9 Best Brands Of Kitchen Utensils In 2022

When it is time to get a new set of kitchen utensils or restaurant supplies and you search the internet, you will see a ton of different choices and you might get analysis paralysis which means that there are simply too many brands, materials, and types to choose from, and it is nearly impossible to decide.

We understand completely and have been in the same situation many times with more than just utensils. Luckily experience and time teach and we are proud to help you with our list of the best 9 kitchen utensil brands from different materials that you should definitely familiarize yourself with before choosing the right one for you.

Take notice that these brands aren’t in any specific order because everyone has their own preference about the ultimate best one, however, all of these brands are highly appreciated, acknowledged, and loved. With that being said let’s get into the good stuff!

Best Brands Of Kitchen Utensils

1. OXO

OXO is a very well-known brand in the cooking community and offers great basic need utensils for basically any use. The amazing thing about OXO utensils is that they are one of the or even the best brand with an amazing price-quality ratio!

This brand is unusual compared to others because they offer more material options! If you prefer stainless steel, silicone, wood, or nylon they got you covered!

OXO believes in making everyday life more simple and easy without demining the quality of products and that really is where their success is coming from. You should definitely see more of OXO if you are looking for great overall utensils at a great price.

2. Home Hero

Home Hero offers an amazing variety of utensils sets and singular utensils with incredible packaging for perfect gift ideas. The selection is mostly included with stainless steel utensils but they offer quality nylon sets and silicone utensils with wooden handles as well.

With simple and beautiful design Home Hero’s products are a great way to stock the whole kitchen’s utensils, measuring cups, and other gadgets because the kitchen sets are extremely comprehensive.

We recommend Home Hero if you are looking for an amazing utensil set that will equip your home with everything you need, or a great housewarming, wedding, or other gift ideas.

3. All-Clad

If you are a professional chef, restaurant worker, or just really passionate about cooking, the chances are that you already know All-Clad however if not, this brand truly invests in great quality and they offer nothing but top-steel types that will last a lifetime.

Nearly all utensils from All-Clad are ultra-durable stainless steel but you can find silicone ones as well. In addition to the professional quality, these cooking supplies are just breathtakingly beautiful.

We recommend All-Clads utensils if you are looking for top-quality restaurant supplies and just can’t get enough of stainless steel. Most sets come with incredible holding buckets.

4. KitchenAid

KitchenAid needs no introduction because it is one of the best know brands in the food industry. They offer much more than just utensils but because of the nature of our post, let’s remain on the subject.

KitchenAid offers a huge variety of utensils with numerous materials such as nylon, silicone, bamboo, stainless steel, and more! With this brand, limited choices aren’t an issue.

With amazing reviews and appreciation, we believe that KitchenAid is the best choice for those who

5. Cuisinart

Another really well known and respected brand with a ton to choose from. Cuisinart has really stylish, affordable, and well-functioning products that multiple of which have won awards such as the Good Design Award.

Cuisinart has many materials to choose from but the best and shining ones are definitely nylon utensils with stainless steel handles!

You should check Cuisinart out if you are looking for a great utensil set from a highly respected and trusted brand which will be at least what you expected, if even more!

6. Rachel Ray

Rachel Ray is just something else. If you are searching for something out of the ordinary, unique, and beautiful you have to check this brand out!

Rachel Ray offers mostly nylon utensils in many colors to choose from, and the reviews just speak for themselves. With more than 10.000 combined reviews just from cooking gadgets, foodies, cooks, and restaurant workers seem to agree that this is worth a look.

You should definitely learn more about what Rachel Ray has to offer if you aren’t satisfied just with basic utensils, and want to brighten up your cooking supplies with colors and personalization.

7. Country Kitchen

Country Kitchen is another one that stands out from the crowd, and offers an unusual material choice, gunmetal!

Gunmetal isn’t something that your run to every day at least when talking about cooking, and the black color gives it a unique look that’s for sure.

Country Kitchen offers also a beautiful selection of silicone utensils with wooden handles and the color options are just pleasing to the eye, thanks to the beautiful light pastel colors that just scream fashion.

We highly recommend that you see more of Country Kitchen because it is like a hidden gem lost in the competition with all the huge brands, and you even might surprise yourself with this unique selection.

8. Oannao

Oanno is all about silicone and offers great combinations such as utensils with wooden and steel handles and even full silicone sets.

There is also something for every taste for example if you are more comfortable with traditional utensils that blend well with your kitchen, or really colorful ones that will surely brighten up the kitchen if that is what you are looking for.

Oanno’s utensils might be the right choice for you if you are looking for a comprehensive silicone set that will give you everything to function in a kitchen, whether you have a more neutral or colorful taste. Oh, the sets are really affordable as well!

9. Nayahose

Nayahose is the brand for you wood lovers that appreciate elegance, style, and traditional looks in the kitchen! Without forgetting the amazing perks that wood provides.

These beautifully sanded and colored wooden utensils will serve you well, however wood requires a bit of caring and hand washing so if that isn’t a problem for you, then you should definitely check out Nayahose and you will be most certainly pleased.

With super-reviews and handcrafted quality Nayahose will continue to live up to its reputation as one of the best wooden utensil manufacturers.


With the help of this list, there is no doubt that you will at least have a clearer sight that what brand is more for you and what is definitely not.

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All of these brands have served thousands of people with great reviews and satisfaction and if you choose one of these brands, we are certain that you will be one of those pleased people.

Let us know in the comments if you did land on one of these brands and if it lived up to your expectations, happy cooking!

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