Why Is Restaurant Butter so Good? (Tasty Secrets Revealed)

If you have ever had pancakes or any other type of food in a restaurant or a breakfast diner, one of the things you might have noticed was the amazing taste of their butter. It is needless to say that the taste of restaurant butter somehow isn’t the same as the butter you have at home. This makes you wonder whether or not restaurants use special butter even though they actually don’t. So, why is restaurant butter so good?

Restaurant butter tastes so good because they use fresh butter that hasn’t been stored for a long time. They also use butter at the perfect temperature that allows it to have the buttery taste you desire. And for pancake restaurants, they often use whipped butter or margarine with butter flavor.

The truth is that there really aren’t a lot of differences when it comes to the butter you use and that of the ones restaurants use. However, restaurants know how to use their butter and greatly maximize the flavor that butter should have. That said, let us get to know more about why restaurant butter is so good.

Do restaurants use real butter?

It isn’t uncommon for you to actually notice that restaurants tend to have butter that tastes so good. This something you would probably notice when you eat pancakes at a breakfast joint or whenever you are eating something that comes with butter in a more expensive restaurant, especially when you are eating breakfast at a fancy hotel. As such, it will make you wonder whether or not restaurants actually use real butter because of how tasty their butter is.

For the most part, the more expensive restaurants that are found in hotels and resorts actually use real butter. You could even see that they use real butter because you get to open a small packet of butter yourself when you are probably in the bread station of a breakfast buffet or whenever you are out in the pancake section. 

This is usually common in hotel and resort restaurants but can also be found in any other restaurant. And even if they don’t serve you packets of butter that you have to open yourself, it is still most likely that the more expensive restaurants use actual butter.

Meanwhile, for smaller breakfast joints or pancake houses, they most likely use margarine instead of butter. Margarine has always been a great alternative for butter because it is more cost-effective and can substitute butter as an ingredient in many different dishes. However, when it comes to food that actually needs the taste of butter and not only its consistency, restaurants still use margarine but the ones that are flavored with butter so that they can still keep costs low while making sure their customers get to taste the butter in their food such as pancakes or bread.

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Why does restaurant butter taste so much better?

Now that you know that restaurants either use real butter or margarine, you might be wondering why their butter tastes better than the ones you have at home or the ones you buy in the store. After all, they are still just butter or margarine. And you can even open the butter yourself in the small packets you find in the bread section of a breakfast buffet. So, why does the butter in restaurants taste so much better?

The truth is that there is no difference between the butter you have at home and the one that restaurants use. However, the difference lies in how restaurants use their butter and how to maximize their butter to the point that it is always fresh and that its quality is always at its best.

For example, let’s go back to the small packets of butter that you see in the bread section of a breakfast buffet or the ones they give you when you order pancakes for breakfast at a restaurant. These small packs of butter are still very much butter, but they remain fresh because they are sealed. Moreover, they haven’t been stored long enough because time is of the essence in a restaurant, and that different ingredients quickly come and go from their refrigerators. 

In that regard, that pack of butter might not have been in the fridge for a very long time and must have only been bought recently. This allows it to retain its freshness and stay at the optimal temperature to retain its quality. Moreover, because these packets are small, it is easy for the butter inside them to stay consistent in terms of quality.

If you compare that to the butter you have at home; you almost always take it in and out of the fridge or the freezer when you want to use it because store-bought butter is usually sold in larger packages than the small packets of butter you see in restaurants. This means that its freshness is already in question when you always take a larger pack of butter in and out of the refrigerator.

Also, butter bought in larger sizes tends to last for a long time. Over time, butter oxidize and will eventually diminish in terms of its taste and quality when stored for an extended period of time. That’s why the best thing to do is to buy butter in smaller quantities or to freeze the stick of butter that isn’t currently in use because freezing it will stop it from oxidizing.

Meanwhile, in some pancake restaurants, they also whip their butter. While whipped butter doesn’t change its flavor because you are just basically fluffing it up using air, it seemingly becomes more delicious in comparison to unwhipped butter because of how the flavor gets to spread out more evenly on your pancakes. 

And speaking of pancakes, the smaller and more affordable breakfast joints that serve pancakes use margarine that is butter flavored. The thing about margarine is that your pancakes absorb it easier compared to butter. And because your pancakes suck up the butter-flavored margarine like a sponge, it allows your pancakes to get infused with that buttery taste you may be looking for.

What brand of butter do restaurants use?

The brand of butter that restaurants often use varies depending on what is more cost-effective to them. But the fact is that restaurants will almost always use unsalted butter because the extra seasoning seems unnecessary and may not go well with some dishes that do not require the extra salty taste.

But, if you noticed, one of the more common brands of butter that you might have noticed in the bread section of a breakfast buffet is Anchor or maybe even Queensland. The choice usually boils down to price instead of overall quality, as most restaurants are after cost-efficiency.

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