How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in a Restaurant? (Easy Method)

Fruit flies are not the only problems that households have because these are problems that even restaurants face on a regular basis. They can be pesky and can ruin the overall ambiance of your restaurant when there are plenty of them flying around. It is needless to say that you should want to get rid of these insects. So, how do you get rid of fruit flies in a restaurant?

To get rid of fruit flies, you need to reduce standing water sources, eliminate food residue and food crumbs that may be found anywhere in the restaurant, keep trash cans closed, and cover fruit trays. Doing so will reduce the chances of fruit flies invading and infesting your restaurant. 

It can be quite common for restaurants to face a fruit fly infestation, especially when the owner is still new to the business and doesn’t know how to handle these pests. However, there are very simple ways for you to get rid of fruit flies in a restaurant. And if ever those don’t work, there are products that you can use to get rid of these insects.

What causes fruit flies in restaurants?

Pests will always be some of the biggest problems that restaurant owners tend to face on a regular basis, as having pests around can ruin the quality and experience of your restaurant. That said, while the usual rodent and cockroach problems have easier remedies because these pests are bigger, fruit flies are entirely different because these are small pests that seemingly pop out of nowhere.

In fewer quantities, fruit flies shouldn’t be a problem that you or your diners should worry about because they aren’t big enough to cause any issues in a restaurant. However, the problem with fruit flies is that they tend to multiply fast enough to the point that they will infest your restaurant and cause problems in relation to your customer experience. You wouldn’t want your diners to leave bad reviews about your restaurant just because of a fruit fly infestation. So, where do these fruit flies even come from?

One of the things that many restaurant owners tend to have in mind is that fruit flies seemingly pop out of nowhere because it is hard to pinpoint how they breed and where they breed. And this problem has been around for a hundred years already as it has become quite difficult for restaurant owners decades ago to solve this problem.

However, because we have gone a long way since then, we now know where fruit flies come from and why they tend to invade restaurants. And no, these insects do not magically pop out of nowhere when they invade your restaurant in bunches.

That said, the reason why it has been difficult for restaurant owners to pinpoint where fruit flies breed and how they breed is that they actually breed in places that are usually out of human sight and reach. And the reason why they invade restaurants is that a restaurant is an ideal spot for their breeding ground because fruit flies love the common restaurant food items such as sugary foods, beer, rotting meat, yeast, and garbage, which are almost always found in most restaurants.

That said, because of how restaurants have the ideal conditions that allow fruit flies to multiply and breed, it has become quite easy for them to grow in numbers inside a restaurant (Why Aren’t Dogs Allowed In Restaurants?) (Why Aren’t Dogs Allowed In Restaurants?). It’s quite similar to how most household kitchens also face fruit flies as a problem because they have the same conditions that most restaurants have in relation to what fruit flies need to survive and breed.

How do you get rid of flies in a restaurant? 

So, now that you know where fruit flies come from and why they often invade and breed in restaurants, let us go into the different ways for you to get rid of them.

Reduce standing water sources

Like any organism on this planet, fruit flies need water to survive. So, if you were to reduce standing water sources such as the ones found in your kitchen sink or even your restaurant’s toilets, you can greatly reduce the onset of fruit flies in your restaurant. Of course, it is also important for you to make sure that everything is completely dry so that fruit flies can’t find any water they can use to survive.

1. Clean your drains

Drains are common places for fruit flies to breed in because of how most drains have rotting or rotten food that is ideal for these insects. But by keeping your drains clean and free of any food that may be clogging them, you can help keep fruit flies away.

If you are looking for a good organic drain cleaner that you can use to keep your drains free of clogging food, you can use Green Gobbler Drain Clog Dissolver. This product is made from an eco-friendly formula and is great at dissolving hair, grease, and organic items that may be clogging your drains.

2. Get rid of residue food and crumbs

It is quite common for restaurants to have residue food and crumbs lying around in the dining area floors and in the kitchen. However, fruit flies can easily breed on these residue food items and use them as a source of food. So, if you were to get rid of this residue of food and crumbs by cleaning the floors carefully and by wiping your kitchen counter and stovetop, you can greatly decrease the chances of fruit flies infesting the restaurant.

3. Keep trash cans and fruit trays covered

Fruit flies will also live off the garbage you have lying around in your trash bins because these have decaying food matter that can allow them to breed. So, the key here is to keep your trash bins closed or to empty them out at the end of the day to prevent fruit flies from breeding in them.

Meanwhile, fruit flies are called fruit flies because they also tend to be present around overripe or rotting fruits. So, keeping your fruit trays covered can also decrease the chances of these flies breeding in your restaurant.

4. Use a fruit fly trap

But if you do have a fruit fly infestation and you are looking to get rid of them instead of using preventive measures, you can use a fruit fly trap that will easily attract the fruit flies and trap them. We recommend that you use TERRO Fruit Fly Trap because of how effective it is at trapping fruit flies that are near breeding sites and how its appearance doesn’t ruin a restaurant’s overall ambiance. You can get this fruit fly trap on Amazon.


With the 4 methods above, you should get rid of most of the fruit flies in the restaurant; at least when I have used these in various restaurants with the same problem, the fruit fly volumes decreased drastically.

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