9 Best Drip Coffee Makers For Every Situation

Coffee is loved by all and obsessed by many, and it is really important to have a great coffee maker that fulfills the needs you are looking for. With all the french press, Aeropress, capsule, pour-over, and other coffee makers you can get confused really fast, and for the majority of people a great Drip Coffee Maker is all that is required.

There are so much more to know when it comes to coffee such as different coffee bean types, coffee grinders, or espresso machines, however, drip coffee makers are the most used virtually everywhere so we poured our souls into this article so you can have real and easy time reviewing the best of the best.

There are huge differences between coffee makers and people so no one coffee maker fits for all, therefore we have prepared our top list to go through different preferences and situations so you could get a clear mind about what you are looking for. Let’s got to it!

1. Best Overall Coffee Maker: Moccamaster

Moccamaster is probably the most famous coffee maker of them all and it’s no wonder because it is just great.

Built from ultra quality materials this coffee maker will last for decades if even a lifetime and the color options are basically endless. This Coffee maker has no pumps and it will heat the water to a specific temperature that will raise the water upwards and eventually into the pot, therefore this coffee maker is extremely quiet.

With fast brewing speed, it will make 10 cups of coffee in just 6 minutes so when having visitors over, coffee will be ready in no time. The usage is also super simple with only one button to press!

The best thing about this coffee maker in addition to the quality materials of course is the hot plate which will hold the såecific temperature each time so your coffee won’t ever be or taste burned.

We highly recommend this coffee maker for anyone that is looking for a maker that will last for years, has incredible looks and will make the perfect coffee every time.

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2. Best Budget Coffee Maker: Mr. Coffee 12-Cup

When money is tight or coffee isn’t something that you would want to invest hundreds of dollars, there are great options out there and the best one is the Mr.Coffee Brewer!

With a really affordable price, you won’t need to give up good coffee that’s for sure. This coffee maker haves casual and stylish looks that aren’t too glamourous so you can fit it into every kitchen design and with simple usage, you only need one push of a button to start brewing.

This maker haves a quality that not all expensive ones have either, you can take a cup of coffee mid-brew so you won’t have to wait that it is fully finished. The cleaning is also made super easy with a removable filter basket that you can rinse under water and be done with it.

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3. Best For Families & Busy Mornings: Bunn GRB Velocity

If you have hectic mornings with perhaps kids, big family, or just are a busy person who likes to hit that snooze button and always miss coffee, there is a solution to that!

Bunn Velocity will brew 10 cups of coffee in 3 minutes! You heard right that isn’t something that you see every day and with the drip-free carafe, this maker won’t make any mess at all.

It will also brew the coffee through a multi-stream spray head evenly to the coffee so no coffee goes unused, and it will always brew the correct portion which will lead to better coffee!

Bunn doesn’t recommend brewing less than 4 cups so keep that in mind when portioning your coffee.

With certainty, we recommend this coffee maker to busy individuals with multiple coffee drinkers waiting for a cup.

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4. Best Versatile Coffee Maker: Ninja Hot & Cold Brewing System

If you have a taste for more than a normal cup of coffee then you should definitely learn more about this diverse coffee maker.

This brewer can make coffee and tea with a cold brew option as well so you can choose basically from 4 different drinks, in addition to that you can choose from 6 different brew sizes so others can enjoy a great cup with you. Shared joy is always double the joy!

You can brew straight to a cup, glass, or a brewer with the selected strength options that are classic, rich, over ice, cold brew, or specialty.

The above perks are amazing as it owns but there is more, with the milk frother you can give that last element of quality needed for that perfect cup of happiness.

If you love to have a big selection and style options we believe this is the ultimate choice for you.

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5. Best No Pot Needed: Ninja Speciality Coffee Maker

Ninja coffee makers truly are miraculous and this one isn’t an exception in that matter.

With the beautiful and unique looks, this coffee maker will brighten up the mornings every day.

This coffee maker haves 4 different brew types, 6 different size options, and a milk frother so you can make those delicious cups of coffee without any hassle. With the specialty option, you can also prepare lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and much more!

Even saturation will ensure that the coffee is always evenly poured so it won’t be too bitter or too diluted. This maker is also equipped with a removable water tank so you can fill it easily by carrying it to the watersource.

If you enjoy coffee straight to the cup with multiple choices that you can make whenever you feel like it, we are certain that you will be satisfied with the Ninja Speciality Coffee Maker.

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6. Best For Office: Keurig K115 Office Commercial Pro Coffee Maker

When considering a coffee maker to a workplace that has many people you have to think differently and the maker needs to be a little more powerful and bigger compared to the 8 cup home coffee makers.

Keurig to the rescue with the commercial-grade coffee maker with a 2.9quart (2.75l) capacity so the coffee will be enough for a lot of people without worrying about brewing all the time.

With the modern LCD-display, you can choose the strength and size of the cup and you won’t need to wait for long before in less than a minute the coffee will be ready. This coffee maker will also fit into any workplace with an elegant, luxurious, and casual design.

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7. Best Single Serve Coffee Maker: Keurig K-Mini

This unbelievable cute and stylish coffee maker is the perfect choice for a single person with limited space or for someone who just enjoys the design and idea that you can fit this maker virtually anywhere!

You can select a brew size between 6oz(1.75dl) to12oz(3.5dl) so you can still have a big cup of coffee! The water tank has only a reservoir for one cup, however, it’s super easy to fill.

Thanks to the small size this coffee maker will brew the cup in a matter of minutes.

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Take notice that this maker needs Capsules and Keurig offers a huge selection of different styles and flavors.

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8. Best Casual Thermal Coffee Maker: OXO Brew 8 Cup

If you are looking for a traditional coffee maker with absolute style this will be to your liking!

OXO is a well-known and respected brand with a huge selection of restaurant supplies and more.”

This maker will brew up to 8 cups in a single brew and thanks to the specifically designed rainmaker shower head, the water will drop onto the coffee grounds evenly, therefore the right balance is set for the perfect cup of coffee. You can also brew straight to the cup!

The best part about this coffee maker is that it has a vacuum insulated thermos carafe so your coffee can stay burning hot for hours!

This maker will be the perfect fit for anyone that wants a stylish stainless steel design and aren’t too concerned if the coffee stays in the pot for an hour after brewing.

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9. Best Looks Coffee Maker: Brim 8 Cup Pour Over

If you are looking for something that will give your kitchen an improved look with something unique, you should familiarize yourself with this coffee maker.

The brewing process is enchanting with this coffee maker because you can see the water drip from the showerhead onto the coffee bed which will just make anyone happy. The even dripping ensures also the quality of the taste!

This coffee maker doesn’t need filters because it has a quality one on its own, and don’t worry it isn’t the kind of unpleasant silicone one that after a couple of brews will turn yellow. The filter is made from stainless steel so it will keep its looks for decades.

The best part is the stunning carafe with the handle replaced with a unique cool-touch silicone sleeve that will give your coffee moments treasured vibes and the satin copper coloring that is just absolutely beautiful and pleasant to look at.

We highly recommend this coffee maker if you have a taste for unique things and want to stand out from the usual, without bargaining with quality.

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If you have difficulties deciding what kind of coffee maker would be the best for you, think about what is important to you with it. Do you need to make special coffees and teas or is just a regular cup of coffee enough for you, do you need to have coffee for many people, and do you need it fast or are you looking for a beautiful coffee maker that fits your decor at home? When going through these factors you should be pretty close to the maker of your dreams.

We sincerely hope that this list was helpful to you and you got at least a step closer to deciding which coffee maker would be the right for you.

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