Best 3 Commercial Food Processors Needed In Every Restaurant’s Kitchen

Food processors are essential to every functioning quality restaurant and kitchen. With food processors, you can easily cut, slice, dice, grind, grate, and do almost anything without much effort and do it really quickly.

There are many kinds of food processors in the market. The small ones are perfect for making dips, chili paste, guacamole, garlic, and herb oils. These are mainly used when preparing small quantities of food.

Middle-sized food processors are perfect for slicing, cutting, and dicing ingredients such as vegetables to the desired size. These are in the heart of every meal when going through a larger kitchen’s equipment.

The big ones are heavy-duty and built for processing anything. With these, you can effortlessly grind and cut meats, thick and hard to process ingredients, and make huge batches at once.

We are here to recommend the best 3 food processors from each of the categories. Let’s get started!

Best Small Food Processor

This Magiccos food processor is the perfect choice for a kitchen when looking for a small one. With the 14-cup capacity and 1000W motor, you can easily make a good amount of spiced oils, dips, and sauces. The 1000w motor is unusually powerful especially when compared to other this-sized food processors, this gives more options to work with and it can cut hard and thick ingredients efficiently.

This processor haves 7 different speed options that accurately give you more options, and with the pulse function, you can grind even tough foods like hummus, and limit the risk of over-processing if you are making salsa for example.

The 7 accessories will give you so much room to work with and you can make practically anything with this processor. With the included discs you can easily slice, mash, and grate your ingredients, and with the blades, you can cut meats and even make dough! There are more. With the different pre-programmed functions you can toss your ingredients in, press a button and the processor will make a smoothie, chop meats, and crush ice.

And the best part? This processor comes with a digital touch panel with a timer, and a double lock on the lid so it can be safely used without it turning on and placing the user in harm’s way! When using the processor you will feel the quality and modern design of it. All the parts except the processor itself are of course dishwasher safe so the time-consuming handwashing can be forgotten once and for all!

Overall this really affordable small food processor is the dream that every kitchen, restaurant, and even home cook should consider adding in their restaurant supplies and equipment.

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Best Multi-Function Food Processor

This Hakka Heavy-Duty Food Processor is a great choice for a busy restaurant kitchen. With the 5 discs, you process everything you need with this processor extremely quickly and big batches at once. With the powerful 550W motor and continuous feed system for your ingredients you can slice, dice, cut, grate, and shred non-stop and make everything at once.

With the ergonomic design, you can painlessly operate the processor without getting any shoulder or back pains, which needs to be constantly kept in mind when working in a restaurant and kitchen. With the heavy-duty aluminum body, this processor is built to last for years!

How about the usage? Using this processor is extremely simple with one on and off button, you can quickly slice your ingredients without further plugins and waiting times. This processor comes also with 2 feeding holes so depending on the ingredients you are about to handle, you can choose the best one suited for that situation. It is also extremely easy to clean. Just lift the lid and take the discs out and you can fully spray it with water.

With this kind of heavy machine, it is always good to be cautious especially where you place your fingers. Luckily this processor won’t go on until it is properly assembled and closed.

And the best part is that you can remove the blades from the discs, so after years of use you can simply sharpen them, and it will cut again like a dream! This processor is also more affordable than most similarly functioning processors, without slacking in quality.

In conclusion, this processor is a really good choice for any commercial kitchen and will certainly make things faster and easier!

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Best Large Food Processor (Buffalo Chopper Bowl)

If you haven’t heard of buffalo chopper bowls before then you really should. This heavy-duty food processor is everything a big restaurant could hope for. You can make large batches just simply throwing the ingredients in and the bowl will rotate and the blade underneath will cut everything into small bits.

This processor haves unbelievable perks. The blade can make 1460-cuts per minute even through tough ingredients and with the 1.5horsepower motor it will most certainly be up for the task it has given. The bowl rotates 20-times in a minute so it will carefully and with quality chop everything in the batch without leaving uncut sections.

The blade and bowl are made from high-quality stainless steel that is durable and hard, which gives the processor many life years. It is also safe to use because, in order to turn on, all parts need to be firmly in place, and when the bowl is removed it will automatically be turned on. However, with this kind of powerful machine, it is always required to use caution!

The processor is also equipped with non-slip rubber feet that ensure stability and safety when operating the machine. All the parts come off easy and haves specific ways to get them off, so when you want to clean it it is super easy to take all the parts out, but they won’t be dislocated when operating the machine.

With certainty, we recommend this buffalo chopper bowl for large kitchens that requires a heavy-duty processor.

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