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Are you looking for the perfect stainless steel utility cart with quality wheels that can withstand a fair amount of weight and are super easy to clean? Then you should learn more about this utility cart.

Why Stainless Steel Cart

There are many reasons why stainless steel carts are the ones you should use when working in a restaurant. When quality wooden carts are a great choice as well, there are some issues with them like you should wash them with water as little as possible, and when you bump into something it will get damaged. Let’s see why stainless steel is the way to go.

Easy To Clean

When working in a restaurant it is for sure that your cart will get super dirty at some point. Occasionally it is hectic in a restaurant and every minute counts when it is busy and cleaning multiple carts can take a while. However, when using a stainless steel cart you can easily wipe it and everything will come off easily. You even can flip it over in the cleaning area, and spray it with hot water and it will be cleaned in seconds. This would be a problem in a wooden cart because if you spray them daily with water it will get ruined fast. Stainless steel carts are usually light weighted as well, therefore it is easy to transport even a heavy and full cart from room to room without any problems.


Unlike any other material, stainless steel will last many years and will not get so damaged that you can’t use it. It is common that when rolling a cart tens of times a day you will hit a corner or a wall, luckily steel carts are made for rough handling. It’s important, especially when working in a restaurant that the material that you use to transport food, beverages, and other supplies is sanitary and hygienic. Steel carts won’t get any cracks on them where food can get stuck and start to smell and mold, it resists bacteria and substances so you don’t need to worry about any contamination. It will come in handy that you can place any kind of pan or pot into the cart without further thinking and it won’t melt, burn, or get damaged in any way, you can’t find all these qualities in any other material.


When delivering food, beverages, or other refreshments to customers, conferences, meetings, seminars, or where ever, it is important to look professional especially when working in a quality hotel or restaurant. Stainless steel looks clean, neutral, and professional.

Nasorpa Stainless Steel Cart

Stainless steel truly is the way to go when choosing professional restaurant equipment and supplies. However, not all products are worthy of being included in your restaurant. Let’s review what makes Nasorpa Stainless Steel Cart so superior.

There are many things that make this Nasorpa’s cart special. Firstly there have been no holdbacks on the steel type that has been used. It is made from 201-stainless steel that means it is extra durable and can withstand really low temperatures, so it is the perfect steel type for a restaurant. 201-steel is also designed to be anti-corrosion and easier to clean than other steel types. You can say goodbye to rust as well!

Thanks to the specifically designed height for restaurant use, this cart is ergonomic and comfortable to use which is extremely important when working in a restaurant. If something isn’t ergonomic in your workplace you will soon notice shoulder and back pain that affects considerably many in the business. The circular design of the cart will prevent any rough bumps compared to a pointy-edged one, and therefore foods and supplies won’t budge and fall so easily. It also haves 2 handles that will ease the use considerably.

With the 3-shelves you can effortlessly clear a lot of supplies in one go which will reduce cleaning time and make working a lot easier. The shelves are quite high so even tall coffee containers and other large supplies are easily transported from place to place. The weight capacity in the cart is 330lbs (150kg) so it is much more durable than other carts on the market. The cart itself is extremely lightweight and thanks to that it will roll effortlessly even on a thick carpet.

And the best part? The wheels turn 360 degrees so the movement is extremely stable, flexible, and easy to turn even when carrying a heavy load. This is especially important if the user haves leg or back pains so it won’t strain the user’s joints.

With that being said we confidently recommend this easy to assemble Stainless Steel Cart to be used in a restaurant, kitchen, or any place that requires an amazing cart at a really affordable price. Typically quality stainless steel carts like this are a bit more expensive, and won’t have this many good perks as this highly appreciated top-selling cart.

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