How To Use Fast Pay On DoorDash? (The Exact Method)

DoorDash is an excellent way to make extra money with flexible schedules. As an independent contractor, you can also avail yourself of the perks of DoorDash. Now that you have already completed a handful of deliveries, how do you cash it out? What is fast pay on DoorDash? Does it work like other payment modes?

You can use Fast Pay on DoorDash if you are from the US, completed 25 deliveries, hold an active Dasher account, and completed two weeks using the platform. Set up fast pay on the app and then enter debit card information. 

It is simple to set Fast Pay and divert all funds to this account on the DoorDash app. However, if you are starting your journey on this app, you may need a helping hand. We are here for you!

DoorDash Fast Pay: How Does It Work?

DoorDash Fast Pay is a payment method supported by the app to enable drivers to cash out their earnings instead of waiting for long. You need a debit card to link to the app. 

Fast Pay charges $1.99 as a service fee. As a DoorDash driver, you can cash out earnings instantly to Fast Pay with a dedicated schedule. 

Let us assume you have earned:

  • $25 on Sunday 
  • $95 on Tuesday 
  • $45 on Wednesday 

If you take a break on Thursday but want some cash urgently, you can cash out the total amount of $165 on Thursday. 

The only condition is that if you are still driving and the order is on, you can’t cash it out immediately. For the transaction, Fast Pay charges $1.99, which is entirely acceptable, assuming numerous benefits associated with it. 

How To Use Fast Pay on DoorDash?

Are you setting up Fast Pay for the first time? Here are the steps to follow. 

1: Sign up 

  • Log in to the app and then go to the Earnings tab. 
  • You can find the option “set up Fast Pay.” Click the button. 
  • Enter your debit card information when prompted on this page. 
  • Once you have entered the necessary information, verify once and click Submit. 

There is a waiting period of seven working days when your application is reviewed, and the account is activated. 

2: Start using 

As soon as you have met the basic criteria of Fast Pay, the payment method is activated. You can then start using the payment mode whenever you wish to withdraw your earnings. 

  • Go to the Earnings tab on the app. 
  • You can see your earnings for the week. Beneath these stats, there is a button “cash out with Fast Pay.” Click it. 
  • The fast pay fee of $1.99 is deducted from the net amount. The balance to be transferred is displayed. 
  • Click Transfer, which is at the bottom of the page. 

The funds will reflect in your account in 30 minutes. 

Note: Remember to change the payment method before using Fast Pay to cash out the amount. 

Whenever you are changing your debit card, you should also update it on the app. 

Fast Pay vs. Dasher Direct

Fast Pay and Dasher Direct are two common payment methods Dashers use to withdraw earnings. These methods differ in eligibility, charges, activation, setup, withdrawal, and perks. 

FactorFast PayDasher Direct
EligibilityFast Pay has various criteria including – 2 weeks of operation, minimum of 25 deliveries completed, a US resident, and a balance of $1.99.Dasher Direct works on an invite-based model where every Dasher is sent an invite to activate this method.
ChargeA flat fee of $1.99 is charged for every transaction. Dasher Direct does not charge a service fee for transactions.
ActivationIt takes 7 business days to validate the application and approve debit card linkage to the Fast Pay account. It takes 10 business days to activate the account and receive a virtual card.
SetupClick Setup Fast Pay on the app and enter debit card details.Choose Dasher Direct on the Payment Methods list located under the Earnings tab and fill out the application. 
WithdrawalDashers can withdraw amounts from the debit card as soon as the account and cards are linked.All payments are sent to the virtual Dasher Direct card.
PerksFast Pay does not offer any perks to its users.Dasher Direct provides cashback to users. 
Fast pay vs dasher direct

When Do Fast Pay Earnings Appear?

Fast Pay earnings, once withdrawn, get transferred to your card within minutes but can take about 2-3 business days to reflect on the card. 

The most significant benefit of Fast Pay is the ability to transfer earnings instantly. As a DoorDash driver, you can directly withdraw the amount to your debit card. Some banks can take longer to process such transactions. In that case, the earnings can appear a little later. 

Why Isn’t My DoorDash Fast Pay Working?

DoorDash Fast Pay does not work if you are out of the US, use other payment methods, have less than a $1.99 balance, have less than two weeks, and have less than 25 deliveries. 

DoorDash’s Fast Pay demands users to be based out of the United States and have at least a $1.99 balance. If you use other payment modes like Dasher Direct, you need to disable them before enabling Fast Pay. Perhaps, you should also have a debit card to link to your account for withdrawal. 

In some cases, Fast Pay does not work if you have already used it for the day. The maximum number of times you can withdraw from the Fast Pay account is one. If you still have Fast Pay problems, you can check with your bank. 

Before that, you should note that there are delays in the withdrawal of earnings in case of server errors or other unforeseen circumstances. Do not make hasty decisions about Fast Pay or switch the payment method before you confirm the exact source of the problem. 

Several Dashers find DoorDash safer and more convenient because of the transparent business model and withdrawal flexibility. Hence, it is high time you set up a Fast Pay account on DoorDash and start earning more!

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