How To Choose A Commercial Sink? (5 Example Brands Included)

Choosing a commercial sink can be an intimidating quest to get through because all the brand, material, size, and style options out there can make it nearly impossible to get settled on one specific sink.

In this post you will learn about what is the best material to be used in a sink, a couple of the best brands you can browse sinks from, and what kind and sized commercial sinks are there! Always be sure to check the compatibility of the sink with your commercial faucet as well!

Let’s start with the materials and see why you should choose stainless steel above all others!


The most common and used material is well… You guessed it, stainless steel and there is a good reason. When working in a fast-paced commercial restaurant where all the equipment needs to take heavy usage every single day, you cant have some poor quality ones nearly anywhere. Stainless steel is extremely durable and will last probably decades depending on the style of stainless steel.

Second, when the sink is doing its thing, being covered in water most of the time it’s important that no rust, corrosion, or impurities from there, and that’s why stainless steel is so good because it haves all of the features!

There are many other materials that a sink could be made of such as granite, quartz, copper, and more but we aren’t going to cover them in this post because stainless steel is just the best, plain and simple!

Next, let’s see all the sizes and kinds commercial sinks are prepared for!

One Compartment Sinks

One compartment sinks are a great addition to the sink collection or a singular one for a really small restaurant, as a corner sink, or just for home or other nontraffic usages.

Two Compartment Sinks

Two compartment sinks are great for a medium-sized restaurant and they have 2 compartments which is great because you can sort the dishes much better than in one compartment sink.

Three Compartment Sinks

Thee compartment one will begin to get the great size for a bigger kitchen, and it offers usually 2 drainboards so it enables the fact that 2 people can work with it doubling the efficiency!

Four Compartment Sinks

Four compartment sinks aren’t even found in all stores because it is unusual that a restaurant would need one with such large size and capabilities, however, this kind of sink would work very well in a huge catering kitchen where there are two dishwashers and a big need for sorting dishes and overall space.

Underbar Sinks

Underbar sinks are just that, under the bar! There are usually many sizes to choose from and they look just like normal sinks but the height is much lower. Most of the time they also come with multi-configuration so the glasses and other restaurant supplies won’t slide so easily.

Hand Sinks

Hand sinks are required by regulations and licenses to be included in most countries therefore they are one of the really important ones. And even though with common sense it wouldn’t be super sanitary to wash hands where used plates are washed. They come with stand-alone models and also wall mount ones.

Touch-Free Sinks

Touch-free sinks are a great choice if you want to take the last points in terms of hygiene and sanitary operation. Some touch-free sinks come with a motion sensor, others come with a button and there are also pedestal ones that are pretty convenient and fast to use.

Moveable Sinks

I personally haven’t seen many moveable sinks, actually never seen one but there definitely are some. If you would work in a big catering company they might have one or for some other reason that a moveable sink would be needed. They come with sturdy handles to pull and carry from and the quality ones come with 360° wheels

Mop Sinks

Mop sinks arent either the most common ones but the idea is that there would be a sink mounted to the floor where all the dirty mop water could be pressed, they are a great idea for virtually any kitchen that wants to up the hygiene and working comfort.

Utility Sinks

Utility sinks are used anywhere desired and they are a great assist in laundry, restaurants, hospitals, or any other place that needs a sink. They look and are constructed relatively simply.

Undermount Sinks

Last but not least under-mount sinks are located below the countertop levels and installed as such. They give the kitchen nice and even looks and are usually more expensive than overmount sinks. Professional installation is advised when dealing with this kind of sinks.

Overmount Sinks

The reverse process to the previous under-mount sink and the way they work is that it is installed on top of the countertop that is really simple, they usually cost less but they aren’t as attractive and gives the countertop an uneven surface.

Best Commercial Sink Brands

There are dozens of sink manufacturers to choose from but we have listed the best ones based on overall reputation, reviews, satisfaction, and own experience!


Krauss is just something else. It holds unbelievable reviews and I’m not kidding. Nearly all of their sinks have 4.7/5 star average satisfaction ratings with hundreds and usually thousands of reviews, so they truly know the sinks. They mainly provide ultra-quality sinks for the home.


Gridmann is a great brand with clean-looking stainless steel sinks for commercial kitchens. Their products have been approved by the NSF so it makes it very clear where the sinks are capable of. Real quality for bars, restaurants, kitchens, and where ever!


Ruvati specializes in similar kinds of products as Krauss and they have as good reviews as well! They offer multiple material choices such as fireclay sinks, granite sinks, and for different purposes like laundry, bar, and more!! You should really check them out if you are looking for a sink with a unique styling!


Durasteel offers a big variety of stinks and other commercial equipment and restaurant supplies. With tall splash guards, adjustable feet and durable construction Durasteel sinks are a safe bet if you are looking for sinks that will endure many, many years!


Last but not least Is KoolMore. They offer one, two, and three-compartment sinks in addition to handwashing sinks and you can always choose do you want the drainboard to the left or right side or both. Their sinks are high quality specifically designed for a commercial kitchen and the durability is in its own class!


We hope that this educating post helped you to understand how to choose the best sink for your purposes in terms of material, size, style, and brand.

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