Why Do Restaurants Use White Plates?

Have you ever noticed that restaurants use only white plates when you walk into a restaurant? There are exceptions of course but the vast majority have chosen white and it isn’t without a reason.

Restaurants use white plates because it is the easiest color to clean. It’s also a good contrast for food colors and it looks better on camera when filming commercials or cooking videos. In addition white plates also cost less and increase appetite.

Let’s dive in more to the subject so we can truly understand the reasons behind it and why it is a good idea for the restaurant to use only white plates.


One of the first reasons why restaurants use white plates is that they are simply the cheapest. It’s like with paint, in history white color was the most expensive one because it wasn’t so easy to get from nature but nowadays white is also cheap for this same reason. Restaurant dishes usually come out as ceramic materials and make them easier to produce a pure-white surface which reflects their cost as well. The same principles apply to paper plates as well.

Easier to clean

White plates are easier to clean because it’s harder for any foods on them to blend in. For example, if you were using green or brown dishes then meats and salads wouldn’t be very easy to find when pre-rinsing with a pull-down faucet. It would also take much longer since the food bits could easily merge into the color of your plate which is way harder with white ones that make everything more visible!


Restaurants use white plates due to their appearance as well. They provide good contrast between food colors and ingredients without blending too much into the plate. In fact, the white plate pops the colors and food features more so it looks more professional. This is why all food pictures and advertisement videos are shot with a white plate under the foods!


White plates make food look more delicious and appetizing. This is because they stimulate appetite, making the dish on your plate even better than it already was and that’s just what restaurants want! They’re like a blank canvas to an artist: chefs are artists too who use white plates for their masterpieces. For this reason, white plates increase sales as well when compared to colored ones.

Are white plates best

The white plates are the best because of their cheaper cost, easier cleanup process, and more attractive appearance. They also provide appetizing features for customers which can increase appetite when they see a dish on one! The perks we talked about above are enough to make them the ultimate choice.

Are round or square plates better

Round plates are better for a few reasons. They provide more surface area to put food on, they look nicer and cleaner when stacked together in the dishwasher or cabinet as there is no corner where dirt can get stuck into it like with square dishes.

What plates do restaurants use

Most restaurants use porcelain or china plates because they are durable, affordable, and easy to clean (Why Are Restaurant Plates So Hot?) (Why Are Restaurant Plates So Hot?). Both porcelain and china are great choices but if you are looking for the more affordable one then porcelain would be the right choice for that and even when it is the less costly choice, the appearance is quite expensive which makes it a good choice for even fine dining restaurants.

There are two main types of china dinnerware. The first one is fine china which is the less expensive one besides they both are equally durable. The difference between bone china and fine china is that cow bone ash is used to make bone china which makes it more expensive and it haves a more warm and translucent look and it does look more beautiful under the right lighting.


As we can see from the many benefits of using white plates, I recommend that you only use them because colored ones just cannot compete with white ones.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and learned something new about white plates. If so, please share it with your friends! I will be posting more content soon on the topic of restaurant supplies and the world around that to help make running a successful business easier for everyone involved in the foodservice industry.”

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