting point. When you choose Change, it means that the DoorDash app wants to update the location. 

Note: The app generally detects location automatically whenever you have moved. Just ensure that it is detected rightly so you can manage orders. 

If you are using an iOS device, you may have to choose “change my dashing location”. Perhaps, the options can slightly vary with respect to terminologies and type of device. However, the functions are the same. 

The option enables and you will start receiving orders. 

If you have chosen “Dash along the way”, you should understand that you will get orders when you reach the chosen zone. When this option is disabled on the app, it could mean insufficient orders in the zone, or existing Dashers are already working. 

In that case, you can schedule one to manage orders in the future. 

Dash Along The Way is a great option, especially if you plan to manage orders on the road. As soon as you select this option, the app automatically tracks your location and lists pointers to orders. As mentioned earlier, choosing the busiest route (road marked with a red patch) fetches consistent orders. 

As a dasher, I choose “Schedule Dash” and book a timeslot to begin dashing whenever I am in my city. 

Why Can’t I Change My Starting Point on DoorDash?

You can’t change the starting point on DoorDash if there are insufficient orders or numerous dashers, or non-serviceable regions. 

If you have logged on to the app but do not see any Dashers around, there is a probability that DoorDash’s service is not available. While you can request service, DoorDash works in a way where there are enough orders to balance the business. 

Remember that DoorDash currently operates in Australia, the United States, Canada, Japan, and Puerto Rico. 

If you are trying to dash outside these countries, the only solution is to WAIT UNTIL DOORDASH ENTERS YOUR REGION.

There are other reasons stopping you from changing the starting point on DoorDash:

  • If you are trying to change the point outside the country, the app does not support it.
  • When there are technical glitches, you may not be able to change the starting point. You can either wait until the issue is resolved or approach the support office to sort the issue. 
  • If several Dashers are already occupied with orders, the waiting time increases. You can change the starting point but at a later stage. 

Can You Order DoorDash For Someone In Another State?

DoorDash lets you order food and other items for someone in another state. The easiest way is to change the starting point, find a local Dasher, and select Dash Now. 

Several Dashers have delivered foods during the pandemic and other tough scenarios simply by updating starting points. It is a beneficial method to ensure needs are met irrespective of geographical constraints. 

The advantage of Door Dash is that you can also reach the support team anytime if you are new to the app, and the representative helps indoor dashing products in different regions. 

Some states in the United States, such as New York and California, impose restrictions on dashing products. However, you need to check local laws before changing the starting point. 

Can You Change DoorDash Location Anytime?

DoorDash does not impose restrictions on changing locations. This means you can change location anytime and any number of times. 

The only concern is that you need to have an account to manage orders. DoorDash does not charge anything for becoming a dasher. As a result, you can change the point and manage orders on the go. 

Whenever your phone encounters a problem with the GPS functionality, you can quickly call the support team and request them to change the location. This approach is quick and helpful. 

One of the primary reasons behind the success of DoorDash lies in the extraordinary support offered by the customer support team. 

So, the next time you move to a new location, remember to update the starting point and manage orders without interruptions. 

How To Save Money On Groceries
How To Save Money On Groceries

DoorDash is a hassle-free app with great features and the freedom to dash wherever you want. Just get used to the options, and you will enjoy using the app!

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