SOG Knives Honest Review: Are They Any Good?

Different people buy knives for different reasons, such as they actually want to use these knives for tactical and outdoor purposes or when they are simply looking to collect these knives. When it comes to a knife company known for its tactical knives, SOG might be one of the brand names that would pop out of your head. But are SOG knives honestly that good?

SOG knives are good when you weigh their prices against the solid build construction, steel quality, and overall design. They give you a worthy price-quality ratio, but they aren’t necessarily the best overall when it comes to tactical knives and other similar types of knives.

There are different types of knives that you can buy from various brands depending on what you want. For those looking for high-quality tactical knives, SOG can be one of the brands for you to look at as they manufacture knives that are actually pretty good in terms of overall steel quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. That’s why you need to read more if you want to understand what makes SOG good when it comes to knives.

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What are SOG knives?

SOG Specialty Knives, Inc., which is just often called SOG, is one of the favorite brands in terms of tactical knives that knife experts can use for any purpose regardless of whether they may actually be on the field as military or law enforcement officers or just simply using the knives for outdoor purposes. The company has only been around since the 1980s, which means that it is actually one of the younger knife companies that are quite popular nowadays. In fact, the name “SOG” comes from the Studies and Observation Group, which was a name used for a certain military group during the Vietnam War.

To that end, and because the SOG company actually got its name from the SOG of the Vietnam War, they made it a point to reproduce the popular military SOG knife, which catapulted them to fame among knife enthusiasts and experts around the country. However, SOG focuses on the SOG knife and other types of knives and tools that can be used for outdoor, tactical, and other similar purposes. And their knives are quite respected among knife experts because of how high-quality and innovative they are.

The story of SOG can be traced to how their founder and chief designer Spencer Frazer was actually inspired by the US Special Ops SOG knife, which is actually just a bowie knife customized for special covert-ups missions in the jungles of Vietnam. So, to that end, in 1986, he founded SOG Specialty Knives to try to reproduce the same kind of quality and military design that was used in the SOG knife of the Vietnam War. The fame they got from the knife allowed them to expand to other knife designs that include military, outdoor, and survival knives, among others, such as the SOG Tactical Folding Knife, which is an escape knife. They even have other survival tools such as multi-tools and axes that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.

But, even as SOG has an impressive roster of different knives that can be used for unique purposes, their bread and butter and claim to fame is still their version of the MACV-SOG knife. Then again, some consumers are beginning to love some of their products because of how SOG is known for high-quality and well-made knives that you can use for different purposes and situations. 

These knives are also designed well enough to stand out in the market because you won’t be able to see knives with similar designs coming from similar companies. That’s why the people behind SOG pride themselves on being able to deliver knives that are distinct and unique in their own right because of the very fact that you might not see similar products in the market.

Aside from their military and tactical knives, SOG also has knives that can be used for different everyday uses, such as tools that will help you perform standard and ordinary tasks effectively. These include folding pocket knives and multi-tools. In fact, these knives are also becoming quite popular among knife enthusiasts and experts around the country.

That said, SOG has become a known brand that manufactures and sells knives that aren’t just tactical but are also made for all-around purposes. SOG is not yet up there in terms of its overall popularity, but it is getting there and has its own niche market of people who value their tactical knives and tools.

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Where are SOG knives made?

Even though SOG is primarily based in the US, it is actually a multinational company with branches and factories worldwide. But, with that said, where are SOG knives primarily made?

Some of the most popular knives have factories primarily based in Germany (Solingen, specifically) and the US. However, SOG knives are actually primarily made in select places in Asia, such as China and Taiwan. This is true for the most part when it comes to their cheaper and mass-produced knives. Some of their tools are also made in China and Taiwan because tools don’t need to be as meticulous regarding steel quality compared to tactical and outdoor knives.

However, the more expensive knives in SOG’s lineup are actually made in the US and Japan, so that they will be able to make sure that these knives are made with the quality deserving of a high-standard knife. Of course, that’s because Japanese factories are known to deliver well in terms of the durability of their blades.

So, for those who value the quality of the steel and where the knife was made, you may be turned off when you realize that your SOG knife might have been made in China, which isn’t necessarily known for producing the highest quality products. Your concern does hold water here because we want our knives to be durable and sharp enough to handle all kinds of situations. That’s why it is only the cheaper knives and the tools usually made in China or Taiwan, while the more expensive knives are made in the US or Japan.

Of course, regardless of whether the knives were made in the US or Asia, the fact of the matter is that all of SOG’s knives are tested for quality before they get to leave the factory and make their way to retailers. So, in other words, regardless of what your concerns might be in terms of the steel quality and the durability of SOG blades, you can still rest well enough knowing that your knife underwent proper quality testing.

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What makes SOG knives stand out?

If you are wondering why you should go for a SOG knife and not for some other brand, you might be wondering what exactly makes a SOG knife stand out and why you might want to buy one for yourself.

So, basically, what makes a SOG knife stand out is its utility. While most of the other knives on the market are basically just standard knives with excellent blades that may seem a bit too overpriced, SOG knives are actually handy for a wide variety of purposes. And we are not only talking about their tactical and military knives, which are mainly used by people in the military or law enforcement.

Instead, we are talking about some of their everyday blades, including handy and affordable pocket knives, multi-tools, and even hatchets or axes. All of these blades are durable regardless of where they may have been manufactured. In that sense, you can expect yourself to have a useful and durable knife in your hands when you are holding a SOG knife.

SOG also guarantees that all of its products are free of defects. In fact, most of their knives have a lifetime guarantee for defects because SOG stresses the importance of delivering high-quality knives that are durable and made with the highest standards possible regardless of where they may have been made. This is why SOG has enjoyed a long-standing reputation and excellence in terms of the overall quality of its blades at the price that they sell for.

Also, while other companies stick with traditions that allow them to hand-forged quality knives, most of SOG’s knives are made using advanced technology. This is why they can sell their knives for a better price than other companies, as SOG prides itself on designing good-looking knives that are machine-made. And you can understand why they insist on using technology to their advantage as SOG has only been around since the 80s compared to knife companies that had started hundreds of years ago when hand-forging was still the best way to make high-quality knives.

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What are the best SOG knives in the market?

If you are looking for some of the best SOG knives in the market, the most popular ones include the famous MACV-SOG bowie and the SEAL 2000

The MACV-SOG knife is still the flagship knife of the company, as the entire SOG brand actually began to reproduce the SOG knife used by the military during the Vietnam war. This comes with a classic bowie-style design that was originally customized to be usable in the jungles of Vietnam. Its original design has seen many changes over the years, including a resin-impregnated leather handle. Of course, SOG also includes other military replica knives that include SOG SCUBA knives popular among SCUBA divers in the military.

Meanwhile, the SEAL 2000 is actually a nice seven-inch blade with a rubber handle. The knife is designed for the US Navy SEALs, as the name might have suggested. And the reason why we love this knife is that it can be used for a wide variety of different purposes outside of just simply tactical or military purposes.

Among the SEAL variants, I prefer the Aegis and the Trident

The Aegis is a folding knife variety smaller than the original SEAL 2000 knives as it comes at only three inches. However, we love its AUS-8 stainless steel blade and a tough black Zytel handle. Of course, it comes at a very lightweight. And when you want to use it in a hurry, it comes with SOG’s assisted technology for easy deployment.

On the other hand, the Trident itself is a great option as this is a knife designed specifically to be used by Navy SEALs. The 3.75-inch knife is very light and totals at over eight inches when fully opened. It is similar to the Aegis because it uses Japanese-made AUS-8 steel and a Zytel handle, both high-quality and nearly indestructible.

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Are SOG knives any good?

So, now that we have mentioned all that we need to say about SOG knives, you might be asking yourself if these knives are actually any good. The short answer is, yes, SOG knives are good.

We believe that SOG knives are good because they come with the best kind of quality and overall durability you can get from knives that come at prices that are lower than $100. These knives come with unique designs and tech that you may not see in other knives in the market. But the good thing is that they can stand out against the more expensive European-made competition at prices that are actually quite competitive.

While the fact that SOG knives are made in other countries outside of the US and Japan might turn off some knife enthusiasts, you have to actually feel and use a SOG knife to know that it actually can bridge the gap between its US and German-made competition pretty well. And if you go for the more expensive US and Japan-made variants, you will quickly notice how high-quality their steel is and how the overall construction feels so durable. 

Those are simply some of the few reasons why we believe SOG knives are honestly good knives. While other knives are better than SOG, the fact of the matter is that SOG knives are fairly priced but have the quality that may make you think that they should be more expensive. And who wouldn’t love that?

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