Join Your Restaurant To Postmates: Fast & Easiest Way

Joining your restaurant to Postmates will be a great decision if you want to ease up your delivery system, increase sales, and don’t want to worry about it yourself.

Postmates and other delivery companies have different opinions among the restaurant world because someones don’t have the best experiences whether the next restaurant has nothing but great things to say about them.

Joining your restaurant to Postmates is extremely easy, you simply need to install the Merchant App from Google Play Store or App Store and set up an account. After acceptance, simply prepare your delivery menu, pricing, and other forms and you are ready to deliver.

However there are additional things to know in order to join flawlessly to the program, lets review what those aspects are!

Merchant App Account

So the merchant app is where the magic happens. From there you can see everything that is currently going on from your incoming orders to the expected delivery time and everything between.

When the app is downloaded you will sign up a contract between your restaurant and Postmates. After sign up, you will receive a welcoming email from Postmates with a link to set up your password and after that, you are all set for the interface.

In the interface, you will set up everything before logging in with your tablet because it will prevent future complications so be patient.

Postmates Storefront Setup

When logged in to the app your step is to set up your contact information and the correct pricing for your delivery menu. Take your time in this step because you wouldn’t want to offer a meal priced at $1.99 instead of 19.99.

After doing that you need to send it to Postmates for approval. When the menu is approved you are safe to login to the tablet!

If you don’t want to do this step manually you can ask for the Postmates service to update it for you, but I highly recommend doing it yourself so you can familiarize yourself with the user experience and be independent in the matter because if you run out of ingredients or whatever, you can make changes to the delivery menu quickly yourself.

If you run into troubles along the way simply visit Postmates Help Center for answers.

Internet Connection

Wondering why you aren’t online? Well, you have to manually go to settings, select internet connection, and connect your Wi-Fi from there.

Add Your Payment Details

This is a great feeling when everything is nearly done and you can finally add your payment info which means you are almost ready to deliver! Take notice that after adding your payment details, there is a 5-10 business day verification delay.

In order to add the payment details go to the banking tab and select add bank account. It’s pretty straightforward from there.

This process isn’t hard but it requires patience because of the approval and verification delays but after finishing these steps you can deliver with the easiest way. Let’s see why it is a good idea to join Postmates.

Postmates Pricing

The great thing about Postmates is that they don’t charge the restaurant any delivery fees and the restaurant only needs to pay a percentage of each order as a commission from the visibility, advertising, logistics, and other perks that Postmates provide.

Why You Should Join Postmates

Joining Postmates is a great way to get delivery for your restaurant with minimum effort. You don’t need to hire new employees, get an expensive delivery vehicle among other things, whether that might be the right choice for some but if you are routing for easy delivery then Postmates will be of great aid to your business.

There are more perks to joining Postmates such as you get increased visibility to your restaurant through their app and platform and the visibility isn’t a minor one. The average increase in take-out orders is 300% which is just astronomical.

Why You Shouldn’t Join Postmates

There are also reasons why you shouldn’t join Postmates, Uber Eats, or any other delivery company. If you want more control of your delivery and aren’t comfortable with someone else carrying your brand that could lead to unsatisfied customers from the occasional delivery delays etc.

Also, even Postmates gives you an easy and relatively stress-free way to deliver, it would be more trustworthy to run your own delivery system because you could be more certain that the delivery will get there on time and on great condition when the deliverer is one of your own employees.

Keep in mind that easy delivery gives a lot more work for your employees and many restaurants have said that using a delivery app is like throwing a wrench to their business engine, so keep in mind that there are also things to take care of before jumping blindly to Postmates.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and you should evaluate what is important to you and you will get the right decision in no time.


Setting your restaurant up with Postmates isn’t the hardest task in the world and after it is done you can relax and take the orders in thanks to the increased visibility that Postmates provides.

However, you shouldn’t join delivery apps solely from the profit because the profit margin won’t be super high, and there is a more important aspect in using delivery apps than saving money.

When you use delivery apps you really get a lot of extra exposure and at the end of each day, your restaurant’s brand will be in the memory of many more customers. This can help you convert them to regular customers that order more from you or even better come inside of your establishment to enjoy your famous meals.

Feel free to let us know about your restaurant’s Postmates experiences and if are you in the favor of delivery companies or your own delivery system.

Omar Abdalla

I’m the owner of JRS. While I love writing about food, I also enjoy peaceful and relaxed cookouts at home.

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