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Omar is an experienced chef, contributor, and founder of JRS. This website is growing every day; therefore, the help is reaching more people so they can overcome their challenges and reach their full potential.

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When I started culinary school, I started my first restaurant job at a local buffet establishment in Finland. At this point, I had already acquired some self-learned skills as a food enthusiast, and I just loved to get all the information about the restaurant business as possible.

However, I was just at the start of my journey and worked as a helping hand in the kitchen doing salads, filling up the buffet, and greeting customers. There’s a lot to learn in that space as well.

Besides my part-time at the buffet restaurant and my culinary studies, I was taking gigs from every restaurant I got, and even if the requirements for these gigs weren’t so high, this is the time I think I got my most diverse experiences. I was doing gigs even after school for years.

I enjoyed working with new people, with new equipment and supplies I hadn’t even seen before; therefore, my vision just got wider and wider after every gig. I worked in dozens of restaurants as a kitchen steward, waiter, chef, etc.

As my studies progressed, I got to hone my skills and get better each day, so eventually, I landed a job at this big sports bar/restaurant kitchen as a real chef. This was a fascinating time for me because I finally got to the real business, and it was more demanding than I thought.

The days were long, breaks were non-existence, and the tempo was overwhelming, so I learned to keep a cool head, how to multitask, and work well together with others. The real skills skyrocketed at this point. After a while, I was already coaching new employees and gaining recognition in the restaurant world because of my many contacts within the monopoly area.

After my first real restaurant job, I moved around because I did like to move from place to place and gain new experiences even at this point.

As of today, I have retired from the restaurant industry because I found a burning interest in digital marketing. This site, among other things, is my work now, but I still hold the food and restaurant industry close to my heart and have never seized to learn from it.


Besides the restaurant business, there is much more to me than that, even if I love to cook at home and could do that for hours or even days straight. I share my passion with my partner, and we cook fine meals multiple times a week and try new recipes around the world. I do love Nepalese or Asian dishes.

If I had to say something that isn’t related to food in anyways, that would be working out at the gym and playing some ping pong. Those are my other passions, and getting the blood flowing and sweat dripping is surely liberating and refreshing as a bonus that keeps me in shape, which is good because I love food.

Traveling is another one that my partner and I adore, and I’m not talking about booking a 5-star hotel and staying there, even if there’s nothing wrong with that. We love to travel those not so commonly seen routes and see the real culture behind the media, taste the local foods and maybe inquire about the recipes for our recipe book.

The final passion that I can’t just keep my hands off these days is this site. I’m working hard every day on it so people can get the answers to the common and not-so-common questions about the restaurant business, and some excellent questions are tough to find on the internet. Hence, I want to be there for people that share my passion for restaurant work.

I’m also working on my other websites about my passion for sports and animals. Feel free to check out Racket Rampage for sports and Creature Cavern for animals!

I love learning new things, and I’m certain that life has yet something unexpected to offer, and I’m excited to see what that might be! All in all, that’s me!