Best 9 Ice Cream Makers – Ultimate Buying Guide

Whether you are a restaurant owner that wants to offer delicious dessert ice creams for the customers or a passionate ice cream enthusiast at home, the thing we can all relate to is the tastiness of ice cream.

We have made a top list about how to buy an ice cream machine for your purposes and needs, and selected the best ones from each category to help you get the tasty scoops of happiness that you deserve!

There are a huge variety of different ice cream makers for multiple purposes and the price ranges vary a lot. It can be overwhelming to choose the right for you when thinking ”is this worth it” or ”is this a little bit too much for me”, therefore you can find the categories below and that should help you to find the precise one for your needs. Let’s get started!

1. Best Overall Ice Cream Maker: Cuisinart ICE-30BCP1

This Cuisinarts Ice Cream Machine is the best overall for a reason. Thanks to the ease of use, performance, looks, and price-quality ratio it has earned a place in our top list.

This machine can produce 2quarts (1.9liters) of ice cream in just under 30-minutes! With the big ingredient spout and a fully-automatic motor, you can add your favorite ingredients and flavors easier than ever.

In addition, it haves a stainless-steel body which makes the cleaning super easy and effortless! It comes with a full instruction guide and manual that you should read so you can make the best ice cream this machine has to offer. By the way, this machine certainly isn’t ruined by price!

2. Best Ice Cream Maker For Home: Cuisinart 1.5 Quart Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream Machine

If you have been wondering how to make ice cream at home, wonder no more! This Cuisinart‘s ice cream machine is extremely affordable and fast, perfect for home use!

With the smart designed mixing paddles this machine makes 1.5quarts of ice cream in 20-minutes.

This maker also haves a double-insulated freezing bowl so you won’t need to use any ice.

This super easy to assemble and clean ice cream machine won’t let you down, however, be sure to freeze the bowl 24-hours before using!

3. Best Soft Serve Ice Cream Maker: Cuisinart Mix Soft Service

If you are a fan of softies then you will love this Cuisinart‘s ice cream maker! This easy-to-use soft server makes 1.5quarts of ice cream in less than 20 minutes and you can even use a yogurt recipe with this one!

With a beautiful design, this maker comes with 3 containers for little chocolates, sprinkles, candies, or really anything that fits through the serving cone! Equipped with a cone holder as well!

This one is truly fun to use and the customizations with the mix-ins are just endless!

4. Best Professional Ice Cream Maker: Lello 4080 Musso

This professional machine haves a 1.5quart capacity bowl and it can freeze 3quarts of ice cream per hour! Simply toss ingredients into the mixer and ice cream is on the way!

Unlike other ice cream machines, this one haves a chiller which you simply turn on, wait 10 minutes and pour your ingredients in. Super easy and fast. It also haves automatic turn-off integration when the mixt gets too thick, it won’t force the mixing process and won’t get damaged. Truly a product for hardcore ice cream lovers.

5. Best Ice Cream Maker For Commercial Use: Vevor 2200W Commercial Soft Ice Cream Machine

Ice cream making won’t get much better than this. With a huge production speed of 5.3gallons (20l) – 7.4 gallons (28l) per hour, the ice cream just doesn’t run out.

This ice cream maker is also equipped with 3 different flavor options so you can offer a better selection of softies! Also with the modern LCD display, you can quickly select the texture, quantity, and temperature of ice cream easily.

The best parts about this amazing ice cream machine are that it has a pre-cooling option and it is super easy to clean, simply pour water inside the machine and press ONE button and the machine will be cleaned in 5minutes. It comes with a cone holder too!

6. Best Budget Ice Cream Maker: Maxi-Matic Ice Cream Machine

Ice cream makers just won’t come off as more affordable than this! And with a cheap price comes quality, at least with this one!

A surprisingly big 1.5quart freezer bowl ensures that there is enough ice cream for the family and friends as well.

This maker is also ridiculously easy to use and you need only to pour the mixture into the pre-freezer bowl, then press mix and 40-minutes later your badge are ready to enjoy.

If you are in the market for an affordable ice cream machine with great performance, you found the best one with an incredible price-quality ratio.

7. Best Ice Cream Maker For Health & Vegans: Yonanas Classic Fruit Soft Serve Maker

If you’re looking for a healthy maker to spice up your life fitted for vegans and those who want to get a delicious treat in seconds, this is the absolute best choice.

With Yonanas maker you can prepare a delicious treat in no time from frozen fruits, berries, or mixes including the usual chocolates and other widely loved ingredients. The sky is the limit with Yonanas.

When comparing this machine to a blender that can’t just make the perfect texture of soft serve and ice cream, Yonanas maker grinds the ingredients to produce the perfect alternative for ice cream. The price is more than affordable as well!

Take note that this machine runs at 120volts and won’t work outside of the Us and Canada. The problem however can be fixed simply by using an Adapter.

8. Best Portable Ice Cream Maker: Dash One Serving Portable Electric Ice Cream Machine

The modern days have made everything possible. With this small ice cream machine, you can prepare a serving or two of ice cream where ever. Freeze the container 24-hours before use, add the mixture and wait. It takes ~30 minutes to finish the ice cream.

This product is the perfect gift idea for a new home, children, and just about anyone who appreciates easy and fast ways to make ice cream. Oh, by the way, it Includes a recipe book for inspiration!

9. Best Looking Ice Cream Maker: Nostalgia Electric Wood Bucket Ice Cream Maker

This ice cream maker is incredibly unique and beautiful. This maker will produce 4quarts of ice cream in just 20-30 minutes! The mixing container comes with a lid so you can easily store the excess ice cream in the freezer for later enjoyment.

In order to make ice cream simply place the mixture into the chilled container, add ice and salt around the container, and the electric motor will handle the rest!

Works with Nostalgia ice cream kits. With this mixer, unique memories are guaranteed!


This top list is based on our professional restaurant worker’s opinions, customer reviews, and comments so these truly are the top ice-cream makers that will ensure that you will have a pleasant and enjoyable experience.

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Read the user manuals carefully before use because there is important information considering the freezing bows, cleaning options, and other notes that are good to know.

Feel free to leave a comment below if you have found already your favorite ice cream maker, or have great recipes to share with the rest ice cream enthusiasts!

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