11 Tips That Will Make Your Small Kitchen Work Unbelievably Better

When working in a small kitchen the space is limited and it can feel a little anxious sometimes, believe I’ve been there! Luckily there are pretty great organization ideas and tricks that you can use to make the cooking more efficient and fun!

In this post, we are going through our list of the best tips and tricks to help you make everything work better in your kitchen. Without further due let’s see the list!

1. Get Rid Of Everything Useless

When the room is tight the very first thing should be to look all around your kitchen. Your drawers, cabinets, tables, shelves I mean everything, and think about when you have been using it last. If you haven’t used it in a while then at least move it to a storage room or if it’s completely neglected you should sell it if it’s worth something or just give it to a family member or a friend.

You will be surprised how much space this will leave you with and then you can focus on other space-saving methods such as prioritizing!

2. Prioritize

Prioritizing is a great way to feel that you have more space. If you take prioritizing seriously as you should and see an item that you don’t need you can even take it out of the kitchen. Inside the kitchen just think about what you use the least and put it way back in the cabinet so you won’t need to move all the other supplies out of the way every time you need it.

However, this doesn’t mean that if you see something you never use just put it in the ”junk drawer” or whatever. That item should be gotten rid of in part 1 remember.

So when prioritizing is done then it is time to get organized!

3. Organize

When organizing you should think about all the dry foods, cookware, utensils, spices, cutlery, plates, and everything else and places each one into one place or at least one corner of a cabinet so you always know where something is and keeping them tight together you will save space and hassle in the process!

4. Clean

Cleaning won’t necessarily give you extra space but it will make cooking and working there so much easier. After you are finished cooking a meal at least rinse everything and try to keep a good order so it won’t feel like chaos and it will feel a lot lighter.

Wiping countertops and keeping the fridge and freezer clean will also greatly increase the cooking vibes and you will have a lot more space, at least it will feel like it!

5. Forget About Knife Block

Knife block arent the most space-friendly kitchen tool and there is a great alternative that I personally just adore! A magnetic knife strip that will hold all metallic items that are magnetized will serve space-saving and small kitchens functioning greatly. I personally love Wooden Magnetic Strips that give a beautiful look to the kitchen as well.

6. Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors offer great opportunities if given thought. You can get an Organizer to the inside of cabinets to give extra room for storage, depending on the situation of course. You can make one for spices and other small kitchen supplies and you can even add a cutting board organizer to the bottom drawer door to keep the boards off the tables when not used!

7. Hangers & Magnets

Hangers, hooks, and magnets will give you extra room to work with if you place them in strategic places. You can hang utensils, pans, mugs, and virtually anything that you can think of over the sink, in the walls, or somewhere that it looks fitting. This will save drawer space and ease the work in smaller kitchens.

8. Wall Shelves

Shelves will probably give the most space gives a lot of room to work within a small kitchen. It’s merely an advantage that everything is within reach distance so you can move a lot faster when compared to a large kitchen where you would need to run all the time to get something.

There are a huge variety of shelves available such as Shelve Structures, Corner Shelves, Countertop Shelves, Pan Organizers, and much more with different material choices.

9. Storage Containers

Storage containers are a great choice for meal prepping, easy storage, organizing, and much more. Keeping items in storage containers will also ease life in a kitchen making operating there much more efficient.

I personally like a set with Different Sized Containers so I can place for example rice, pasta, or coffee beans to the big ones and sugar, pepper, and other stuff to the small ones. If you are a fan of meal prepping I recommend Glass Containers so the plastic won’t leach any tastes to your food.

10. Light

Believe it or not, lighting plays a huge role in the overall mood in the kitchen which will affect the feel of the space and how comfortable you are with working there. Also, the coloring of all the kitchen supplies, countertops, floors, and cabinet has a great impact on this. The lighter the colors and the brighter the bigger it will feel!

11. Folding Table

A table that you can fold to save space is a really, really good idea if you have an extremely tiny kitchen and wouldn’t want to add a table because it would make it too tiny. Even better than a regular one would be a Table that you could mount to a wall, therefore when not used it wouldn’t take nearly any space at all!

Final Thoughts

When you apply most of these ideas to your kitchen the overall efficiency will skyrocket because you don’t need to worry about crowded spaces and messy cabinets anymore. We sincerely hope that this article gave you valuable ideas that you can implement into your real life!

Omar Abdalla

I’m the owner of JRS. While I love writing about food, I also enjoy peaceful and relaxed cookouts at home.

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