What Special Equipment Do Restaurants Use And Why?

When working in a restaurant no matter big or small, there might be some situations that require some unusual special equipment that needs to be used.

There are many reasons why should a restaurant use special equipment and we are going to dig deep into that in this article! We have listed 9 pieces of equipment that aren’t commonly used in every restaurant and why do they need to use one. Let’s take a closer look!

1. Buffalo Chopper

Buffalo Chopper is mainly used in big restaurants that require really fast and efficient action! This machine will chop and shred anything extremely quickly. It can make large quantities for example pulled pork that will be enough for dozens of sandwiches etc! Really handy equipment.

2. Meat Slicer

This machine will certainly make restaurants and coffee shops more efficient. A meat slicer isn’t just for meats, you can slice bread, veggies, and basically anything with this. The best part is you can adjust the thinness of the ingredients, therefore it can make thin deli meats and thick bread slices really fast! Be careful of your fingers when using this machine!

3. Meat Grinder

A meat grinder isn’t found in every restaurant however, it can usually be found in meat shops and markets. Meat grinders are used to grind and mincemeat, but they can be used for vegetables, cheese, and other ingredients. The absolute best choice for sausage making.

4. Low Boy Refrigerator

These are just invaluable to every kitchen, especially for a smaller one because they will save so much space, and give easier access to meats, veggies, and other ingredients you want to store in there. Low boys are usually used for storing proteins near the grill for fast and effortless access. Low boys are usually equipped with wheels so they can be moved from place to place, and can even be used as a countertop, depending on the model of course.

5. Instant Glass Froster

This one is truly amazing and uncommon but incredibly useful for crowded and busy bars and restaurants. With instant glass froster, you can just do that, only 3-6 seconds of using you can chill turn wineglass, beer pint, or any other kind of glass, and the customer will have a much more pleasant experience with the beverage.

This product is truly for those who want to get the last customer satisfaction points and get the word out to the public. These kinds of fine adjustments will get the customers to remember your restaurant forever. Take notice that if a restaurant isn’t super busy, you can simply chill the glasses in a freezer.

6. Ring Mold

Ring molds are sure to be found when looking into a fine dining restaurant’s equipment. They might not look like much, but you can really get the quality to show on the plate when using these. Precise circles every time so the restaurant can offer quality canapes, little biscuits, scones, and anything small that could be used in a fine dining menu.

7. Silpat Sheet

These silicone baking mats come with dimensions and measuring circles on them so the user can estimate the quantity of the dough or other mixture so they will be the same size. Usually found in bakeries and fine dining restaurants but a rare sight in regular restaurants.

8. Chinois Strainer

These strainers can be used in a variety of tasks, for example draining salsa, smashing tomatoes or berries, sieving broths, and much more. The good ones come with a pestle designed to get every area of the stainer to maximize efficiency when smashing ingredients.

9. Shredder Claws

These bear claw reminding tools are a great way to make pulled pork and shred the meat to a more enjoyable form. Greatly praised by grilling communities and even professional chefs!


As we can see, this unusual special equipment comes in handy in some situations and will greatly increase the speed and efficiency, when the cause is right. Whether the restaurant needs this kind of equipment, is an opinion question and really depends on the preferences of the people who work there, and their needs.

Feel free to tell a story in the comment section about one of the above special equipment, or from another one that isn’t listed on our list.

Omar Abdalla

I’m the owner of JRS. While I love writing about food, I also enjoy peaceful and relaxed cookouts at home.

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