Are Ice Cream Makers Worth Buying: Things You Must Know

When considering whether you should buy an ice cream maker there are many things to consider before doing that. Buying an ice cream machine can be an extremely smart idea or it can be also pointless to get one. We are going to go through this question and at the end of this post you should be able to tell is it a good choice for you or not.

Let’s go through some questions and let’s find the answers to each one of them!

How Often Do You Eat Ice Cream?

This is one of the determining factors whether you should get an ice cream maker or not. Are you an ice cream maniac or do you enjoy a small amount of ice cream now and then from the same tube for weeks?

If you just can’t keep your mind off of ice cream and are enjoying it often, then you are one step closer to the idea that maybe an ice cream maker would be a great investment for you!

Let’s take a look at the next question and this is one of the big questions as well.

What Kind Of Ice Cream Do You Prefer?

Are you a sucker for the expensive brands of ice cream and can finish a tube with one sitting or do you usually eat just plain and simple vanilla ice cream from the big and inexpensive package?

If you have a taste for more expensive ice creams and eat that as a snack along with a movie then an ice cream maker could be a great choice for you because you can make big batches with one and store it in the freezer for later consumption. It would also become a lot cheaper and you could have total control for the style and taste of it.

However, if you love the basic vanilla or chocolate ice cream and don’t really care about the brand, and you don’t eat ice cream super often then you might not need an ice cream machine. The different question is do you want an ice cream machine.

Let’s go through the third question that will determine the ultimate answer that is an ice cream maker really a good choice for you or not.

Would You Mind Preparing Ice Cream At Home?

The only downside and maybe upside depending on the person is that you will need to make it on your own. There is a couple of methods that require different approaches, let’s see what they are! P.S See example machines clicking the subtitles!

Pre Freeze Ice Cream Machine

There are 2 different kinds of ice cream machines where one requires a pre-freeze and the one doesn’t. Pre-freezing means that you will need to chill the mixing container in a freezer for at least 12-24 hours depending on the model.

After that, you take the container from the freezer, place it into the machine and you are good to go! Not so complicated but too much of a hassle for some people.

No Pre Freeze Ice Cream Maker

You guessed it, this kind of makers don’t require pre-freezing and the way they work is that you press a button, throw your ingredients in and wait 30-40 minutes and a batch is ready. Really fast and simple! Many people think that ice cream making is somewhat complicated but in a reality, it is as simple as getting out of bed every morning!

Let’s see the last question that you need to answer and comparisons whether you should get an ice cream machine.

What Is Your Budget?

Is buying an ice cream machine profitable for you? Let’s do the math! Let’s say you eat one tube of Ben&Jerry’s ice cream every week which is about $5 and would want to invest in an ice cream maker worth $100, which means that after 20 weeks you would make a ”profit” when making your own if we aren’t counting the ingredient’s you will be using for your own ice cream.

There are great ice cream makers within the price range of $50-$100 that will totally get the thing well done, however, if you are looking for a No Pre Freeze Maker, the prices on those will usually start at $200 and raise from that quickly. You will need to assess your wants and needs and see which kind would be the best for you.

Ultimately the choice will be the combination of all the questions above and you are the only one that can answer that question with 100% certainty.


Ice cream making can be extremely fun and you can make the most bizarre flavors and experiment with different ingredients that can and will make you cherished memories for years to come.

If you have decided that an ice cream maker would be a great choice for you then you should definitely see our post about the Best Ice Cream Makers For Every Situation that could help you determine what kind would be the best for you.

If you chose that you don’t need an ice cream machine and will rather eat those easy and delicious pieces of cold heaven, you got our full support and we wish you

pleasant delicacy moments!

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