Is Bar Work Retail: Quick Answer Revealed

Everyone that has worked in the restaurant industry, including a bar has thought at some point ”is this retail” and the answer to that is quite simple.

In this article, I will reveal that answer to you in addition to some additional things about retail that is really important to know and understand. In addition, you will learn some important aspects about the bar industry and what it is like to work there. But first, is bar work considered retail?

In short, bar work isn’t considered retail because bars don’t really sell products from their establishment. Bar work is considered hospitality above all others and there are entertainment aspects to it as well.

So no, the bar isn’t retail and it is classified to the hospitality section of professions. Now, let’s see what jobs are considered retail jobs.

What is considered a retail job

The retail industry starts with the manufacturer as they produce large quantities of goods by using industrial machines, raw materials, and labor force. After the goods are produced, they sell the products to wholesalers and they then sell the product to retailers in large, bulk quantities. Finally, the retailers sell the goods in small quantities with highly increased prices to the consumers which they then use for their personal uses, whatever the product might be.

As we start to understand how the retail job works, we now understand that the bar industry isn’t retail. Naturally, the question comes up that what is considered retail if bards are not? That is a good question and I have listed some well-known models of retail work below!

  • Grocery stores
  • Clothing stores
  • Drug stores
  • Certain e-commerce businesses
  • Sales catalogs
  • Auto retailers
  • Hypermarkets

Do restaurants count as retail

Same as the bar industry, restaurants aren’t considered retail either. This is because restaurants aren’t wholesalers that purchase items from various manufacturers and sell them at a higher price to the customers. Restaurants are in the hospitality industry that helps the customers to meet their recreational and spare time needs.

What is the difference between a bar and a pub

The difference between a bar and a pub is surprisingly big. The bar is solely focused on the alcohol where people go to drink and to party. Bars might sell snacks such as chips and nuts whereas a pub is focused on the food as well and you usually can find some burgers, wings, fries, and other similar foods.

What skills does bar work give you

Bar work will offer and teach a lot of skills that aren’t only extremely valuable in other lines of work, but in personal life as well. When working on a bar you will learn great social and people skills, customer service, humor, and interacting skills that are the most valuable skill in the work and business world.

You will also learn how to be efficient, organization skills, multitasking, and above all of course, how to craft a mean drink!

Is working in a bar fun

Working in a bar can be a lot of fun where you can meet new people, learn different and useful skills, and learn how to interact with other people. However, bar work is also extremely hard and fast-paced work with a lot of standing and smiling when you don’t feel like which will make it even more rewarding and special.


Bar work certainly isn’t retail because it is hospitality all the way! I hope this article taught you some valuable information about the retail industry and bar work and you now have a better understanding on both of them.

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