How Much Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea? (2 Possibilities)

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Twisted Tea is a cooling and smooth ice tea made from black tea with a twist of natural lemon flavor. If something sounds refreshing and satisfying on a hot day, it’s definitely that. All Twisted Teas have alcohol, and a popular question I hear is how much. That’s what you’ll learn next!

All Twisted Teas have 5% alcohol except the light flavor, which has 4% of alcohol. There is no alcohol-free Twisted Tea either.

That said, the 5 to 4% alcohol content is a perfect amount for a refreshing alcoholic beverage without being strong, which isn’t a great thing on a hot day as alcohol causes your body to remove fluids, dehydrating you.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the world of Twisted Tea and see what it is, what it contains, and much more.

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What Is Twisted Tea?

Twisted Tea as a brand and a can is known to many people thanks to its recognizable can and bottle design, easy-to-remember name, delicious taste, and well-branded image. Still, what is Twisted Tea as a product?

Twisted Tea is a non-carbonated alcoholic beverage made from real brewed black tea and naturally sweetened lemon flavor. It was founded by the Boston Beer Company in 2001 and is among the 100 most popular beverages in the United States.

In fact, YouGovAmerica states that Twisted Tea is the 80th most popular beverage in America, which is quite an achievement.

In addition, Twisted Tea comes in more than one flavor too. Here’s a refreshing list of all the flavors you can enjoy Twisted Tea;

  • Original
  • Peach
  • Light
  • Half & Half
  • Blueberry
  • Mango
  • Huckleberry
  • Blackberry
  • Raspberry
  • Black Cherry
  • Passion Fruit

All flavors are self-explanatory except original, light, and half & half.

Original Twisted Tea is the natural lemon flavor, half & half are iced tea and lemonade, and light is the natural lemon flavor, same as the original, but with fewer calories and 4% alcohol instead of the normal 5%.

The original Twisted Tea contains 194 calories with 23 grams of sugar in a 12oz serving, whereas light contains 109 calories with 6.2 grams of sugar. The difference is very big, especially when enjoying multiple Twisted Teas on a hot day!

Now, there are dozens of different alcohols in the world. What’s included in Twisted Tea? Let’s learn more.

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What Alcohol Is In Twisted Tea?

Given that all Twisted Tea’s have alcohol, yet there are over ten flavors, you are forced to wonder what kinds of alcohol it’s included with and whether all flavors have the same alcohol?

Twisted Tea contains vodka and a malt base made from beer. In addition, it has tea made from real tea leaves, mint leaves, and real natural lemon.

Thus, Twisted Tea is an alternative to hard liquor or wine, such as beer, cider, and long drinks. They all have different tastes, but Twisted Tea is certainly one of the most refreshing ones!

You can learn more on their website and see nearby locations where you can get Twisted Tea. Check out

How Many Twisted Teas to Get Drunk?

On average, it takes 4-5 servings of alcohol to get drunk. Depending on your gender, age, weight, height, food consumption, sleep deprivation levels, current hydration levels, and personal tolerance, the actual amount can vary drastically.

Generally, a BAC (blood alcohol content) of 0.08% is considered drunk, so it will take more than one Twisted Tea to get drunk. You can get tipsy from one drink if you don’t weigh much and don’t have much tolerance; however, being drunk isn’t something I would describe.

For comparison, please take a look at the table below and see the difference between males and females, people of different weights and heights, and how many drinks they take to get drunk. Note that they all drink all drinks within an hour.

GenderWeightHeightDrink StrenghtHunger LevelDrinks ConsumedBAC
Male140lbs5ft 5in5%Not Hungry60,08%
Male170lbs6ft 5%Not Hungry80,10%
Male200lbs6ft 5in5%Not Hungry90,95%
Female140lbs5in5%Not Hungry50,11%
Female170lbs5.5in5%Not Hungry60,11%
Female200lbs6in5%Not Hungry70,11%

First of all, drinking that many drinks within an hour isn’t realistic or shouldn’t be done. However, that’s an easy way to see how gender, weight, and height, among other things, will affect the blood alcohol content (BAC) when consuming alcoholic beverages.

If you want to tailor the results for your traits even more accurately, take a look at the BAC Calculator.

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Does Twisted Tea Have More Alcohol Than Beer?

The final yet commonly heard question is whether twisted tea has more alcohol than beer. The answer is fascinating so let’s learn more about it.

Generally, Twisted Tea has more alcohol than beer because Twisted Tea, excluding the light version has 5% alcohol, whereas the average beer has 4.5% alcohol. However, Twisted Tea light has only 4% alcohol, making beer stronger. In addition, beer can be considerably stronger than 4.5% as well.

In fact, beer can be extremely stronger than 4.5%. Most commercially available beers go up to 7%, and you can get some beers to 9% from a regular pub. However, the road doesen’t end there. The world’s strongest beer is called Brewmeister Snake Venom, with a whopping 67.5% alcohol.

Snake Venom isn’t the only strong beer on the market, although it’s the strongest. Below you’ll find a list of some popular strong beers.

BeerABV %
Brewmeister Snake Venom67.5%
Brewmeister Armageddon65%
Schorschbräu Schorschbock 57%57%
BrewDog Sink The Bismark41%
Baladin Christmas Spirit40%
Some of the world’s most strongest beers.

As you can see, beer can be many times stronger than Twisted Tea, but the regular cold one is 0.5% milder than a regular Twisted Tea.

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