What Is A Kitchen Steward? (In-Depth Explanation)

There are so many professions and job descriptions in different types of restaurants that it’s sometimes hard to keep along and when the years go further there will be new jobs that need to be taken care of, however, in this article, we will take a kitchen steward under our radar and see what exactly it is and what does the job include.

I personally have worked in many positions in a restaurant from dishwasher to a chef and everything between, I always get excited when someone offers me an opportunity to tell anything about the restaurant world altogether. Anyways, back to kitchen stewards!

In summary, a kitchen steward is a person who takes care of overall cleanliness and order in the kitchen. Kitchen stewards’ job description includes waste removal, operating kitchen machines such as dishwashers and trash compactor. In addition to that overseeing the cleanliness of countertops, surfaces and keeping supplies organized and easily found.

At this point, we have only scratched the surface of finding out what is a kitchen steward.

We need to dig deeper into what it really includes under the surface.

What Qualifications Do You Need To Be A Steward

In order to work as a steward, first of all, you need to have a high school diploma or something of similar worth and you need to be old enough to be even considered. The age limit varies between countries.

Now that we have the absolute essentials there is much more that needs to be in order to get the job.

First, the kitchen steward needs to have great organizing skills and an overall aye for how everything works together, so the kitchen can run smoothly at all times.

Second, physical attributes need to be atleas at a decent level because nearly the whole workday will be standing and there is the need for efficient tempo and you might need to lift heavy supplies through the day.

Third, kitchen stewards need to be punctual and enthusiastic towards cleaning, dishwashing, and taking care of the working environment.

Also if you have to show additional experience from the field, know how to operate the machinery and how different cleaners work for stainless steel, plastic, silicone, etc, will be most helpful and appreciated.

What Are The Duties Of A Kitchen Steward

The kitchen steward is the backbone of any successful and well-oiled kitchen operation and the steward’s job includes a variety of duties including cleaning, organizing, and stocking to ensure that a kitchen can function without interruption.

Why Is Stewarding Important

Kitchen stewards are extremely important for the kitchen and whole restaurant. Thanks to the hard work of cleaning, organizing, and the overall tightness the whole kitchen can operate nearly stress-free. Imagine if all the plates were dirty, chefs’ supplies couldn’t be found or everything is a huge mess, that would drastically impact the whole restaurant’s functions, reputation, and profits.

The chefs don’t always have time to clean or organize and waiters can’t always bring the clean plates and cutlery to their place so that’s where a kitchen steward comes in.

Also, nearly always when the steward haves clean supplies or cutlery ready to be put back and an employee walks by, they take the supplies back to their rightful place, therefore kitchen stewards are by no means alone in their tasks.

What Is Stewarding In A Hotel

Stewarding in a hotel is a different task, however, it does include the same tasks as a kitchen steward for example dishwashing and overseeing cleanliness. Hotel stewards spend a lot of time with the customers as well and make sure that their needs are well taken care of.

The job description includes customer service, making sure that everything goes by the code, checking the equipment, assisting quests, managing eating arrangements among other things. The job isn’t boring, to say the least.

In addition, a hotel steward needs to have more flexibility towards work and working hours because unlike in a restaurant that is open one evening, hotels are open all day every day so they may need to work a nightshift from time to time.

How Much Does A Kitchen Steward Make

There are many things that affect the salary of a kitchen steward like the place of business, years worked, the quality of your work, and negotiation skills! So it’s good to remember that no salary is cast in stone, and can always be increased.

In short, the salary of kitchen stewards in the united states usually falls between $12-$14 per hour.

That is the most common number and when the years go by, new skills get acquired and negotiation skills get better you suddenly can increase it with ease.


Kitchen stewards definitely aren’t lazy and they have a lot on their plate each and every day, with that they play a crucial role in every restaurant and kitchen. I hope that you got value from this post and found out the question that you were looking for!

Do tell and leave a comment if you have an interesting story about kitchen stewards or perhaps have experiences of your own, and let’s talk about them.

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