What Equipment Is Needed For A Food Truck? Full List Revealed

When starting a food truck there is a variety of equipment and supplies to take into consideration. Whether you make mainly burgers, fish and chips, and other fried foods, or complicated street food with a dozen of ingredients, you will need a lot of equipment.

We have made a list to help you get everything you need from grills to sinks. Let’s see everything you could possibly need so you can have an informed and clear opinion.

Let’s start with cooking equipment!

Cooking Equipment


A griddle is one of the most common food truck equipment and is probably needed in all food trucks. With griddle, you can heat up burrito bread, taco meats, quesadillas, and everything between. Countertop griddles are the best option for a food truck because you rarely see a built-in griddle, it’s cheaper, and gets the same thing done with ease. Be sure that the griddle isn’t too small so the customers can get their food more quickly.


A Grill is similar to a griddle and can get basically the same thing done, however, a grill is needed when cooking burger patties, grill veggies, and quality steaks. Grills give also the beautiful street food vibe.

Gas Range / Induction Range

It’s also a good idea to have a range when you plan to use pans and pots! There are two different kinds of ranges, a Gas range, and an Induction range. There are a variety of sizes, even ones with only one burner that will be convenient if you won’t need to use a pan all the time.


A great fryer is the essence of most food trucks! Many food trucks offer french fries, chicken wings, and other finger foods. However, not all areas allow a fryer to be included in a food truck due to safety and fire hazards. You will need to check your local laws considering fryers.

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Microwave Oven

A commercial microwave is a necessity for fast and easy heating. You can heat up potatoes, sauces, and other ingredients efficiently to ensure a fast service for your customers.

Panini Grill

With a panini grill, you can beautifully cook pressed paninis, sandwiches, and other foods that require pressing. Our recommended grill works perfectly for other grilling purposes as well if you don’t require a bigger one.

Food Warmer

Food warmer is must-have equipment if you need to keep some food at a specific temperature for longer periods of time. These are handy for keeping the food warm hours straight.

Other Appliances

Food Processor

You might need a quality countertop food processor if you want to prepare your own salsa, guacamole, salads, or basically anything that needs to be chopped down really quickly.

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Countertop Mixer

A countertop mixer is essential if you want to do some baking. With countertop mixers there is plenty of differences even when looking at them you might not spot them, keep your menu in mind when selecting the one with enough power.

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Smoothie Blender

A powerful blender will serve you well if you plan to make different kinds of smoothies and frozen drinks.

Coffee Maker

Coffee is one of the most popular sellers in a food truck thanks to the convenience of it. There are different options that can offer to the public from regular coffee to different variety of special coffees such as lattes, iced coffees, etc. We highly recommend that a coffee maker is included in your food truck.

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Cooling / Storage Equipment


A standing refrigerator is a great option IF you have the remaining space in your food truck. It’s quite a puzzle when assembling your food truck and there is some equipment that you might not include due to space problems.

Undercounter Refrigerator

Undercounter refrigerators are a super choice when building a food truck. These will give you extra working space and can be placed below a counter, therefore saving a massive amount of space.

Standing Freezer / Undercounter Freezer

Depending on how much space you have left, you will need to choose either of these freezers. Consider your menu when choosing a freezer so you won’t spend too much money on a too big one, if not needed!

Ice Machine

An ice machine is not mandatory in most food trucks, however, if you plan to serve a great variety of beverages then you might need an ice machine.

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Cleaning / Ventilation Equipment


A fast quality dishwasher is a necessity in the food truck business. When space is already limited you wouldn’t want the dirty supplies and cookware to pile up and tighten your nerves and working comfort.

Sink / Washing Area

Think about your cooking supplies when choosing the right sink for you because then you can estimate the size of your sink, you wouldn’t want to notice that it is too small for your largest supplies.

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Ventilation System

If you wish to cook something that produces greasy and hot smoke you will definitely need a ventilation system. You should check local laws and requirements about what kind of ventilation system do you need.

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Fire Safety And Equipment

Sprinkler System

It is required and also a good idea to protect your food truck from fires. Check your local demands about fire safety to assess whether you need a sprinkler system or not.

Fire Extinguisher

A fire extinguisher is required by law to be included in a motor vehicle in most countries and cities. A great thing about fire extinguishers that they last usually between 5-15 years when unused.

The above equipment covers the vast majority of appliances that you can and need to include for your food truck build. Keep in mind that you won’t need everything in this by the long shot. Take a close look at your menu and what you will be offering and build your truck from there.

Remember also to think hard about the space and placement of your food truck so you can include everything you want, and your working hours will be much more pleasant when the truck isn’t stuffed and poorly planned.

In addition to equipment, you will need different supplies. We have made a list of them as well to save you time and hassle. Let’s get to it!

Cooking Supplies

Serving Supplies

Cleaning Supplies

Other Supplies


These are the supplies that you will need for a food truck. Of course, there might be something that you won’t need and something that you will need to add to your business.

Depending on the food truck that you will choose determines a huge amount of the equipment and supply costs, because there might be something already installed so the prices may vary with thousands of dollars between buyers (How Much Do Food Trucks Weigh?) (How Much Do Food Trucks Weigh?).

That being said, we sincerely hope that this list has helped you to get an overall look at what kinds of equipment you will be needing to start your food truck.

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